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  • glues, adhesives, cyanoacrylate adhesives, foams, polyurethane foams, hotmelts, eva besd adhesives, silicones, sealants, technical aerosols, aerosols, wood glues, transparent wood glues, transparent glues, massive glues, white glues, postforming glues, mdf profile glues, mdf glues, laminate surface glues, massive parquet glues, parquet glues, marine glues, pu marine glues, additive glues, glue, adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesive, foam, polyurethane foam, hotmelt, eva besd adhesive, silicone, seala
    Our company has started its production with PVAc. Glue was established in 1987 in Istanbul. We have increased our product range up to 25 different types of adhesives together with
    Telephone: +90 212 670 43 00 Address: İkitelli Keresteciler Sit., 14. Blok, No: 32, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • marine supplies, marine spare parts, marine equipments, ship repair services, industrial services, fire fighting equipments, paints, medical equipments, chemicals, personal protective equipments, safety equipments, anaerobic adhesives, adhesives, sealants, anaerobic sealants, composites, composite materials, elastomers, repair kits, pumps, bearings, drive belts, compressors, valves, hydraulics
    BOSA MARINE SERVICES Bosa Marine has been found on 2011, in Istanbul TURKEY. Bosa provides ISO qualified,SOLAS and standarts approved services & products to it's customers.
    Telephone: +90 216 499 95 23 Address: Evliya Çelebi Mah., Eğilmez Sok., GİPTAŞ San. Sit., C Blok, No: 20, İçmeler, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • construction chemicals, adhesives, tile grouts, mortars, plasters, floor materials, insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, adhesive mortars, elastic adhesive mortars, marble adhesive mortars, granite adhesive mortars, porcelain adhesive mortars, silicone tile grouts, joint filters, joint sealants, repair mortars, fibre reinforced mortars, fibre reinforced repair mortars, elastic water insulation mortars, insulation mortars, masonry mortars, gas concrete masonry mortars, pumice concrete masonry mortars, ridge adhesive mortars, construction chemical, adhesive, tile grout, mortar, plaster, pumice, pumice concrete blok, ready mixed plaster, dual component products, remoll heat insulation systems, water isolation mortar, conversion primer
    Remoll brand, which is the result of construction application experience and advanced R & D work, is at the service of the building industry since 1987. Remoll produces
    Telephone: +90 332 525 12 27 Address: Doğanbey Mah., Beyşehir, Konya, Turkey
  • epoxy/polyurethane products, adhesives, grout materials, performance improving primers and additives, surface cleaning and protecting materials, flooring products, repair mortars and restoration plasters, water proofing materials, silicone sealants and mastics, external thermal insulation composite systems, tile adhesives, glue
    Koramic Investment Group nv operates as a holding company that engages in industrial, financial, and real estate activities. It also produces building materials such as roof
    Telephone: +90 216 423 34 33 Address: E-5 Karayolu Üzeri, Şifa Mah., Atatürk Cad., Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • chemical anchors, super glues, cyanoacrylate adhesives, debonders, studlocks, nutlocks, retaining compounds, pipe sealants, uv adhesives, chemical anchor, super glue, cyanoacrylate adhesive, activator, studlock, nutlock, retaining compound, pipe sealant, gasket maker, uv adhesive, Acidic, Activator, Adhesive, Anchor, Chemical, Cleaner, Compound, Concrete, Corrosion, Curing, Cutting, Cyanoacrylate, Debonder, Degreaser, Emergency, Epoxies, Epoxy, Fast, Fix, Fixes, Flooring, Fluid, Gasket, Glue, Gl
    AS METSAN we manufacture and supply chemical anchors, super glues, cyanoacrylate adhesives, debonders, activators, primers, studlocks, nutlocks, retaining compounds, pipe
    Telephone: +90 212 253 52 55 Address: Tersane Cad., Nafe Sk. Erdoğanlar iş Mrk. No: 1 Kat: 2 34420, Karaköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • door handles, door accessories, brass door handles, zinc door handles, aluminium door handles, aluminum door handles, upvc handles, upvc accessories, window handles, cylinders, turn espagnolettes, locked espagnolettes, door locks, sliding rollers, 3d door hinges, adjustable door stikers, adjustable glass wedges, siliconized sealants, gaskets, aluminium accessories, aluminum accessories, brass accessories, zinc accessories, hinges, escutcheons, door handle, door accessory, brass door handle, zinc door handle, aluminium door handle
    "Buyukoglu Constructions Industry Co. Ltd." which has been providing service with marketing of constructions materials in the field of construction and hardware since 2007.
    Telephone: +90 216 479 02 55 Address: Fatih Mah., Cumhuriyet Cad., Sohbet Sk., No: 5, Kavacık, Beykoz, İstanbul, Turkey
  • sealants, adhesives, marble adhesive, chemical anchors, acrylic sealants, silicone sealants, polyurethane sealants, hybrid sealant, polyurethane foams, adhesives, adhesive, spray paints, chemical anchor gun, silicone cartridge, polyester putty, epoxy adhesive, sealers, wax, polishing wax, color enchancer, mastic, repair putty, stone care, marble protection, stone cleaners, stain protectors, stone polishers, stone sealers, ​ natural stone chemicals, ​ cleaning chemicals, ​ polishing chemicals, floor polish, polishing, chemical, chemical anchor, anchor, ​ mastics, ​ surface care, ​ stain removal, ​ automotive chemicals, automotive, house hold chemicals
    Founded in 1960 and Family-owned ELKAY, today is the leading producer of adhesives, chemical anchors, putties and stone care products. In 1975, Elkay has produced Turkey’s
    Telephone: +90 262 751 21 88 Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi, No:35, Cayirova
  • auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, auto parts, automobile parts, auto accessories, auto chemicals, sealants, rocker panel, auto rocker panel, exhaust pipes, auto exhaust pipes
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, auto parts, automobile parts, auto accessories, auto chemicals, sealants, rocker panel, auto
    Telephone: +90 212 586 86 85 Address: Cakiraga mh Manastirli Rifat Sk No.8/1 Aksaray Istanbul, Turkey 34096
  • construction chemicals, adhesive, silicone, foam, pufoam, pu foam, high tech, sealant, sealants, adhesives, tape, toolbox, grinder, construction chemical, adhesives, silicones, foams, pufoams, pu foams, adhesive, tapes, toolboxes, grinder
    AKTEK is international organization which is serving since 1989 in construction equipments & tools, construction chemicals, electric and petrol machineries sectors. The
    Telephone: +90 212 771 04 66 Address: Yeşilbayır Mah., Şimşir Sk., No: 20, Hadımköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • floor coating products, water proofing systems, sport flooring systems, wall paint, waterproofing products, surface primers, bitumen, joint fillers, injection foam, natural stone flooring, parquet chemicals, tennis court flooring, industrial flooring, adhesives, semi finished products, polyester polyol, sealants
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of floor coating products, water proofing systems, sport flooring systems, wall paint, waterproofing products, surface primers, bitumen,
    Telephone: +90 216 627 07 52 Address: Güllü Bağlar Mah. Ankara Cad. Mefa İş Merkezi No:266 K.3 Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • rubber, rubber mounting, rubber mountings, rubber sealant, rubber sealants
    Telephone: 266 78 54 Address: İlkadım Sanayi Sitesi Karadeniz Bul.No:17, Turkey
  • adhesive, adhesives, sealant, sealants, joint filler sealant, joint filler sealants, installation elements, connection elements
    Telephone: 212 282 85 85 Address: Zambaklı Sok. No:25/2, Turkey
  • sealants, pu foams, adhesives, adhesives for shoes, sealants for auto, glass sealants, seals, sealing products, sealing materials, building materials
    The Soudal Group is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, PU-Foams and adhesives. Soudal is a strong brand all over the world. It serves professionals in
    Telephone: +90 216 394 26 03 Address: Istanbul Deri Org. San. Bolg., Fikse Cad., No: 20, V1 Ozel Parsel, Istanbul, Turkey
  • concrete contribution, construction chemical, construction chemicals, joint fillers, ready mix, sealants
    Telephone: 212 668 34 34 Address: 50.Yıl Mah. Yunus Emre Bulv. Sanko San. Sit. C-4 Blok No:213, Turkey
  • sealants, adhesives, marble adhesive, chemical anchors, acrylic sealants, silicone sealants, polyurethane sealants, hybrid sealant, polyurethane foams, adhesives, adhesive, spray paints, chemical anchor gun, silicone cartridge gun, foam applicator gun, granite adhesive, marine adhesive, epdm adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive
    ABC Sealants started to work in 2007 and puts science, knowledge and experience to work by creating solutions essential for better and healthier products. ABC Sealants offers a
    Telephone: +90 212 422 13 56 Address: Ortaköy sanayi sitesi.İlter Bulvarı No:16 Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
  • acoustic foam, building materials, foam rubber, gaskets, heat insulation supplies, insulation materials, insulation supplies, insulation tapes, packing products, paint foam, polishing foam, sealants, sealing materials, sealing products, seals, sponge
    Akustifoam, having a young and dynamic structure was founded in 2007. The company is producing non flammable acoustic foam and also converting all kinds of foam according to
    Telephone: +90 212 875 49 71 Address: Bakır ve Pirinc Sanayi Sitesi, Cigdem Sokak, No: 1, A Blok, Kat: 3, Beylikduzu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • bearings, brake system parts, brake system spare parts, construction machinery parts, engine parts, engine spare parts, filters, fuel oil pumps, gaskets, genuine spare parts for construction machinery, hydraulic pumps, rubber gaskets, sealants, seals, spare parts for construction machinery
    ALGUL offers genuine spare parts for construction machinery with its over 25 years experience and knowledge. Having wide range of products, company meets all kinds of requirements
    Telephone: +90 212 549 40 20 / +90 212 549 40 21 Address: Ikitelli Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, S. S. Demirciler Sanayi Sitesi, E/2. Blok, No: 429, Ikitelli, Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey
  • mineral oils, industrial oils, greases, adhesives, springs, mineral oil based greases, powder lubricants, semi synthetic base oil greases, synthetic oil based greases, silicone oil based greases, phenyl ether base oil greases, pepe oil based greases, poe oil based greases, dry film lubricants, pao oil based greases, chain oils, mounting bolts, anti heating lubricants, disc springs, heat resistant grease, load bearing greases, assembly pastes, sealants, isolation pastes, heat resistant lubricants
    AREA CEVRE TEKN. MUHD. DAN. TIC. A.S, has been in business life in industrial and mineral lubricant industry since 2007 with its professional staff who had worked for many years
    Telephone: +90 212 210 34 60 Address: Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok Sarı Avlu 9.Kat No:1483 Şişli - İstanbul, Turkey
  • adhesive mortar, building chemicals, decking, epoxy coating, facade cladding, flooring, grout, insulating board, insulation materials, isolation materials, joint filling, joint sealants, mortar, roofing, sealing compound, thermal insulating board, thermal insulation systems, waterproof materials
    Operating for more than 17 years in building and insulation industries, company offers lots of various products in order to meet all kinds of requirements in domestic and foreign
    Telephone: +90 362 228 59 69 Address: Eski Sanayi Sitesi, Ulus Cad., No: 30, Samsun, Turkey
  • roof systems, roof system, roof underlayments, water-resistive barriers, drainage system, water insulation, wall barriers, garden roof systems, engineering applications, pool membrane, adhesives, roofing systems, air resistive barriers, sealants
    As an autonomous subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG (Germany) we at Cosella-Dörken are proud to continue in a leadership role as the manufacturer of premium quality products for the
    Telephone: +90 262 335 61 16 Address: Sanayi Mah. D-130 Yanyol Caddesi No: 179 İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • wooden door filters, silicone cables, cable, silicone cable groups, silicone profiles, silicone tubes, grid silicone gaskets, silicone seals, sealants, sealing products, silicone gaskets, gaskets, door seals, exterior silicone seals
    Our company has been serving white goods sub – industry sector for 18 years. We have started our first production with silicon profiles, then according to the needs of base
    Telephone: +90 212 475 00 46 Address: Karayollari Mahallesi, Kadir Akdogan Caddesi, 561 Sok., No: 45, Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul, Turkey
  • bolts, chains, compressors, fasteners, fitting, fittings, gasket kits, gaskets, gears, hand tools, hardware, linear rails, nuts, power tools, pulleys, reductors, rubber gasket, sealants, sealing products, seals, welding machine
    Operating as Celik Makina until 1998, Esta Celik expanded its product range by adding hardware in its product portfolio. Operating in compliance with customer oriented business
    Telephone: +90 352 333 31 33 / +90 352 311 50 61 / +90 553 13 Address: Organize Sanayi Sitesi, 12. Cadde, No: 33/A, Kayseri, Turkey
  • filtration systems, filters, machinery filters, gaskets, sealants, seals, sealing products, machinery seals, machine sealants, workshop machinery seals, milling machinery seals, milling machinery filters
    Filterteks, Filtre ve Keçe Sanayi A.Ş. provides special solutions for you with effective services in the field of Industrial Textile and Filtration. In order to provide services
    Telephone: +90 212 554 29 04 Address: Sanayi Mahallesi, Caglayan Sokak, 19/1, Gungoren, Istanbul, Turkey
  • flooring, floor tiles, gaskets, clean water seals, rain water seals, sealants, seals
    Telephone: 90 224 215 75 45 Address: NOSAB Meşe Cadde No:2 16145 Nilüfer/BURSA- turkey
  • fittings, fasteners, gaskets, rubber gaskets, rubber fittings, metallic gaskets, spiral gaskets, soft gaskets, gasket, standard gaskets, seals, sealants, sealing products
    ISA KAUCUK was established in Hatay in order to meet requirements in gaskets. Offering wide range of products with reasonable prices, company manufactures its products in
    Telephone: +90 326 285 52 00 Address: Cay Mah., Ulucami Cd., Sirin Ishani, Kat: 5/23, Iskenderun, Hatay, Turkey
  • o-rings, couplings, auto parts, auto spare parts, felt, seals, sealants, sealing
    Telephone: 9 0212-252-55-41  Address: Zincirlihan Sok. Tünel Cad. No:10 Karaköy / İstanbul - turkey
  • gaskets, sealants, seals, rubber seals, o-ring
    Telephone: 90 224 411 04 20 Address: NOSAB Meşe Cadde No:8/A 16145 Nilüfer/BURSA- turkey
  • Hardware, Seals, Gaskets, Plastics, Compressor Parts, Work Safety Products, Tapes, Sealants, Glues, Adhesives,
    Telephone: 90212 521 88 85 Address: Defterdar Mah Cebecibaşı Cad. No:11/A EYÜP- İSTANBUL/ turkey
  • gaskets, seals, sealants, sealing, door seals, clamp seals, automatic shutter seals
    Telephone: 90 262 751 28 81 Address: GEPOSB. İnönü Mahallesi 4.Cadde 41.Sokak No:8Gebze /KOCAELİ- turkey
  • polyurethane foams, silicones, silicon, sealants, adhesives, hybrids, anti corrosive sprays, engine cleaning spray, silicone lubricants, spray paints, foam guns, silicone guns, polyurethane gun foam, acrylic sealant, water-based sealants, polyester sealant, granite adhesive
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of polyurethane foams, silicones, silicon, sealants, adhesives, hybrids, anti corrosive sprays, engine cleaning spray, silicone lubricants,
    Telephone: +90 212 771 15 52  Address: Hadımköy Mah. Arpaslan Sok. No.10 Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
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