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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • fold, perforation, creasing, die cut, guilottine, uv varnish, cellophane, local lacque, emboss, deboss lamination, plastering, embroidery, ball chain, bead, ribbon, pin, grommet, dry wash, vintage look stone, crash, trimming, offset, barcode stickers, screen print tags, cotton labels, cotton labels
    Ide Ofset Printing is founded in 1994. It serves all kind of labelling & packaging solutions especially for the textile industry. Production area is 1000 m2 and located 15 km
  • labels, hang tags, cartoons, printed cartoons, partial lacs, lacs, insert cards, packaging elements, stickers, serigraphic stickers, woven labels, private labels, patterned ribbons, ribbons, promotional tapes, tapes, satin printed labels, cotton twill printed labels, tyvek printed labels, nylon printed labels, thermal prints, flexographic prints, serigraphic printed labels, satin labels, cotton twill labels, label, hang tag, cartoon, printed cartoon, partial lac, lac, insert card, packaging element
    Our goal was to be the most preferred company offering bright ideas to our clients. To do this, we follow out the most useful way for our original innovative ideas in our dreams,
    Telephone: +90 258 268 71 21  Address: Güzelköy Mah., 247 Sk. No: 31, Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey
  • print, printing, printing services, offset, offset printing, offset printing services, catalogue, brochure, flyer, photoshooting, graphic, plate, box, label, tag, paper, hangtag, promotion, sticker, magazine, business card, calendar, craft products, gift, paper bag, paper packaging, paper products, prints, printings, printing service, offsets, offset printings, offset printing service, catalogues, brochures, flyers, photoshootings, graphics, plates, boxes, labels, tags, papers, hangtags, promotions, stickers, magazines, business cards, calendars, craft product, gifts, paper bags, paper packagings, paper product
    Our printing house, since 1990, with its experience and know-how, has continued to serve in Istanbul with the latest technology developed machinery. Our company consists of
    Telephone: +90 212 637 28 70 Address: Maltepe Mahallesi Topkapı Tic. Merk. 2 Site No: 126, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • labels, printers, scanners, tapes, tagouts, printer labels, printer ribbons, lab labels, wire labels, cable labels, circuit board labels, inspection labels, inventory labels, safety labels, electrical labels, chemical material lables, hazardous material lables, lean lables, lacing tapes, lacing cords, marking tapes, marking stencils, pipe marking tapes, floor marking tapes, caution tapes, warning tapes, anti-skid tapes, solid tapes, striped tapes, dot tapes, barricade flags, electrical equipment lockouts, cable lockouts, padlocks, padlock labels, lockout hasps, tagout tags, tagout labels, tagout signs, valve lockouts, hose lockouts, label, printer, scanner, tape, tagout, printer label, printer ribbon, lab label, wire label, cable label, circuit board label, inspection label, inventory label, safety label, electrical label, chemical material lable, hazardous material lable, lean lable, lacing tape, lacing cord, marking tape, marking stencil, pipe marking tape, floor marking tape, caution tape, warning tape, anti-skid tape, solid tape, striped tape, dot tape, barricade flag, electrical equipment lockout, cable lockout, padlock, padlock label, lockout hasp, tagout tag, tagout label, tagout sign, valve lockout, hose lockout
    Vorteks Havacılık, was founded in 2013 to provide quality services and products needed in the defense and aviation sectors. It is our priority to deliver the products needed by
    Telephone: +90 312 280 10 55 Address: Yeşilova Mahallesi, 4023 . Cadde, No:1/ 137, Etimesgut, Ankara, Turkey
  • mattress tapes, mattress accessories, mattress handles, air capsules, textile satin ribbon, mattress labels, tags for pillows, 3d spacer, corner guards for bases
    we produce and sell mattress accessories in Istanbul Turkey.We produce mattress tapes at any width,mattress handles,air capsules,textile satin ribbon,mattress labels,tags for
    Telephone: +90 5393882241 Address: ORUC REIS MAH GIYIMKENT 19 ST ESENLER ISTANBUL
  • woven labels, care labels, hang tags, electronic article surveillance labels, hard tags, RFID labels, eas sytem, RFID system
    Nanjing Angela Label Co.,Ltd. has supplied labels of all kinds: woven labels, care labels, embroidered labels, hang tags, electronic article surveillance labels for
    Telephone: 008615850602353 Address: Room 504, Building 02, International Youth City of Dongdu, No. 68 Tianyuan Middle Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing
  • RFID industry tags, UHF on metal tags, smart tags, UHF tags
    UHF Metal Specific Tag Solutions in OPP IOT OPP IOT is a high-new technical enterprise dedicated into RFID industry development. We keeps developing and innovating in RFID field,
    Telephone: 00865942790031 Address: beimo
  • adhesives, paints, shears, pad, paperclips and raptors, notebooks, modelist notebooks, office supplies, coloring books, m days, versatile and, tapes, band machines, stapler machines, staple wire, flutes and melodies, punches, catalog files, student supplies, fine pen pens, carton pens, wooden pencils, folders, pens, sticky note paper, cd items, price tags and machine, phosphorescent markers, compasses, transparencies, correction devices, memory book, hand paper, bellows files, business card albums, laminate machine
    Telephone: (90)(212) 243 85 46 Address: İstoç Toptancılar Çarşısı 31.Ada No:22Mahmutbey - Bağcılar / İSTANBUL
  • rivets, printed labels, pocket folders, pin badges, patches, packaging, metal buttons, hang tags, flashers, vintage tags
    Telephone: (90)(282) 652 57 75 Address: MUHİTTİN MAH.ASMA SK.NO:10/A ÇORLU
  • absorbents, labels, lockout tagout, pipe, valve, printers, scanners, signs, software, tags, tapes
    Telephone: (90)(212) 264 02 20 Address: KONAKLAR MAH.SELVİLİ SK.NO:3-4 BEŞİKTAŞ
  • labels, tags, plastic labels, packing, packages, plastic packages, plastic packing
    Telephone: (90)(232) 328 18 79 Address: 10016 SOK.NO:88 ÇİĞLİ
  • business form, envelopes, wage envelopes, pin-number envelopes, post envelopes, airline forms, boarding pass wallets, baggage tags, die-cut card carriers, ID cards, prepaid telephone cards, tickets, entertainment tickets
    Telephone: (90)(212) 324 18 60 Address: ESKİ BÜYÜKDERE CAD. SİLAHTAR SOK. NO: 5 4. LEVENT ŞİRİNTEPE KAĞITHANE
  • tags, swing tickets, labelling, hoisery packaging, shirt packaging, boxes, bags
    Telephone: 90 212 6744898 Address: MALTEPE MAH. DAVUTPAŞA MERKEZEFENDİ CAD. NO:2/1 DK:30-32-42-43-44, ZEYTİNBURNU, İSTANBUL
  • label, labels, label services, woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, leather labels
    Telephone: 90(212)624 52 72 Address: 1. TERZİ SOK.NO:16 D:B/1
  • tags, swing tickets, labelling, hoisery packaging, shirt packaging, boxes, bags
    Telephone: 90 212 6744850 Address: İKİTELLİ OSB ESKOOP SAN. SİTESİ B1/17-19-21, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • labelling, tags, swing tickets, hoisery packaging, shirt packaging, boxes, variable data, source tagging, woven labels, promotional labels, printed labels
    Telephone: 549 85 72 Address: İkitelli Organize San. Bölgesi S.S.ESKOOP San. Sit. B1/17-19 Başakşehir
  • label, woven label, printed labels, hang tags
    Telephone: (90)(212) 674 00 23 Address: DAVUTPAŞA CD. TİM 2 İŞ MRK. A BLOK NO:12/492 MALTEPE ZEYTİNBURNU
  • cattle ear tags, sheep ear tags, sheep ear tag maxi, eheep ear tag mini, cattle ear tag, sheep ear tag, goat ear tag, reader, bluestick reader, metal plier
    Telephone: (90)(312) 394 00 74 Address: MATBAACILAR SAN.SİTESİ 578.SK. NO:3 İVEDİK ORG.SAN. YENİMAHALLE
  • plastic hangers, wooden hangers, bags, garment covers, presentation boxes, gift packaging, print, packaging, seals, security tags
    Telephone: (90)(212) 875 07 23 Address: MERMERCİLER SAN.SİTESİ 2.BULV. NO.22 YAKUPLU BÜYÜKÇEKMECE
  • alarm antenna systems, alarm tags, deactivators and detachers, pins, safer boxes, people counter systems, display security systems, electronic shelf label
    Telephone: 90 216 3719004 Address: İstanbul
  • alarm antenna systems, alarm tags, deactivators, detachers, pins, safer boxes, people counter systems, display security systems, electronic shelf label
    Telephone: 90 216 4528209 Address: ÇARŞI MAH. KARTAL CAD. NO.56, KARTAL, İSTANBUL
  • carton box, corrugated printed box, business card, corporate printed, printed envelope, cd envelope, notepad, catalogs, insert flyers, carton bags, carton folders, hang tags, adhesive labels, labels on roll, calendars, writing pad, paper for gift
    Telephone: 90(212)438 78 74 Address: CEVİZLİBAĞ SOKAK TOPKAPI TİC. MERK. 1.SİTE A BLOK NO:351/352
  • cardboard box, sheet labels, roll tags, promotion services, media and publishing services
    Telephone: 3123978787 Address: Erciyes İşyerleri Sitesi 10. Cadde No: 53 Macunköy Yenimahalle/ANKARA
  • woven label, hang tags, sticker label, printed label, paper bag, plastic seal, label
    Telephone: 6744151 Address: Davutpaşa Cad. Emintaş Davutpaşa Sanayi Sitesi No:101 / 131 Topkapı
  • labels, hang tags, acessories, leather label, jeanswear, sportswear
    Telephone: 2124381220 Address: HASTANE YOLU SK.TARAL İŞ MERKEZİ NO:1 KAT:1, İSTANBUL
  • badges, rivets, snaps, zippers, textile accessories, hand tags, labels, textile labels, buttons, metal buttons
    Telephone: 603 13 57 Address: Mahmutbey Mah. Aybars Sok Mia plaza Kat:5 Bağcılar
  • software, data management services, product packaging, tags, trims, label, woven label, printed label
    Telephone: 90(212)978 10 10 Address: BEYSAN SAN.SİT. BİRLİK CD.NO:8 İÇ KAPI:1
  • tags, labels, trims, textile accessories, labels, paper labels, textile labels
    Telephone: (90)(212) 690 10 10 Address: SAADET DERE MAH.K.KARABEKİR CD NO:7 FİRÜZKÖY AVCILAR
  • shirt accessories, EAS tags, hanger accessories, quality seals, RFID tags, secure clips, sock hangers, display hangers
    Telephone: 90 212 6720135 Address: SANAYİ MAH. 1673. SOK. NO.20 ZEMİN KAT, ESENYURT, İSTANBUL
  • brill formulation, feed ration balancer, ingredient analysis interface, pennent mill manager, pennent pricing, feed tags, pennent modeling, pennent repairs maintenance
    Telephone: 90(533)576 83 67 Address: ÇAMLARALTI MAH.6010 SOK.NO:6, MERKEZ, DENIZLI
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