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  • food, foodstuff, textile, textile products, vegetable, fruit, fresh vegetable, fresh fruit, raw material, chemical, machinery, machine, spare part, consumable, yarn, thread, fabric, cotton, construction material, trading, trade, supply, supply service, food trading, project based service, foods, foodstuffs, textiles, textile product, vegetables, fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, raw materials, chemicals, machineries, machines, spare parts, consumables, yarns, threads, fabrics, cottons, construction materials, tradings, trades, supplies, supply services, food tradings, project based services, mdf
    We provide services for continuous and reliable business with the network support we ensure at every stage of production from raw material discovery and logistics to quality
    Telephone: 02129892762 Address: Mimar Sinan Sokak no:21 seba Boulevard A08 Sarıyer/İstanbul
  • foods, food products, textiles, textile products, medical products, medical materials, medical items, medical equipments, dried nuts, dried fruits, carpets, garments, lingeries, underwears, clothings, apparels, ready wears, hygienic products, hygiene products, hospital equipments, hospital furnitures, hospital materials, food, food product, textile, textile product, medical product, medical material, medical item, medical equipment, dried nut, dried fruit, carpet, garment, lingerie, underwear, clothing, apparel, ready wear, hygienic product, hygiene product, hospital equipment, hospital furniture, hospital material, raw chickpeas, white roasted chickpeas, yellow roasted chickpeas, yellow salted chickpeas, cruncy chickpeas, cruncy peanuts, sesame coated chickpeas, sesame coated peanuts, cruncy coated chickpeas, sugar coated chickpeas, broken yellow chickpeas, chickpea flour, sunflower seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw hazelnut kernels, hazelnut kernels, roasted hazelnut kernels, hazelnut in shell, peanuts, peanuts in shell, walnut, almond, fig, seed, fennel seed, dried apricot, hazelnut, sesame, raisin, chickpea, pine nut, pistachio, poppy seed, Leather, fur, leather shoes, leather jacket, leather bag, leather, suede, sneakers, boots, slippers, cloth choes, flip flop, daily shoes, walking shoes, babette, top boot, shoes, mixed pasta, noodle, macaroni, spaghetti, farfalle, coats, topper, jacket, vest, tshirt, shirt, jeans, denim, shorts, skirt, trousers, sweaters, jumper, polo tshirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatpant, sweatsuit, chino, pants, denim jacket, suit, shawl, scarf, beret, woof, hat, prayer rug, hall rug, machine carpet, non woven carpet, shaggy, cranberry beans, black eyed peas, bulgur, farina, semolina, red lentil, lentil, corn, white beans, chick pea, rice, soy beans, green lentil, bean, white chick peas, chick peas, nut, pine kernel, kernel, gourd seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, date palm, elaeagnus, cashew nut, dried grape, roasted chick pea, souce corn chips, peanut, argan oil, sunflower seed oil, fish oil, walnut oil, olive oil, kanola oil, palm oil, butter, sesame oil, margarin
    We believe that the best thing is meet your demands as it should be and we always improve ourselves by thinking about this motto. Delphin Trade established in 2018 for supply
    Telephone: +90 555 269 46 24 Address: OSB Mahallesi, 1. Bölge 83101 Nolu Caddesi, H. Hüseyin Nakıpoğlu Sitesi, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • medicine, pharmaceuticals, hygiene, cleansing products, baby products, baby food, orthopaedics, injectors, cosmetic products, food supplements, over the counter products, hair care products, sanitary products, raw materials, hospital supplies, aromatherapy oils, organic honey, chemicals, geriatrics, nutritions, nutraceuticals, sun protection products, body care, foot care, medicine box, medicine cabinets, oral care, vitamins and minerals, first aid bags, medicines, pharmaceutical
    Dear Sir / Madam, As EMİR PHARMA INC., we are producers, wholesalers of major Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products. As exporters we are serving the highest standards of
    Telephone: +90 266 396 77 77 Address: İskele Mah., Fatih Cad., 4. Sok., No: 11, Edremit, Balıkesir, Turkey
  • raw materials, detergents, cosmetics, chemicals, textiles
    Telephone: +902122686321 Address: Nispetiye cad. Birlik sokak. Nevin Arican Plaza No:8 34330 1. Levent –Istanbul/TURKEY
  • food, raw materials, textile, auto parts
    World is Our PortToday, we capitalize on our extensive experience to serve better business world's
    Telephone: +902425036353 Address: Sarısu Mh. 168 Sk. No.9/11
  • labels, packings, packagings, packages, food labels, shrink sleeve, shrink sleeves, beverage labels, home chemical labels, cosmetic labels, industrial labels, printing services, glass labels, label materials, cream labels, lotion labels, textile labels, adhesive labels, craft bag labels, battery labels, electronic good labels, chemical labels, chemical product labels, chemical raw material labels, storage labels, barcode labels, roll labels, label rolls, food packagings, beverage packagings, hom
    Founded in 1986, it is a leading company in the sector specializing in the production of labels and packaging for various sectors. Since the establishment of our company, we have
    Telephone: +90 212 886 58 75 Address: Akçaburgaz Mahallesi, 120. Sokak, No:16B, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • food raw materials, yeast extract, low sodium salt
    Telephone: 216 651 0600 Address: İstanbul
  • quantitative pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical raw materials id verification, explosive and narcotic identification, liquid explosive detection, scanning mobility particle sizer spectrometers, fast scanning mobility particle sizer, aerodynamic particle sizer, optical particle sizer, condensation particle counter, filter testers, air quality monitoring devices, engine exhaust particle sizer, aerosol generator and aerosol dispersers, cascade impactors
    Telephone: 3122190600 Address: YAŞAM CADDESİ AK PLAZA NO:7/17 SÖGÜTÖZÜ ÇANKAYA/ANKARA
  • shop, shopping, menswear, men's clothing, raw textile materials, textiles, made-up clothes, ready-made clothing, ready to wear, clothes, jacket, pants, shirt
    Telephone: 3281200 Address: 10006 SOKAK NO:14 A.O.S.B. ÇİĞLİ / İZMİR
  • foldable plywood packaging group, pallet, plastic extra strong cases, carton boxes, metal boxes, raw materials, humidity absorbents desicaut packets, packing accessory products, impact indicators, internal protective units, external protective units, circle, polyester circle, wood pallet, recyclable transfer pallet, big bag, shrink gun
  • exterior sheathing, glass balcony systems, american panel door, installation of steel doors, plastic raw materials, construction contracting
    Telephone: 232 Address: ATAŞEHİR MAHALLESİ 8001/3 SOKAK NO:17/33 ÇİĞLİ/İZMİR
  • paper raw materials, paper raw material, paper materials, paper material
    Telephone: 90 216 3770090 Address: CUMHURİYET MAH. FERMAN CAD. NO:3, KARTAL, İSTANBUL
  • amino acids, animal origined raw materials, antibacterial and antiparasitical additives, antioxidants, aqua feed additive products, aromatics, broiler concentrate, concentrates, egg shell strengtheners, energy supplyers, enzymes, feed concentrates, growth enhancers, inhibitors, kt4000 vizyomix layer concentrate, milk replacer, mold inhibitors, pellet binders, plant origined raw materials, poultry feed additive products, probiotics, raw materials, ruminant feed additive products, salmonella inhibitors, toxin binders, vitamin and mineral premixes
  • raw materials, aqua, roughage raw materials, grain, oil and oily seeds, oil, oily seeds
    Telephone: 3124910707 Address: SALHANE MAHALLESİ ANADOLU BULV. NO:40 KAT:9 DAİRE:904 BAYRAKLI /İZMİR
  • chemical raw materials
    Telephone: 0734043988 Address: 216-00519
  • ferro alloys, raw materials, carbon steel, stainless steel
  • worldwide trading, steel products, raw materials, iron ore, pig iron, clinker, cement
    Telephone: 216 363 46 33 Address: Cemil Topuzlu Cad. Beşik Ap. No:83/3 CADDEBOSTAN, KADIKÖY, İSTANBUL
  • wire drawing dies, raw material for wet handkerchief, string wound cartridge filters, emulsion filters on rolls, fasteners, metal materials
    Telephone: 2163801832 Address: SINAN ERCAN CD. NO:29/ 15
  • iron and steel, iron and steels, coal industry raw material, coal industry raw materials, marine machinery equipment, marine machinery equipments, railway machinery equipments, railway machinery equipment, defense industry, defense industry products, defense industry product
    HATKO A.Ş. is founded by M. Ertuğrul HATAYLI, a member of the HATAYLI family who has been active for many years in trading, and his two siblings in January 1973 as a family
    Telephone: (90)(212) 258 99 83 Address: ACISU SK.NO:19 D:4 BEŞİKTAŞ
  • technical ceramics, raw materials, zircon, arcast, colloidal silica, wax, kaolinite, binding
    Telephone: 3391276 Address: FATİH CADDESİ NO:58/A BL DAİRE:2 BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • raw materials, dispersion equipments, automatic film applicator, corrosion testing units, panels, test charts, impact resistance, hardness resistance
    Telephone: (90)(216) 315 19 76 Address: LIBADIYE CAD.G-2 SOK.14/10 ORNEK MAH. ÜSKÜDAR
  • steel making raw materials, semi finished steel products, flat steel products, tubular steel products, long steel products
    Telephone: (212) 2564970 Address: TERSANE CAD. IŞIK IŞ MERKEZINO:92 KAT:2-3-4, ARAPCAMİ, BEYOĞLU, İSTANBUL
  • magnesite, environment, energy, steel casting, raw materials, chemistry, energy technologies, metallic anchoring systems, silicon carbide, ceramic anchoring systems
    Telephone: 0.222.211 01 00 Address: TUTLUCA KÖYÜ
  • petroleum, petroleum products, petroleum raw materials
    Telephone: 90 216 5951545 Address: İstanbul
  • plastic, plastics, masterbatch, plastic raw material, packing materials, calcitic masterbatch
  • chemicals, chemical materials, plastic raw materials, cleaning chemicals
    Telephone: (90)(262) 751 03 75 Address: G.O.S.B 800 SOK. GEBZE
  • powder detergent, detergent, dishwashing detergent, carpet washing liquid, wood surface cleaner, hand soap, glass cleaner, cream cleaner, cleaning chemicals, textile hygiene products, food hygiene products, ecological products, chemical raw materials
    Telephone: (212) 698 07 77 Address: İstanbul
  • cotton fiber, textile materials, textile products, fabric raw materials
    Telephone: (90)(362) 431 94 73 Address: KALE MAH.ZİYA GÖKALP CAD. NO:3/E
  • industrial maintance, general cleaning, cosmetics, personal care products, chemical raw materials, car care products, cleaning equipments
    Telephone: 3123955286 Address: Güleryüz Sanayi Sitesi 1351. SK. NO:3 İvedik 06370 YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • cable pvc compound granule, pvc compound, pvc compound for hose, gasket seals, hard pvc compound granule, liquid stabilizers, plastic raw materials, impact modifier
    Telephone: (90)(212) 485 10 47 Address: IKITELLI ORG.SAN.BOLG.ATATURK OTO SAN.SIT.18.SK. N:509 KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE
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