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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • hand tools, hardwares, building materials, faucets, showers, sanitary wares, bathroom furnitures, bathroom accessories, bathroom products, plastic bathroom products, pliers, nippers, pipe wrenches, hammers, drill bits, saws, tapes, padlocks, ladders, curtain rails, bathroom sets, toilets, sinks, pedestals, toilet tanks, hand tool, hardware, building material, faucet, shower, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessory, bathroom product, plastic bathroom product, plier, nipper, pipe wrench, hammer, drill bit, saw, tape, padlock, ladder, curtain rail, bathroom set, toilet, sink, pedestal, toilet tank
    Starting from its foundation in 1982, Erol Teknik is a well-established company and has been serving since in many sub-branches of the construction industry. With 400 employees
    Telephone: +90 262 658 26 90 Address: Osmangazi Mahallesi, Bilali Cad. No: 12, İç Kapı No: 1, Sancaktepe, İstanbul, Turkey
  • plastic construction materials, plastic agricultural materials, plastic automotive supplies, plastic automotive spare parts, plastic medical products, plastic white goods spare parts, plastic white goods products, pvc windows, pvc doors, PVC building materials, building materials, plastic plumbing supplies, sanitary piping systems, infrastructure pipes, drainage pipe systems, pvc rain gutters, test tubes, sampling containers, falcon tubes, faeces containers, petri plates, straw tips
    As FIRAT PLASTIK we manufacture and export plastic construction materials, plastic agricultural materials, plastic automotive supplies, plastic automotive spare parts, plastic
    Telephone: +90 212 886 41 41 Address: Türkoba Mah., Fırat Plastik Cad., No: 23, Büyükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
  • hardwares, silicones, mastics, tapes, dowels, wall plugs, joints, job safety products, locks, meters, hardware products, water gages, silicone guns, metal cutters, wheels, paint thinners, sandpapers, emeries, ballies, granites, masking tapes, joint tapes, teflon tapes, packing tapes, plastic dowels, Furniture accessories, door handle, hand tools, fittings, building materials, glues, adhesive, silicon, Screw, door hinges
    Established in 1996 to provide wholesale products to the hardware sector, our company continues its activities with an expanding product range, increased service and product
    Telephone: +90 212 415 18 89 Address: Demirciler Sitesi, 3. Yol, No: 7, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • food products, foodstuff, confectionery products, chocolate, wafers, chewing gum, soft drinks, textile products, slippers, shoes, curtains, carpets, hardware, building materials, building supplies, home appliances, whitegoods, kitchenwares, tableware, kitchen utensils, plastic household appliances
    Our Company, established in 1995 under the name of “Fidanlar Foreign Trade”, has turned into “Samur Foreign Trade” after deciding to seperate from our foreign partners in
    Telephone: +90 212 452 03 03 Address: Çobançeşme Mah. Mithatpaşa Cad. No:40-A, Bahçelievler, İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • plastic roof tile, roof tile, building, building materials, roofing, construction and building industry
    AKMEN PLASTİK KİREMİT LTD.STİ.AS. Roof Tile size: 36cm × 42cm , 1cm thickness Product Features Anti-corrosion and the lifetime is over 50 years. Fire resistance, thermal
    Telephone: 0542 442 48 38 Address: Organize San. Bölgesi Ambar Mah. Erdek Cad. NO:80 Melikgazi/Kayseri
  • flooring, floor coverings, homogeneous vinyl floorings, vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, carpet tile, carpet tiles, sports hall flooring, non slip vinyl coating, vinyl floor covering, building materials, plastic floor covering, floor coverings, vinyl floorings, sports hall flooring, carpet tile applications, epoxy paints and coatings, laminate flooring, raised floor, raised floors, primers, pattex, self levelling screed
    Launched in 2000, trade with the principle of the right solutions to the right floors in our lives, ongoing process, starting with the application design, our belief in what we
    Telephone: +90 212 514 12 28 Address: Atatürk Bulvarı İmç 4. Blok No: 4415 Unkapanı - İstanbul, Turkey
  • aluminium press, aluminium profile, aluminium window accessories, balustrade accessories, building materials, door and window handle, double glass fittings, drill bits, espagnolette, fly screen accessories, grille, hinges, insect screening system, insulation materials, locks, plastic grille, plastic products, plissefly screen, pvc, pvc wainscot profiles, rebated sliding, roller, screw, shutter, shutter accessories, sliding, transom, wainscot, zinc response of espagnolette
    Dura PVC was established in 1993 as a manufacturer of various products of aliminum widow & door accessories.And the next year we have added Roller Shutter accesories and Insect
    Telephone: +902627512070 Address: Pelitli Mah. Maden Cad. No :30 Gebze / Kocaeli
  • turnkey projects, shipping, construction materials, lime, brick, sand, building materials, plastic garden hose, pvc hose, pvc hoses, garden hoses, air hose, air hoses, water heater hose, plaster sand, mosaic sand, wall sand, garden sand, industrial lime, construction lime, caustic lime, package lime, granulated limestone, bulk limestone, bulk construction materials, brick, chimney bricks, hollow brick, load bearing brick, block bricks, iso brick, ready mixed concrete, garden wall brick
    Evregrup started in 1970 as Yavuz Ticaret in Konya one of the biggest industry city of Turkey. By following the changing and developing technology Evregrup took steps in
    Telephone: +90 332 342 22 53 Address: Erenköy Mahallesi Semavi Cad. No:79 Selçuklu - Konya, Turkey
  • aluminium window system, aluminium window systems, building materials, construction materials, door accessories, door cylinder, door handle, door hinge, hardware, hinge, hinges, plastic window handles, pvc systems door systems, pvc window systems, screen systems, screw, single turn espagnolettes, sliding systems, tilt and turn systems, window accessories, window handle
    Starting its business life abroad in 2000, company started to be active under the name of Inter Solid Yapi Elemanlari in Turkey in 2010. Adopting customer satisfaction and
    Telephone: +90 212 619 16 69 Address: Esentepe Mah. Yunus Emre Bulvarı Gamas San. Sit. H Blok No:12 Sultangazi / İstanbul / Turkey
  • building materials, cutting machines, aluminium cutting machines, aluminum cutting machines, pvc working machines, aluminium working machines, siliconized mastics, adhesive tapes, window systems, wood working machines, wood machines, epdm, metal processing machines, CNC Machines, machine parts, plastic injection machine, pipe machine, glass working machine
    KANYON YAPI is exporter of various kinds of machinery & equipments used in different industries. We export kinds of high-technology , medium-high technology and large range of
    Telephone: +90 312 495 43 84 --- +90 532 447 40 04 Address: Mevlana Mah., Kıbrıs Cad., No: 23/A, Ataşehir, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • hardware, building materials, construction materials, dowel, dowels, plastic dowel, tile spacers, tile spacer, gypsum board dowel, siding dowel, steel dowels, clamps, natural gas installation clamps, pvc clamps, heavy duty clamps, expansion joint profiles, joint profiles
    Company was established under the name of Mavi Deniz Hirdavat by Mavi Deniz Arisoy in 2007. Company manufactures plastic dowels, tile spacers, assembly products, furniture
    Telephone: +90 212 486 00 71 Address: İkitelli Organize San. Böl. Çevre San. Sit. 8. Blok No:25-27-29 İstanbul, Turkey
  • building materials, fabrics, food, dishes, wafer, biscuit, plastic furniture
    Telephone: 5079359931 Address: İncilipınar Mah. 7 Nolu Sk. Kaplama İşm. Kat.2 No 8 , Turkey
  • food products, foodstuff, fruits, pulses, defense products, bullet proof vests, sheet, maracuja, mango, galvanized steel sheet, galvanized coil, construction materials, building materials, steel doors, doors, pineapple, banana, military clothing products, police clothing products, defensive textile products, home furniture, home furnishings, bases, bed bases boxspring, bed base headboards, beds, adjustable beds, plumbing supplies, plastic pipes, plastic plumbing supplies, waste water pipes
    Our company started to be active in abroad in 2010. During 2013 we transfered our working area to Turkey. We have successful career thankful of working in lots of different
    Telephone: +90 352 235 08 80-81 Address: Mimarsinan Mah. Köprülü Cad. Tarsus Sok. - Kayseri, Turkey
  • building material, chemical, plastic, building materials, chemicals, plastics
    we are working as an importer and have requirement of borax for our chinese buyer in china,pls. send us your product details indicating your best workable cnf shanghai prices with
  • plastic raw materials, plastic substances, plastic products, granur plastic raw materials, plastic materials, plastic material eps, plastic material ps polystyrene, plastic material ldpe, plastic material pp, plastic material pvc, plastic material hdpe, plastic material pe, plastic recycling, machine spare parts, machine equipments, construction materials, construction machine and equipments, logistic services, building materials and equipments, caterpillars and spare parts, caterpillars
    STE is not only an exemplary company in its sector but also in all the sectors in our country. Our powerful capital structure, our stable and effective management , our staff
    Telephone: +90 382 212 94 84 Address: Dere Mah. Belediye Cad. Burak Reis Apt. No: 31/A - Aksaray, Turkey
  • chemicals, paint industry chemicals, construction industry chemicals, rubber industry chemicals, plastic industry chemicals, polyester industry chemicals, plastic raw materials, rubber raw materials, paint raw materials, polyester raw materials, building chemicals, cosmetic raw materials, alkyds, anticorrosive pigments, fillings, carbon blacks, dryers, special additive agents, rheology agents, water and solvent-based silicone emulsions, thixotropic agents, silicone resins, curing agent
    Our company was established in August of 1997 by Can Safak UZSOY as a private company. Starting with the Aegean Region dealership of ERAL-PROTEK the company continued with KIMSEL
    Telephone: +90 232 375 92 22 Address: 129/26 Sok. No:8 4. Sanayi Bornova - İzmir, Turkey
  • construction materials, building materials, suspended roof, ceiling floor, suspended ceiling, aluminium suspended roof, rockwool suspended roof, plastic suspended ceiling, gypsum board profiles, plasterboard profiles
    Having been established in Mersin, Aren Yapi Sistemleri has operated in suspended roof industry for 10 years. Specialized in this industry, company adopts to offer high quality
    Telephone: +90 324 234 23 25 / +90 532 609 87 27 Address: Çilek Mahallesi 63118 Sokak No:33 Akdeniz / Mersin, Turkey
  • aluminium window handle, building materials, connectors of mullion, construction materials, door handle, door hinges, door parts, hardware, hinge, latches, plastic window handle, profile systems, pvc door components, pvc profiles, vertical locks, window handle, window hinges
    We are more than happy to introduce our site. We do hope your survey on our site will be useful and helpful for you. Our company is doing export products of companies as
    Telephone: +90 212 294 16 00 / +90 212 294 16 07 Address: Talatpasa Cad. No:460/1 - Gultepe Istanbul Turkey
  • construction materials, building materials, joinery profiles, facade systems, guardrail systems, glass balcony systems, shower enclosure systems, display case systems, composite panels, electroststic powder paint, plastic wainscot, hardware, sandwich panels
    BESDEGER ALUMINYUM was established for the purpose of meeting requirements in aluminium products industry. Having wide range of products, company gives services for lots of
    Telephone: +90 312 350 45 41 Address: Ali Ersoy Mah. Çamlıtepe Cad. No: 39-A Siteler - Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey
  • construction materials, building materials, building chemicals, plastic pipe, plastic tube, plastic building materials, sanitaryware, hand tools, hardware, painting materials, painting products, grinding wheels, welding machinery, welding equipments, workshop machinery, workshop equipments, power tools, facade cladding, roofing
    CAGPAS INS. LTD. STI. was established in Antalya in order to meet requirements mainly in construction industry. Having wide range of products, company aims to be one of the
    Telephone: +90 242 335 15 16-17 / +90 242 344 77 78 Address: Eski Sanayi Sitesi Cumhuriyet Mah. 693 Sok. No:6 Antalya, Turkey
  • Building Materials, Bath, Bathtub, Building, Bunker, Collector, Compact, Construction, Corundums, Door, Dumpster, Enclosure, Fitting, Glass, Handle, Hinge, Holder, Lock, Material, Plastic, Profile, Roadway, Rod, Sandpaper, Screw, Sealant, Shower, Showers, Silicone, Sliding, Stop, Tape, Toilet, Aircraft Apron, Antibacterial Silicone, Asphalt Roadway, Bath Accessories, Bath Accessory, Bathtub Accessories, Bathtub Accessory, Box Tape, Building Accessories, Building Chemical, Building Construction, Building Material, Building Product, Building Project, Concrete Roadway, Construction Accessories, Construction Accessory, Construction Chemical, Construction Material, Construction Product, Construction Project, Dining Facilities, Dining Facility, Door Handle, Door Lock, Door Stop, Emery Paper, Generator Pad, Glass Holder, Glass Paper, Heat Pump, Heating Pump, Infrastructure Construction, Insulating Material, Landing Pad, Masking Tape, Packaging Tape, Parcel Tape, Plastic Accessories, Plastic Accessory, Plastic Profile, Plastic Screw, Shower Enclosure, Shower Unit, Shower Units, Silicone Mastic, Spray Paint, T-Wall Barrier, Tension Rod, Toilet Accessories, Toilet Accessory, Towel Holder, Treatment Plant
    Telephone: 90 212 8863050 Address: Akçaburgaz Mahallesi 4. Cadde 155. Sokak no:23 Kıraç - Esenyurt/İstanbul/ turkey
  • Architecture Design, Architectural, Architectural Design, Building Architectural Model, Laminated Gypsum, Architectural Decorative, Architecture Model, Pvc Laminated, Wall Panels, Design Architectural, Real Estate, Metal Mesh, Membrane Structure, Design, Designs, Gypsum Ceiling, Miniature Architecture, Architecture Models, Design Model, Interior Design, Interior Wall, Plastic Mold, Exhibition Stands, Building Materials
    Telephone: 90 212 555 3 466 Address: Karabaş Mahallesi Hızır Çavuş Köprübaşı Sokak No: 36/2Balat – Fatih / İstanbul/ turkey
  • construction materials, construction products, building materials, building products, compact, bath accessories, toilet accessories, handles, hinges, tensions, bearings, door stops, towel holders, locks, plastic accessories, construction plastic accessories, building plastic accessories, plastic construction accessories, plastic building accessories, construction accessories, building accessories, bella accessories, bathrobes, glass tension rods, glass door locks, door locks, tension rods, Shower cabin, shower screen
    Hassan building domesticandinternational markets since 2003 thestructure of worldstandardsfor quality products. Has a coveredarea of 2000 m ^ 2 with rich productcontent
    Telephone: +90 216 304 22 14 Address: Erdem San. Sit. Orta Mah. Atayolu Cad. No: 15 D2/5 - İstanbul, Turkey
  • gas pipe, natural gas pipes, gas fittings, gas pipe fittings, gas line connectors, gas connectors, plastic pipes, plastic gas pipes, gas piping, gas piping and accessories, gas accessories, plastic fittings for gas installation, plastic couplings, couplings, valve, gas valve, gas valves, ball valve, ball valves, clamps, pipe clamps, plastic pipe clamps, construction materials, building materials
    Having been established in Trabzon, MER-YAPI operates in gas pipe, fittings and connectors industry. With its customer oriented business principle company has been a leading firm
    Telephone: +90 462 229 27 41 Address: Toklu Mahallesi Yavuz Selim Bulvarı Güven Sitesi No:232/B Merkez / Trabzon, Turkey
  • plastic products, plastic molds, plastic moulds, plastic injection molds, metal injection molds, metal molds, metal moulds, drip irrigation molds, building materials molds, casting moulds, casting molds, furniture molds, aluminium injection molds
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of plastic products, plastic molds, plastic moulds, plastic injection molds, metal injection molds, metal molds, metal moulds, drip
    Telephone: +90 332 249 85 38 Address: Horozluhan Mah. Anadolu Sanayi Sitesi Üçgazi Sk. No.14 Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • building materials, construction materials, door, plastic building materials, plastic construction materials, pvc door, pvc door profiles, pvc doors, pvc sliding door, pvc sliding door system, pvc sliding window systems, pvc sliding windows, pvc window, pvc window and door, pvc window profiles, pvc windows, window
    Having been established in Gaziantep, company manufactures pvc windows and doors for meeting requirements in plastic industry. Company's main target is to be one of the leading
    Telephone: +90 342 337 20 50 Address: 4.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83424 Nl Cd. No:3-5 Şehitkamil Gaziantep, Turkey
  • bathroom accessories, building materials, construction materials, floor tiles, flooring, pipe, pipes, plastic pipes, plumbing products, sanitaryware
    Operating for more than 25 years in building materials industry, company gives services with wide range of products such as gypsum, paints, etc. Sistem Yapi operates in 2500 m2
    Telephone: +90 212 360 35 40 Address: Cendere Yolu Uzeri, Burunsuz Mevkii, No: 38, Kemerburgaz, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey
  • chemicals, chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials, building chemicals, building chemical, plastic raw material
    Having been established in Kocaeli, SMB KIMYA operates in chemicals industry. Offering wide range of products for domestic and foreign markets, company aims to be a leading
    Telephone: +90 262 349 20 42 Address: 188-C, Karadenizliler Mahallesi, Basyigit Caddesi, Basiskele, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Systems, Road Marking Applications Highways, Corporate Park Design, Architectural Design Applications, Waterproofing, Wooden And Metal Structures, Engineering Services, Industrial Flooring, Architecture Design, Architectural, Architectural Design, Building Architectural Model, Laminated Gypsum, Architectural Decorative, Architecture Model, Pvc Laminated, Wall Panels, Design Architectural, Real Estate, Metal Mesh, Membrane Structure, Design, Designs, Gypsum Ceiling, Miniature Architecture, Architecture Models, Design Model, Interior Design, Interior Wall, Plastic Mold, Exhibition Stands, Metal Building, Building, Manufacturing Building, Engineered Steel, Prefabricated Buildings, Steel Garage, Metal Barn, Frame Buildings, Prefab Metal, Prefab Building, Steel Barn, Pre Engineered, Structural Steel, Metal Home, Engineered Metal, Cost Steel, Metal Garage, Steel Home, Building Structure, Steel Construction, Building Materials, Steel Contractors, Metallic Building Materials, Roof, Concrete, Contractors, Curtain Wall, Building Systems, Panel Building, Building Supplies, Industrial Building, Steel Church, Design Steel, Concrete Building, Construction Building Materials, Builders, Construction Materials
    Telephone: 90 532 490 50 89 Address: İSTASYON MAH.İSTASYON CAD.KOZA-1 SİTESİ G BLOK 105/9 | İSTANBUL/ turkey
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