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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • food products, bakery products, meat products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, breakfast products, snack products, drinks, beverage products, cleaning products, paper products, personal care products, glassware products, electrical household appliances, electrical products, computer products, car accessories, baby products, toys, semolina, spaghetti, pasta, bulgur, milk powder, olive oil, cakes
    Being one of the establishment of Ittifak Holding and changing the atmosphere of the all regions, not just the atmosphere of Konya; being one of the most modern shopping and
    Telephone: +905456787952 Address: Musalla Bağları Mah., Gökler Sk., No: 4, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • garments, clothings, readywears, pasta, poultry feed, macaroni, spaghetti, beverages, formic acid, chemicals, digital transfer printing
    As Albedir, we are a supplier company based in Istanbul and operate in fields of textile, garment and various food products. We emraced values are being a trusted and
    Telephone: +90 212 677 28 35, +90 533 384 33 28 (whatsapp) Address: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah., Akçay Sk. No: 6, Merter, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • nuts, food, sultanas, oil, dried food, flour, sugar, sugar beet, onion, cotton, barley, ice cream, turkish delight, baklava, apricots, figs, seeds, pine nuts, almonds, chickpea, hazelnut, agricultural product, honey, steel door, agriculture machine, tourism, ticket, building materials, food packeding, food packaging machine, mechanical maintenance, dates, calcite, pasta, spaghetti, patatoes
    We are general trade company. We have a lot of contract between factories all over the world. we provide good price for your purchase
    Telephone: +90 312 963 35 20 Address: Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah. 274. Sk. Wings Ankara b blok no 102 Yenimahalle, Ankara, Türkiye
  • beverages, foods, foodstuffs, mineral water, juices, soda, energy drinks, drinks, pastas, tomato pastes, pastes, cooking oils, edible oils, chocolates, candies, sweets, confectioneries, sunflower oils, cocolins, fruit flavoured sweets, spring water, mineral spring water, natural spring water, orange juices, fruit juices, beverage, food, foodstuff, mineral waters, juice, sodas, energy drink, drink, pasta, spaghetti, fruit juice, Natural spring water, water, tomato paste
    MFU Foreign Trade Company was founded in Konya. Since its inception heavily engaged in exporting food and drinks abroad MFU foreign trade company, sales of building materials, is
    Telephone: +905447752825 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10471 Sk. Kuruyemişciler Sit. 3. Blok, 5/1, Konya, Turkey
  • pasta, juice, oil, wheat flour, fruit drinks, confectionary, canned foods, biscuits, baby diaper, juices, oils, cooking oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, fruit drink, drink, beverage, beverages, drins, canned food, confectionaries, delight, turkish delight, biscuit, baby diapers, macaroni, spaghetti
    As ABA we manufacture and supply pasta, juice, oil, wheat flour, fruit drinks, confectionary, canned foods, biscuits, baby diaper, juices, oils, cooking oils, vegetable oils,
    Telephone: +90 533 351 15 13 Address: Yalı Mah., 6523 Sk., No: 27 C BLok D: 16, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey
  • food, macaroni, pasta, semolina, short cut pasta, spaghetti
    ALESTA Food Inc. and Foreign Trade Co., in Turkey is a leading manufacturer of macaroni and semolina of Turkey, operating in Gaziantep with the latest world technology and the
    Telephone: 03423371300 Address: 1. Org. San. Bol. 83116 Nolu Cad. No:4, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • macaroni, pasta, penne, noodle, spaghetti, fusilli, spiral, fetuccine, farfalle, pulse, food, vermicelli, orzo, grain-shaped macaroni, lentil, chickpea, haricot, green lentil, rice
    Our Company is the exporter/manufacturer of vermicelli and roasted vermicelli in Turkey. So and we would like to make our company and its products known to you. Since we have
    Telephone: +903423371450 Address: 2.organize sanayi bolgesi muammer guler bul. no:40 GAZIANTEP TURKEY
  • beads, bows, couscous, cubanelle, elbows, fine cutting, mussels, orzo, pencil, ravioli, semolina, sleeves, spaghetti, star, thick cut, twirl, vermicelli noodle
    Twirl, ravioli, Elbows, Sleeves, spaghetti, mussels, Bows, thick cut, Beads, Vermicelli Noodle, Star, Pencil, Couscous, fine cutting, orzo, cubanelle,
    Telephone: 0 342 3372333 Address: 2.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Muammer Güler Bulvarı No:40 Başpınar, Turkey
  • food products, food, food additives, cosmetics, spices, dry nut, macaroni, legumes, tomato paste, sauces, oil, flour, chicken, olive, peanut, soap, diapers for children, red pepper, lodized table salt, salt, vermicelli, fusıllı pasta, curly pasta, spaghetti, seferkitel, haricot bean, red lentils, sweet corn, chickpea, tomato pastes, lemon sauces, pomegranate sauces, sunflower oil, edible oil, yeast, dry yeast, fresh yeast, baby diapers, condiments, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey
    Our company, bearing Dicle Petrol Food and Agricultural Products Industry and Trade Limited Company, first went into action into 1990, and then it is carrying on its activity
    Telephone: +90 342 230 78 08 Address: Değirmiçem Mahallesi 14 Nolu Sokak No: 8 Efes İş Hanı Kat:6/20 Şehitkamil - Gaziantep Turkey
  • food product, food products, pasta, macaroni, spaghetti
    We know you are looking for the best qualty product which has the best price and deliver on time. Doga Pasta is able to provide all of them for you because customer
    Telephone: 0090 553 261 61 83 Address: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83107 Nolu Cad. No:12 PK:27120 Gaziantep / TÜRKİYE
  • baby diaper, baby shampoo, bar soap, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, feminine care, fruity aroma drinks, ice tea, kids care products, lemonade, liquid soap, mineral waters, nectar drinks, pasta, pulp drinks, shampoo hair conditioner, shower gel, spaghetti, wet wipes
    Ferromin is a young company founded Ferromin relies on reliability and honesty and approaches them as indispensible principles of business ethics. Ferromin approaches
    Telephone: 00902122224224 Address: Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok K:13 D:2447 Sisli - Istanbul Turkey
  • food products, food product, foods, pasta, spaghetti, semolina, edible oils, cooking oil, vegetable cooking oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, margarine, corn oil, milk, milk powder, energy drink, form drinks, drinks, lemonade, fruit juices, orange juice, powder drink, tomato paste, ketchup, bouillon, chicken bouillon, meat bouillon, vinegar, apple vinegar, grape vinegar, pomegranate sauce, lemon sauce
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of food products, food product, foods, pasta, spaghetti, semolina, edible oils, cooking oil, vegetable cooking oil, sunflower oil, olive oil,
    Telephone: +90 324 327 09 09  Address: G.M.K. Bulvarı Fatih Mah. 30012 Sokak 10 Zemin Kat Mezitli, Mersin, Turkey
  • steel cookware, stainless steel cookware, copper cookwares, kitchenwares, cookwares, cookware sets, metal cookers, steel cooker, stainless steel cooker, cooker, stainless steel cookers, steel cookers, metal cookers, kitchenwares, cookware sets, cookwares, copper cookwares, pots, frying pans, pans, individual pots, pressure cookers, shallow pots, spaghetti pots, tea pots, tea service sets, omlette sets, pans with glass lid, wedding sets, deep pot sets, service plates
    With over 45 years of experience, “IKRA GROUP” continues to be one of the top leading Stainless Steel Cookware manufactures located in Turkey, Kahramanmaras. Manufacturing for
    Telephone: 905071795500 Address: Sanayi Sitesi 34 Cadde No. 68, Turkey
  • pasta, semolina, spaghetti
    Our Company is the exporter/producer of SEMOLINA and we would like to export Semolina to middleeast and Africa.
    Telephone: +90533 087 04 33 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2.Bulvar Mardin/Turkey
  • auger, fusilli, noodles, pencil shaped, penne rigate, sedani rigate, spaghetti, thimbles, vermicelli, pasta
    pasta, pasta
    Telephone: +904822151111 Address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 1, Bulvar 26,Sokak No:3 Artuklu Mardin, Turkey
  • ainstant powder drink, beverage, candy, macaroni, pasta, spaghetti
    we have some products which are with our own brands like Viva, Mr Milk and Mr Cool, Sunfruits we can provide you spaghetti, hard and soft candy, instant powder drink, soap and
    Telephone: 00 90 342 232 01 30  Address: Gazimuhatarpasa Bulv. Kazaz İs Mrkz. B Blok Kat:6 No:23 Gaziantep, Turkey
  • textile products, textile materials, fabrics, fabric, food products, foodstuff, pasta, spaghetti, cleaning products, cleaners, cleaner, cleaning cloth, detergents, detergent, cleaning chemicals
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of textile products, textile materials, fabrics, fabric, fabrics supplier, textile products supplier, food products, foodstuff, pasta,
    Telephone: +90 0532 152 12 75 Address: İZMİR, TURKEY
  • pasta, tomato, sauce, spaghetti, juice, fruit juice, food, beverage, flour, wheat, wheat flour, durum, paste
    Headquartered in Turkey - which is one the largest producer and exporter of agricultural products in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA) region- Natural Agro
    Telephone: +90 533 744 61 81 Address: Hamidiye Mh. Cengiz Topel Cd. Saraçoğlu Apt.Kat:1/1 , Turkey
  • foodstuffs, pastas, macaronis, cellatini, lumach, wheel, penne, sedanini rigatti, ditali rigatti, farfelline, elbow, ditalini, couscous, fusili, orzo, vermicelli, stelline, tagliatelle, medium tagliatelle, bucatini, spaghetti, cellatini pastas, lumach pastas, wheel pastas, penne pastas, sedanini rigatti pastas, ditali rigatti pastas, farfelline pastas, elbow pastas, ditalini pastas, couscous pastas, fusili pastas, orzo pastas, vermicelli pastas, stelline pastas, tagliatelle pastas
    Doyum Pasta Factory in other words, Ugur Food Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company which takes the name of shareholder Ugur Velicangil. The factory was established under the
    Telephone: +90 248 263 48 15 Address: Çendik Köyü, P.K.1, 15001, Burdur, Turkey
  • spaghetti, long cut pasta, shortcut pasta, semolina, flour, farine
    We are happy to express our highest esteem and sincere wishes of success. We are writing to introduce our company and ask to become your preferred and approved supplier for
    Telephone: +90 376 218 11 41 Address: Ballica Mevkii, 18100 Cankiri – Turkey
  • pasta, macaroni, semolina, butterfly macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, spaghetti, couscous, barley, feeds, lamb feed, cattle feeds, broiler feeds, broiler starter feeds, wheat, corn, soybean, chicken flour, fish flour, wheat bran
    The factory, releases 15 different products from four lines ( bands) furnished with Buhler – Miag and Braibanti technologies. The products are distributed for sale in packages of
    Telephone: +90 312 267 18 00 Address: 1.Organize Sanayii Bölgesi Kazakistan Cd. No: 12 06935 Ankara, Turkey
  • macaroni, pasta, spaghetti
    Telephone: 90 376/343 21 89 Address: Büyük OSB Mah.D Caddesi Dış Kapı No : 1/2 18260 Korgun ÇANKIRI- turkey
  • almonds, auger pasta, baked products, barley vermicelli pasta, bow pasta, bread flour, charleston pasta, date, dried food, dried nuts, dry nut, dry nuts, elbow pasta, farina, fine cut pasta, flour, flour for biscuit, flour for pastry, macaroni, mussel pasta, noodles, pasta, pasta, pasty pasta, pen pasta, pistachio, semolina, shelled walnuts, siirt nuts, spaghetti, thick cut pasta, thimble pasta, vermicelli pasta
    Over 50 years experience in food production and marketing, of a successful industry, the undisputed quality of the trust and support from you, pasta production "quality summit" in
    Telephone: +90 342 337 91 65 Address: 2. Org. San. Böl. Muammer Güler Bulvarı No: 40 Başpınar - Gaziantep, Turkey
  • pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, gluten free pasta, gluten free macaroni, whole grain pasta, whole grain macaroni, whole grain spaghetti, fettuccine, farfalle, capellini, linguine, penne pasta, gluten free rotini, gluten free penne
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, gluten free pasta , gluten free macaroni , whole grain pasta, whole grain macaroni, whole grain spaghetti,
    Telephone: +90 216 469 85 85 Address: Kosifler Plaza Serin Sok.No:9 A Blok 34752 İçerenköy, Istanbul, Turkey
  • plastic products, pasta strainer, milk strainer, spaghetti strainer, serum wire, serum string, wire clips, bifilar clips, garden wires, twist tie, clothesline, laundry line
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of plastic products, pasta strainer, milk strainer, serum wire, bifilar clips, garden wires, clothesline... We will be glad to be your
    Telephone: +90 216 364 97 45 Address: Mehmet Akif Mah. Tezcan Cad. No:7/C Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • ketchup, macaroni, mayonnaise, oil, spaghetti
    Telephone: +90 532 7700221 Address: İncilipinar Mah. Hali Sarayi No: Z/25 Sehitkamil, Turkey
  • cooker, cookware sets, cookwares, deep pot sets, frying pans, individual pots, kitchenwares, metal cookers, omlette sets, pans, pans with glass lid, pots, pressure cookers, shallow pots, spaghetti pots, stainless steel cooker, stainless steel cookers, stainless steel cookware, steel cooker, steel cookers, tea pots, tea service sets
    IKRA FOREIGN TRADE INC. is the exclusive representative for marketing products of PREMIER. All products made it by first quality of 304 18cr/10ni Stainless Steel with
    Telephone: +90 344 236 40 00 Address: Yeni Sanayi Sitesi 34. Cadde No:68 Kahramanmaras, Turkey
  • Pasta Making Machine, Pasta Making, Making Machines, Noodle Making, Machine Pasta, Pasta Machine, Commercial Pasta, Machine Noodle, Industrial Pasta, Pasta Machinery Set, Macaroni Pasta, Spaghetti Making, Machine Macaroni, Noodle Machine, Pasta Production Line, Pasta Maker Machine, Pasta Equipment Set, Automatic Pasta Machine, Macaroni Machine, Pasta Machine Factory, Pasta Machines, Pasta Macaroni, Pasta Noodle, Pasta Machine Manufacturers, Pasta Extruder Machine, Macaroni Spaghetti, Pasta Production, Machine Farfalle, Food Making Machine
    100% DOMESTIC PRODUCTION SHORT TUBE PASTA MACHINES -Macaroni production with capacities between 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 750 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, 1500 kg/h, 2000 kg/h. -We provide
    Telephone: +903422390861 Address: 25 Aralık Sanayi Sitesi, Gaziantep/Turkey
  • galvanized sheet, confectionery, candy, biscuits, lollypop, rice, sugar, basmati rice, spaghetti, margarine, sweetend condensed milk, milk powder, wheat flour, soap, detergents, laundry soap
    Telephone: +919167299323 Address: Thakur Village, Kanakia Builders, Kandivali West, Mumbai India
  • dried figs, dried fruit, dried fruits, edible oils, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, pasta, raisin, spaghetti, vegetable oils
    Yimex has started as an import and company and its main activity area imports and exports of food and cleaning products. Trust, customer-focused not only the purpose of resale
    Telephone: +90 555 965 55 00 / +90 216 393 20 34 / +90 216 39 Address: Beyoglu Sanayi Sitesi, E2 Blok, No: 14, Aydınli, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey
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