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  • metal works, steel works, steel parts, steel buildings, steel doors, steel handrail, steel railings, stainless steel, stainless steel handrail, stainless steel railings, steel rivet, nail, tank, oil tank, water tank, modular water tank, sectional steel water tank, trailer, steel structure, metal roof, aluminum handrail, aluminum profiles, aluminum railings, aluminum doors, aluminum windows, pvc profiles, pvc door, pvc window, air conditioning, air duct, garbage chute, construction steels, steel
    Starting manufacturing of steel construction in 1993 our company expanded its product range to Prismatic Modular Water Tanks in 2014. We have accomplished our projects in Turkey
    Telephone: +90 216 362 35 40 Address: İçerenköy Mah., Hayriye Hanım Sk., No: 4/1, Ataşehir, İstanbul, TURKEY
  • compact openers, compact opener, compact systems, compact system, drives, drive, lining riveting machines, lining riveting machine, mechanicals, mechanical, press feeder lines, press feeder line, rivet press, rivet presses, riveting, rivetings, rivets press unit, rivets press units, servo drive, servo drives, tape drives, tape drive, vertical roll tape openers, vertical roll tape opener, horizontal roll tape openers, horizontal roll tape opener, automation riveting systems, automation riveting
    Our company, KARDESLER MAKINA, began its standard machinery manufacture with Rivet Presses in 1990. Its previous experiences were manufactures of special automation machineries
    Telephone: +90 212 612 62 16 Address: Topçular Kışla Cad. No:61, Apek Üretmen İş Merkezi, C Blok, No:6/71-95, Rami-Eyüp/İSTANBUL, Turkey
  • RENAULT TRUCKS, MERCEDES-BENZ, SCANIA, MAN, VOLVO, IVECO, DAF, BPW BERGISCHE ACHSEN, MERITOR / ROR, SAF SAUER ACHSEN, GIGANT, TRAILOR, SCHMITZ, FRUEHAUF, YORK, KASSBOHRER, KERAX, MAGNUM, MACK, TRUCK, MASTER, ACTROS MP2, AXOR, SPRINTER, O 580 TRAVEGO, ACCELO, TGA, TGX, TGM, TGX, FH 12, FH 16, FM 12, FL, TURBOTECH, EUROTRAKKER, EUROTECH, TURBOSTAR, EUROSTAR, STRALIS, EUROMOVER, XF95, SETRA, TRAILER, ATEGO, BPW, SAF HOLLAND, SPARE PART, Chain, brake caliper, High Performance Brake Caliper, Bush, spring eye, Bearing Kit, torsion bar, Bearing Bush, stabiliser, Bush, control arm mounting, Leaf Spring, Fuel Pump, Tankcap lock, Cap, fuel tank, Shaft Seal, crankshaft, Seal, brake camshaft, Oil Hose, Oil Filter, Flywheel Housing, Flywheel, V-Belt Set, Valve, compressed-air system, Intercooler, charger, Timing Belt Kit, Wheel Suspension, Repair Kit, injection nozzle, Water Pump, Water Tank, radiator, Wiper Motor, Wiper Blade Rubber, Wiper Switch, Relay, ABS, Core, radiator, Wheel Hub, Piston, air compressor, Rivet, drum brake lining, Floor Mat, Windscreen, Bonnet, Master Cylinder, brakes, Starter, Pinion, starter, Joint Kit, drive shaft, Crankshaft, Blind Rivet, Split Pin, Complete Engine, Centre Rod Assembly, Ring, wheel hub, Pulley, radiator fan, Door Lock, Electric Motor, interior blower, Warning Light, Hydraulic Pump, brake system, Pneumatic Suspension, Air Filter, Sun Wheel, outer planetary gear, Grease Gun, Gas Spring, wing-door, Brake Shoe, Brake Caliper, Brake Hose, Brake Lining Kit, drum brake, Diffusing Lens, headlight, Electric Motor, radiator fan, Fan Wheel, engine cooling, Injector Nozzle, Injection Pump, Hand Feed Pump, Brake Pad Set, disc parking brake, Camshaft, Gear, balance shaft, Outside Mirror, driver cab, Clutch Kit, Clutch Disc, Clutch Booster, Clutch Pressure Plate, Bush, spring eye, Compressed Air Hose, Mirror Glass, Brake Adjuster, Headlight, Shock Absorber, Fuel Dispenser
    Leonpart is a Turkish company and a major international supplier of Automotive spare parts, components, equipment with the Support of more than 100 Turkish and German OEM and OES
    Telephone: +90 533 014 89 13 Address: İkitelli OSB, Başakşehir Giyim Sanatkarları, 3B-25, İstanbul, Turkey
  • bolts, rivets, screws, head screws, slotted screws, slotted head screws, countersuk head screws, stand foot bolts, round head rivets, eyebolts, cheese head screws, recessed raised screws, anchor bolts, tapping screws, head tapping screws, plastic bolts, cross recessed head screws, mushroom head bolts, neck bolts, square neck bolts, round bolts, flat neck bolts, flat bolts, slotted cheese head screws, bolt and rivet machines, bolt, rivet, screw, head screw, slotted screw, slotted head screw, coun
    Our company has started to operate in the production of metal rivet in 1974 with Mehmet Gönül. We get the production capacity of all kinds of metal rivets from 2,5 mm. To 16 mm.
    Telephone: +90 332 239 17 92-93 Address: Büyük Kayacık Mahallesi, Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Kuddusi Caddesi, No: 11, Konya, Turkey
  • tubular rivets, autopiercing rivets, jeans rivet, eyelets, washers, hand press, pneumatic press, automatic press, hydrolic press, borchies, hooks, jeans buttons, nails, staples, rivets, buttons, brass rivets, brass jeans rivets, textile accessories, iron rivets, steel rivets, inox rivets, tubular rivet, autopiercing rivet, jeans rivets, eyelet, washer, hand presses, pneumatic presses, automatic presses, hydrolic presses, borchie, hook, jeans button, nail, staple, rivet, button, brass rivet, bras
    STARA METAL was founded in 1997 in Istanbul,as Turkish-Italian partnership.The company produces eyelets,hooks,tubular and autopiercıng rivets,jeans buttons and jeans rivets from
    Telephone: +90 212 798 33 70 Address: Ömerli Mahallesi, Dersaadet Sokak, No: 28/3, Hadımköy- Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • metal, metals, wire, wirse, aluminum wire, aluminum wires, steel rollers, steel reel, aluminum products, aluminum product, alloy wire, alloy wires, screw, screws, screw products, rivets, rivet, nail, nails, spring products, punches, punche, hangers, hanger, tea bags, tea bag, double rim reels, double rim reel, single rim reel, single rim reels, plain flanged rollers, corded reel, cable reels, cable reel, rope, ropes, steel rope, steel ropes
    Having more than 35 years of experience and a technical team dedicated to development and technical support, Telmaksan is the leader in manufacturing Aluminum Wire and Steel Reels
    Telephone: +90 216 593 05 20 Address: İAYOSB Aydınlı Mh. Gazi Bulvarı, No:34, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • button, rivet
    Telephone: 905326092979 Address: Istanbul
  • textile, jeans, pants, chino, tshirt, jacket, trousers, button, eyelet, rivet, rivets, buttons, metal, leather
    Telephone: 05336208652
  • trimmings, jeans, shirts, fabric, cotton, denim, button, leather labels, pants, chino, trouser, shirt, t-shirt, polo, fashion, bags, belts, wallet, rivet, textile, mode, yarn, wool, jacket, trimming, jean, shirt, fabrics, cottons, denims
    The company „Stitch & Trim“ is well known internationally for producing a variety of products based in high quality, reasonable prices, fast delivery, frequently updated
    Telephone: +90 212 671 06 04 Address: İOSB Mah., Atatürk Bulvarı No: 86 Kat: 3, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • spring, rivet, such, agriculture, agricultural machine, wire, spring, pulling spring, installing springs, latch springs, spring springs, agriculture spring, cultivator springs, compression springs, automotive springs
    Our company, which manufactures springs and rivets, is a supplier to automotive, agriculture and other industrial sectors. Our company exporting its products to 7 different
    Telephone: +0903322481272 Address: Fevzi Çakmak mah. 10670 sk no:28/A Karatay / Konya
  • terracotta facade systems, single screw system, double sidewall horizontal system, double screw plus vertical system, slim double sidewalk horizontal site, fine double screw clipping system, thin double screw vertical sitem, thick double screw vertical sitem, clinker solar breaker systems, terracotta sun breaker, press brick solar crusher, mechanical clinker systems, mechanical clinker coating, tecnoplus system, ceramic facade systems, closed joint sealing system, open jointing system, hidden clip system, visible clip system, multi clip system, alley system, sinterflex facade systems, hidden clip system, bonding system, compact laminate systems, bonding system, horizontal system, hanging system, aggregated ray system, metallic cliper system, rivet system, fiber cement systems, rivet system, alley system, natural stone coating systems, mechanical system, alley system, corian exterior coating, frontek facade coating, clip system, superplus system, thermowood facade systems, transparent facade systems, heavy steel anchorage, aluminum anchor, aymax closing facade, roof systems, insulation materials, fischer connection fittings
  • packaging tape, nylon yarn, lining, interlining, back gray, rivet, garments, textile, mould cardboard
    Telephone: 2126370716 Address: KIZILAĞAÇ SK.NO:6/B, İSTANBUL
  • metal zipper, bone zipper, nylon zipper, button, rivet, metal buckle, necklace and jewelry, elastic lace, nylon lace, cotton lace
    Telephone: 637 26 11 Address: Sanayi Mah Kazım Karabekir Cad. No:54 Zemin Kat güngören
  • Leather Label, Jakron Label, Frequency Label, Plastic Label, Plastic Printing, Special Designs, Zipper Tip, Buttons, Belt Buckle, Metal Accessories, Promotional Products, Types Of Labels, Leather Label, Jakron Label, Geniune Leather Label, Artificial Leather Label, Frequency Label, Plastic Printing, Special Labels, Zipper Tip, Plastic Zipper Tip, Leather Zipper Tip, Metal Zipper Tip, Belt Buckle, Dress Buckle, Metal Accessories, Promotional Products, Plastic Label, Plastic Label, Button, Zamak Button, Sewing Button, Rivet, Textile Accessories
    Telephone: 90.212 565 55 56 Address: Oruç Reis Mah. Barbaros Cad. Giyim Kent Sitesi13. Sok. No: 56/AEsenler / İstanbul - TURKEY
  • eyelet, stamp, molding molds, nail, button, pants hook, rivet, clasp
    Telephone: 90 212 6092870 Address: KARAYOLLARI MAH.561 SOK.NO.43, G.OSMANPAŞA, İSTANBUL
  • pneumatic hand tools, schatz torque measuring systems, gesipa rivet guns, delvo electric screwdrivers, aimco electrical assembly systems, rechargeable hand tools, bms torque meters, nitto seiko screw feeding and sorting machines, toku air truck crane, eg-em mounting accessories
    Telephone: (90)(216) 518 45 84 Address: MALTEPE KUCUK SAN.SIT.H BLOK N O:5 MALTEPE
  • nut rivet, hexagonal body nut rivets, semi hex nuts rivets, nut rivet machines, full rivets, half hole rivets, pipe rivets, special rivets, pop rivets, montebent rivets, spot welding bolts, design rivets, eyelet and capsule rivets, hollow and bushes, clutch and clutch rivets
    Telephone: (90)(212) 485 92 06 Address: IKITELLI ORG.SAN.BOL.PIK DOKUM CUMLER SAN.SIT.A-3 BLOK NO:3 KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE
  • rivets, rivet, solid rivets, blind rivets, tubular rivets, fasteners, welding studs, eyelet rivets, internal threaded fasteners
    Telephone: (90)(212) 485 92 06 Address: IKITELLI ORG.SAN.BOL.PIK DOKUM CUMLER SAN.SIT.A-3 BLOK NO:3 KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE
  • zamak, rivet, pushbutton
    Telephone: 90 212 6712247 Address: METAL-İŞ SANAYİ SİTESİ 6.BLK. NO.38-40, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • nut, stud, rivet
    Telephone: 90352 321 15 42 Address: 1. organize san böl 16 cad no 62- kayseri- turkey
  • pushbutton, rivet stock, fastener, metal moulds
    Telephone: 90 212 5155715 Address: BAĞLAR MAH. KOÇMAN CAD. NO.9, BAĞCILAR, İSTANBUL
  • nuts, bolts, stamps, rivet nuts, rings, screw, pop rivet, hardware, electric hand tools
    Telephone: 212 565 01 26 Address: BALÇIK KÖYÜ ORGANİZE SANAYİ CADDESİ NO:56, GEBZE, KOCAELİ
  • plug footwear, terminal products, rivet, fuse box terminals
  • rivets, jeans percini, automatic machine rivet, ornaments, aluminum eyelet, patterned eyelet, filtered eyelet, oval eyelet, aluminum stamp, plastic stamp, rings, snap, nails, corner, painted products, hooks, pins, apparatus, technical drawing
  • thin rivet, pop rivet, stud welding, fasteners
  • rivet, rivets, stop pin, stop pins, rivet stock, rivet stocks, fastener, fasteners, aluminium fastener, aluminium fasteners, aluminum fastener, aluminum fasteners
    Telephone: +90 332 249 10 69 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Esenler Cad., No: 46, Konya, Turkey
  • rivet, rivet stock, set chisel, fastener, stop pin, screw, countersink, bolt, screw
    Telephone: (90)(212) 482 27 36 Address: MALTEPE GÜMÜŞSUYU CAD. DOKUMACILAR SİT. NO:33 ZEYTİNBURNU
  • 720/5000, aluminum profile, standard profiles, facade systems, door systems, window systems, gunwale, shutter and opening glass systems, custom profiles, accessories, anchors, brackets, clips group, glass accessory group, cam balcony group, i çiftaçıl, pvc group, conta group, hardware group, shutter, shutter group, lock, couplers, hydraulic group, arm, hinge, slide group, handrail group, grille group, flyfly group, screw, peg, rivet group, aluminum panels, composite panel, aluminum plates, sandwich paneller, construction chemicals, polymers, pu mastikler, neutral front silicones, general purpose silicones, silicone and acrylic mastics, special purpose masts, pu foams, adhesives, chemical ducts, isolations, spray paints, general purpose sprayers
    Telephone: 641 45 21 Address: Köşklüçeşme Mah. Yenibağdat Cad. No : 130 Gebze
  • metal product, textile accessory
    Telephone: 90.212.484 47 00  Address: Orta Mahalle, Topkapı Maltepe Cad. No 6, Silkar Plaza Kat 2,34030 Bayrampaşa, İstanbul / Turkey
  • accessory buckles, shoe nose accessories, shoe heel accessories, shoe finger crossbows, bond accessories, tape combiner buckles, bijouterie buckles, push to push buckles, nail buckles, talking tongue, button accessories, zipper clover and pillow, bowknot buckles, ring buckles, halter buckles, capsule buckles, laser cut buckles, meter strip stone buckles, plastic label accessories, rivet buckles, lathe pim buckles, top buckles, side buckles, bonding pattern accessories, chain accessories
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