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  • socks, thermal socks, underwear, underwears, womens underwear, womens underwears, mens underwear, mens underwears, bra, thermal, thermal accessory, thermal accessories, home pyjamas, beach towels, beach towel, pantyhose, thermal socks, socket socks, garter stockings, lingerie, lingeries, womens socks, mens socks, gloves, men gloves, women gloves, swimsuit, swimsuits, corset, men corset, women corset, petticoat, petticoats
    Founded in 2001 in Izmir, Narkonteks Textile İhr. Imp. A. Ş. men's, women's and children's categories. Our company is one of the few factories in Europe that can produce body-size
    Telephone: +90 232 440 86 86 Address: DOGUS CD. 3/19 SOKAK, NO:12, BUCA/İZMİR- Turkey
  • lingeries, underwears, women lingeries, women underwears, sleepwears, pajamas, pyjamas, pajama sets, pyjama sets, erotic lingeries, erotic underwears, nightgowns, babydoll wears, bras, suspenders, hotpants, bikinis, catsuits, suit lingeries, bodystockings, stockings, chemises, chemise lingeries, sheer lingeries, bridal lingeries, thigh-high stockings, hosieries, knickers, bra sets, night robes, nighties, nightshirts, lingery, underwear, women lingery, women underwear, sleepwear, pajama, pyjama, pajama set, pyjama set, erotic lingery, erotic underwear, nightgown, babydoll wear, bra, suspender, hotpant, bikini, catsuit, suit lingery, bodystocking, stocking, chemise, chemise lingery, sheer lingery, bridal lingery, thigh-high stocking, hosiery, knicker, bra set, night robe, nightie, nightshirt
    Experienced employees, customer-oriented system, open to innovation and 20 years of experience are always looking forward to. Ahu Lingerie continues to produce for
    Telephone: 0212 519 67 06 / (0530) 615 11 49  Address: Esenşehir Mahallesi, Kuru Sokak, No:26, Y. Dudullu, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • orthopedic products, wheelchairs, wheel chairs, varsity socks, compression socks, stockings, orthopedic insoles, insoles, corsets, neck corsets, cervical corsets, wristbands, ankle wristbands, stabilizators, ankle stabilizators, femur supports, splints, braces, rollators, crutches, elbow crutches, walkers, walking sticks, walking-sticks, knee braces, orthopedic product, wheelchair, wheel chair, varsity sock, compression sock, stocking, orthopedic insole, insole, corset, neck corset, cervical cor
    Orthopedic materials and
    Telephone: +90 232 853 70 12 Address: 29 Ekim Mah., 325 Sok., No: 4, Yazıbaşı, Torbalı, İzmir, Turkey
  • socks, hoses, stockings, hosieries, men socks, women socks, children socks, kid socks, baby socks, cotton socks, modal socks, bamboo socks, viscose socks, wool socks, lycra socks, mercerized socks, towel socks, patterned socks, summer socks, winter socks, pantyhoses, sandals, 3d socks, baby slippers, ankle socks, sport socks
    Operating in socks production sector since 1995, our firm is one of the leading corporations of the sector with its 6000 m2 closed area, advanced technology use and experienced
    Telephone: +90 212 485 85 58 - 59 Address: Osmangazi Mah., 3141 Sok., No: 10-12/4, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • women's socks, men's socks, stockings
    women's socks, men's socks,
    Telephone: (0.352) 232 67 10 Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Tennuri Sok. Horozoğlu İşhanı No : 17, Turkey
  • socks, men socks, women socks, stockings, ladies stockings
    Socks, men socks, ladies
    Telephone: 212 875 05 48 Address: Pirinçciler Bakırcılar San Sit Mustafa Kurtoğlu Cad No.26, Turkey
  • Men Socks, Women Socks, Kids Socks, Womens Socks, Dress Socks, Wool Socks, Sports Socks, Colored Socks, Boot Socks, Stockings, Cotton Socks, Hosiery, Grip Socks, Kids Socks, Athletic Socks, Long Socks, Custom Socks, Ladies Socks, Mens Wool, Socks Suppliers, Cool Socks, Fashion Socks, Crazy Socks, Designer Socks, Mens Ankle, Sock Shop, Wholesale, Socks Store, Mens Cotton, Unique Socks, High Socks, Mens Athletic, Short Socks, Mens Knee, Socks Funny, Sock Brands, Mens Coloured, Socks Distributor, Discount Socks, Socks, Socks Men
    We produce and export socks for men, women and
    Telephone: 0212 567 12 10 Address: Terazidere Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul
  • bra, leggings, men underwear, panties, socks, stockings, tights, pantyhose, corset, women underwear, bustier, seamless underwear
    Avrupa Tekstil was founded in early 1990's as a little retailer shop in the Sultanhamam district of Istanbul. Now is one of the leading companies in Intimate and underwear sector
  • air beds, back corset, bağcılar medical, blood pressure, botanica medical, cordless disabled car, esenler medical, gungoren medical, healthy life, heart rate monitors, inpatient products, kneepads, massage equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, medical lamps, medical products, mobile devices, orthopedic products, oxygen tubes and pressure gauges, pedometers, respiratory asthma allergy, scales, slimming products, stethoscopes, stockings, walking sticks, wheel, wound care products
    Esenler Medical, Bağcılar Medical, Gungoren Medical, Botanica Medical, Cordless Disabled Car, Massage Equipment, Medical Lamps, Medical Products, Mobile Devices, Heart Rate
    Telephone: 2125682009 Address: Menderes Mah. Necipfazıl Cad. No:4, Turkey
  • socks, stockings, stokings
    Since 1996 we produce any kind of socks for men, women and kids.
    Telephone: 0090 5378220084 Address: Bayrampaşa
  • orthopedic products, orthopaedic products, collars, orthosises, cervical collars, splints, wrist splints, velpeau bandages, belts, shoulder supports, knee braces, pediatric products, walking aids, medical stockings, ankle stabilizers, ankle supports, heel cushions, arc supports, adjustable pads, thumb supports, criss cross bandages, corsets, lumbosacral corsets, abdominal corsets, dorsolombar corsets, orthopedic product, orthopaedic product, collar, orthosis, cervical collar
    Hegeli Ortopedik Ürünler, was set up in 2005 as a medical and orthopedic devices distributor in and around Turkey. As a result of the know-how and experience gained during this
    Telephone: +90 212 428 50 07 Address: Cihangir Mah., Şehit Piyade Er Yavuz Bahar Sk., No: 4, K: 3, D Blok, Mirabbo San. Sit., Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • baby stockings, children's stockings, women's pantyhose
    Telephone: 212 689 44 00 Address: Atatürk Cad No.14 Kıraç, Turkey
  • athletic socks, boot socks, cool socks, cotton socks, custom socks, designer socks, discount socks, fashion socks, high socks, holdup, hosiery, kids socks, kneehigh, ladies socks, long socks, massage sock, men socks, mens ankle, mens athletic, mens coloured, mens cotton, mens knee, mens wool, panthose, short socks, sock shop, socks, socks, socks distributor, socks men, socks store, sports socks, stockings, sublime tight, tight, unique socks, wholesale, women socks, womens socks, wool socks
    Esse sock was established in Kayseri, kumarlı in 1995 as karteks textile. In first year, our production was started by piece of 20 machine which model is LONATI and have 400
    Telephone: +90 352 321 35 97 --- +90 352 321 35 98 Address: ORG.SAN.BÖL. 21 CD. NO:1/D, MELİKGAZİ, KAYSERİ, TÜRKİYE
  • anaesthesia, analytical equipments, wheel, wheels, clinical chemistry, dental, elastic stockings, health tourism service, hospital furnitures, ivd laboratory equipments, medical consumables, medical devices, medical equipments, operation room products, orthopedic, radiology, sensitive care, wheel chairs
    Kuresel Medical is estabilished in İstanbul to carry out the sales and marketting activities of Medical Laboratory Instruments,Medical Imaging,Sensitive Care,Operation Room and
    Telephone: +90 216 518 32 22 Address: Girne Mah.Girne Cad. Omega Deniz Plaza No:117-121 Kat:3 Daire:5 Maltepe, Turkey
  • bayer glucose meter, blood pressure meter cyanide, consumables, laboratory apparatus equipments, orthopedic materials, orthopedic chemicals, stockings
    consumables, orthopedic materials. and chemicals, Stockings, laboratory apparatus equipments, bayer glucose meter, blood pressure meter
    Telephone: +90 236 239 43 31 Address: Merkez Efendi Mh. Doğu Cd. 232/A Manisa / Turkey
  • steel construction, steel constructions, crushers, sieving, crushing, grinding, stocking, packing, mixers, mineral enrichment, furnaces, steel constructions, sieves, conveyors, hydraulic pneumatic systems, filtration, separator, seperators, conveyors, sieve, steel, steels, filtrations, crushings, stockings, packings, mixers
    Established in Niğde since 1994, he still continues his engineering and manufacturing activities in Niğde Organized Industrial Zone. Today, 3000 m2 closed area 7000 m2 open area
    Telephone: +90 388 225 05 12 Address: Organize San. Bölgesi, 6. Cadde, No:16, Niğde, Turkey
  • compression, corsets, cussions, neopren, orthopedic products, orthopedic supports, collars, orthosis, pillows, rehabilitation products, stockings, woven
    TSD Saglik Urunleri, founded in 2002, has been an expert in manufacturing orthopedic ready-to-use products, orthesis, prosthesis and rehabilitation products. then established
    Telephone: 90 216 399 3055 Address: Zumrut Evler, Refah Sok No 5 Maltepe Istanbul - Turkey
  • booties, computer patterned children's socks, computer patterned lady socks, computer patterned male socks, panty hose stockings, socks, sports socks
    Telephone: (258) 385 7444 Address: Göveçlik Mah.123 sok. No:12/A Merkezefendi / DENİZLİ
  • corsets, orthopedic products, silicone products, varicose stockings
    Telephone: +90 212 238 52 73 Address: Iplikci Kavsagi Iplikci Fırın Cad. No:17Kasimpasa - Beyoglu, Turkey
  • socks, womens socks, dress socks, wool socks, sports socks, colored socks, boot socks, stockings, cotton socks, hosiery, grip socks, kids socks, athletic socks, long socks, custom socks, ladies socks, mens wool, cool socks, fashion socks, crazy socks, designer socks, mens ankle, sock shop, socks store, mens cotton, unique socks, high socks, mens athletic, mens, short socks, quality socks, mens knee, kids, socks funny, mens coloured, socks men
    Telephone: (0282) 735 55 00  Address: Çerkezköy Organize Sanayi Bölgesi İsmet Paşa Mahallesi 4.Sokak No:10 59500 Kapaklı Tekirdağ/TURKEY
  • underwear, lingerie, ladies underwear, underwear for men, panties, bras, stockings
    Telephone: (90)(212) 231 04 35 Address: RUMELİ CAD.BAYRAK APT.33/7 ŞİŞLİ
  • ecg test, medical devices, medical equipments, orthopedic products, orthopedic supplies, patient therapy products, physical therapy devices, physical therapy equipments, physical therapy products, rehabilitation products, rehabilitation supplies, varicose stockings
    ELSA Ortopedi has operated in orthopedic materials, varicose stockings, physical therapy products and sport products since 1998. Today ELSA has been a well known establishment in
    Telephone: +90 312 434 27 94 Address: Caldiran Sokak, 14/A, Kolej, Ankara, Turkey
  • ankle support, corset, diabetic socks, heel cup, knee support, knitted support, medical supplies, orthopedic supplies, orthosis, prosthesis, silicone insole, silicone toe ring, varicose stockings, wrist splint
    Our company has been producing silicone feet health products in health sector by continuously adding new products to its product range every day since it has established on 21st
    Telephone: +90 236 742 50 43 Address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 302. Cadde, No: 16, Salihli, Manisa, Turkey
  • silicon nose pads, books tus, corset types, medical books, pediatric endocrinology, stockings
    Telephone: (+90 352) 222 04 73 GSM: 0532.382 50 24 Address: Hunat Mah. Sema Sk. Şahin Apt. Kat.1/1 Kayseri P.K: 38030 Kayseri / Turkey
  • Womens Socks, Dress Socks, Wool Socks, Sports Socks, Colored Socks, Boot Socks, Stockings, Cotton Socks, Hosiery, Grip Socks, Kids Socks, Athletic Socks, Long Socks, Custom Socks, Ladies Socks, Mens Wool, Socks Suppliers, Cool Socks, Fashion Socks, Crazy Socks, Designer Socks, Mens Ankle, Sock Shop, Wholesale, Socks Store, Mens Cotton, Unique Socks, High Socks, Mens Athletic, Short Socks, Mens Knee, Socks Funny, Sock Brands, Mens Coloured, Socks Men
    Telephone: 5078500044 Address: yeni mah cebeci cad 542\1 sokak no4 g.o.p küçükköy ist
  • accesories, anti age cream, bikini, bra, carpets, dress, handbags, lingerie, mini dress, pareo, selulit cream, socks, stockings, textile, woman textile, woman wrist watch
    Textile, Woman Textile, Accesories, Handbags, Carpets, Dress, Mini Dress, Lingerie, Bikini, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing
    Telephone: 0212-234-07-22 Address: Çağlayan Vatan Caddesi No 4 Avrasya İsmerkezi Kat 1 D 3 Çağlayan Kagıthan - İstanbul, Turkey
  • apparel stocks, bankrupt stocks, branded stocklots, chainstore clothing, clothes stock, clothing inventory, clothing stock lot, discount clothing, discount clothings, dropship stocklots, fashion stocks, garment stocklots, ladies stockings, liquidation stocks, off price clothing, overstocks clothing, plus size clothing, stock clothing, stocklot clothing, surplus garment, womens clothing
    Branded and non-branded garment stocklot supplier in China with cheapest price, are you interested in them? Newest detail stock lot offers can be sent immediately on
    Telephone: +8673152576363 Address: Room 401,Peace Village committee,No.153,Xiangheng Road,Yuhu District,Xiangtan city,Hunan province,China
  • compression stockings, compression treatment, diabetic sock, anti-bacterial compression stockings, leg ulcer kit, anti-embolism stocking, lymphedema armsleeves, travel stockings, elastic brace
    Telephone: (90)(212) 493 02 34 Address: TERAZI DERE MH. ÇIFTE HAVUZLAR AR CD. N:28-30 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • neck collars, upper extremity, medical corsets, lower extremity, standard size products, vizor kids, foot health products, breast forms and bra, rehabilitation products, pillows and seat cushions, varicosis stockings, aluminum products
    Telephone: 902125581091 Address: Ş.İSMET ÇAVUŞ SK.NO:26/Bist turkey
  • Womens Socks, Dress Socks, Wool Socks, Sports Socks, Colored Socks, Boot Socks, Stockings, Cotton Socks, Hosiery, Grip Socks, Kids Socks, Athletic Socks, Long Socks, Custom Socks, Ladies Socks, Mens Wool, Socks Suppliers, Cool Socks, Fashion Socks, Crazy Socks, Designer Socks, Mens Ankle, Sock Shop, Wholesale, Socks Store, Mens Cotton, Unique Socks, High Socks, Mens Athletic, Short Socks, Mens Knee, Socks Funny, Sock Brands, Mens Coloured, Socks Distributor, Discount Socks, Socks, Socks Men
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