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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • weapon industry, hunting sector, hunting guns, hunting technology, hunting facilities, shotgun, fowling pieces, hunting rifles, super poze hunting rifles, semiautomatic hunting rifles, hand safe hunting rifles, gas system hunting rifles, steel barret hunting rifles, mobile shock hunting rifles, plastic barret hunting rifles, double barrel hunting rifles, camouflage body hunting rifles, carbon fiber hunting rifles, pistol grip hunting rifles, manuel ejector hunting rifles, automatic ejector
    Ömer Akdaş, who is from Huglu and the founder of Akdaş Arms, started working in gun-making by some of the best gunsmiths of the time. He soon built his first single barrel and
    Telephone: +90 332 516 14 29 Address: Huğlu Mahallesi, Beyşehir Caddesi, No:41, Beyşehir, Konya, Türkiye
  • arms, rifles, guns, weapons, pistols, blank firing guns, blank cartridge pistols, lever actions, over and unders, side by side rifles, single barrels, barrels, hunting rifles, semu automatic rifles, air rifles, pomp actions, pomp action rifles, blank pistols, lever action rifles, pump rifles, pump action shotguns, shotguns, arm, rifle, gun, weapon, pistol, blank firing gun, blank cartridge pistol, lever action, over and under, side by side rifle, single barrel
    Telephone: +90 332 524 66 16 Address: Atatürk Cad., No: 87-1/B, Üzümlü Mah., Beyşehir, Konya, Turkey
  • guns, gun, rifle, shotgun, shotguns, hunting rifle, hunting rifles, shot guns, shot gun, hunting materials, guns for huntings, hunting products, pump rifle, pump-rifle, pump shotguns, blank cartridge pistol, blank firing gun
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of guns, gun, rifle, shotgun, shotguns, hunting rifle, hunting rifles, shot guns, shot gun, hunting materials, guns for huntings, hunting
    Telephone: +90 332 512 50 11 Address: Hamidiye Mh. 40879 Sk. 10/C, Beyşehir, Konya, Turkey
  • blank gun, shotgun, replica gun, baredda, lord, over&under, single barrel, pump action shotgun, blank pistol, traumatic pistol, pistola traumatica, replica pistol, starter pistol, 12 ga, 12 caliber shotgun, 20 caliber shotgun, single barrel shotgun, magazine shotgun, ar15 shotgun
    Established in 2004, Kervan Arms is one of the most well known firearms manufacturer in
    Telephone: +90 541 514 17 13 Address: Bayavşar Mahallesi Beyşehir Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Beyşehir/KONYA/TURKEY
  • springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire form springs, rifle springs, pistol springs, hose clamps, shaped springs, cylindrical springs, conical springs, biconical springs, cylindrical compression springs, conical compression springs, biconical compression springs, single torsion springs, double torsion springs, magazine tube springs, recoil spring guides, hammer springs, trigger springs, sling swivels, single pitch piston rings, double pitch piston rin
    MAKTEL / TURKEY is proud to have earned a reputation as one of the premier companies in the spring and wire form manufacturing industry since 1967. MAKTEL is located on Asian
    Telephone: +90 216 561 45 80 Address: Büyükbakkalköy Mh., Maltepe Cad., No: 7, Maltepe, İstanbul, Turkey
  • defence materials, land hunting materials, fishing materials, nature sports materials, defence equipments, defence tools, shotguns, hunting rifles, rifles, guns, pistols, ungrooved rifles, shells, handgun bullets, bullets, military guns, blank cartridge guns, blank firing guns, empty cases, drop shots, rifle scabbards, pistol cases, smokeless powders, blank fire powders, hunting materials, defence material, land hunting material, fishing material, nature sports material, defence equipment
    Telephone: +90 212 801 74 32 Address: Sultan Selim Mah., Hümeyra Sk. NEF 09 Plaza B Blok No: 7 D: 116, Kağıthane, İstanbul, Turkey
  • guns, pistols, side by side, over and under, semi auto, practical shooting, pump action, magazine fed, lever action, tactical, single barrel, barrel, rifle, gun, pistol, single barrels, barrels, rifles
    This year, Pardus Group is celebrating its 10th year. First of all we would like to express our great thanks to our employees, our clients and shareholders for their contributions
    Telephone: +90 216 642 23 53 Address: Dudullu OSB İMES San. Sit. B - Blok, 205 Sk. No: 22, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • promotional bag, promotion, shopping bag, tote bag, cooler bag, delivery bag, thermal bag, courier bag, laptop bag, pistol bag, sleeping bag, webbing belt, safety belt, sling, pvc ice bag, high tenacity webbing, collar, pet leash, grommet, washer, eyelet, hand press, handy press, pneumatic press
    Penta Company Group which is founded in 1964, consists of 3 manufacturing company. Penta Tekstil Ltd. is manufacturing textile accessories for bag, tent, safety products.
    Telephone: 00902164206674 Address: Esenkent Mh. Yücesoy Sk. No:5, İstanbul, Turkey
  • guns, pistols, handguns, weapons, blank firing guns, blank cartridge pistols, gun, pistol, handgun, weapon, blank firing gun, blank cartridge pistol
    Mission & Vision As CANIK, our goal is to design and manufacture high quality and innovative products that meet the needs and desires of our military and law enforcement
    Telephone: +90 312 223 20 34 Address: Şabanoğlu OSB Mahallesi, Ulubatlı Cad., No: 2B/B, Samsun, Turkey
  • firearms, firearm accessories, 9mm firearms, .45 cal firearms, .380 acp firearms, 7.65 firearms, guns, pistols, revolvers, pistol locks, magazine pouches, magazines, holsters, adjustable rear sights, rear sights, wooden grips, grips, laser wooden grips, rubber orthopedic grips, carrier bags, gun carrier bags, firearm carrier bags, firearm, firearm accessory, 9mm firearm, .45 cal firearm, .380 acp firearm, 7.65 firearm, gun, pistol, revolver, pistol lock, magazine pouch, magazine, holster, adjust
    TİSAŞ – Trabzon Gun Industry Corp,Firearm manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. TİSAŞ – Trabzon Gun Industry Corp. was established in 1993 head quartered at Eastern Black Sea
    Telephone: +90 462 711 10 80 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Arşin, Trabzon, Turkey
  • shot shells, ammunitions, arm ammunitions, small arm ammunitions, rottweil shot shells, sterling shot shells, kaiser shot shells, victory sport shot shells, victory sport traumatic cartridges, traumatic cartridges, pistol cartridges, shot gun shells, shotgun shells, shells, sound shot shells, shot shell, ammunition, arm ammunition, small arm ammunition, rottweil shot shell, sterling shot shell, kaiser shot shell, victory sport shot shell, victory sport traumatic cartridge, traumatic cartridge, pistol cartridge, shot gun shell, shotgun shell, shell, sound shot shell, ammos, munitions, ammo, munition, rifle cartridges, rifle cartridge, rubber bullet, rubber bullets, bullet, bullets, rifle bullet, rifle bullets, subsonic pistol cartridge, subsonic pistol cartridges, hunting kit, hunting kits, hunting accessory, hunting accessories, blank cartridge, blank cartridges
    Dear Friends, The business adventure which was begun 30 years ago is going on without slowing down. We have not given up our customer focused business understanding. We have
    Telephone: +90 312 215 19 87 Address: Tandogan Meydanı, Anıt Cad., No: 8/15, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
  • shotguns, guns, shotgun, gun, pistols, pistol, air rifles, air rifle, gun case, gun cases, semi automatic shotgun, blank pistol, hunting rifles, ammunition, enforcement equipments
    We are a foreign trading company mainly dealing with Turkish shotguns, airgun,blank pistols and ammunition's with customers around the world When establishing "Dostarms" as our
    Telephone: +90 216 312 62 16  Address: Güngören Mah. Uzay Sok. 3/A 34788 Çekmeköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • guns, arms, weapons, hunting rifles, rifles, pistols, blank cartridge guns, blank cartridge pistols, blank firing guns, air rifles, airguns, automatic rifles, semi automatic rifles, pump rifles, pump-rifles, pump action shotguns, shotguns, shot guns, gun, arm, weapon, hunting rifle, rifle, pistol, blank cartridge gun, blank cartridge pistol, blank firing gun, air rifle, airgun, automatic rifle, semi automatic rifle, pump rifle, pump-rifle, pump action shotgun, shotgun, shot gun
    Telephone: +90 532 234 37 31 Address: Mehmetakif Mahallesi, Dilek Sokak, No:20, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Hunting, Firearm, Gun, Guns, Rifle, Firearm, Shotgun, Airgun, Hunting Equipment, Hunting Airgun, Flashlight Hunting, Airgun Hunting, Equipment Hunting, Infrared Hunting, Sight Laser, Bore Laser, Hunting, Pistol, Scopes, Scope, Gun, Guns, Rifle, Firearm, Shotgun, Infrared, Sight, Laser, Bore
    Shotgun, Hunting Equipment, Hunting Airgun, Flashlight Hunting, Airgun Hunting, Equipment Hunting, Infrared Hunting Sight Laser Bore
    Telephone: +902126595902 Address: ISTOC 4.ada No:73 Mahmutbey Bagcilar Istanbul
  • slaughterhouses, slaughterhouse equipments, slaughterhouse machines, turnkey slaughterhouse facilities, meat processing equipments, meat processing machines, fatting houses, cold air depots, sharpening machines, static machines, high capacity machines, leg cutter scissors, suction pistol, triturator, sterilizator, refrigeration, freezing equipment, lairage, by-products, machinery for lamb cutting, tray transport, belt transport, palletizing, single tray, bulk packing, film wrapping
    Asmert desire to be the global market leader in meat processing systems and also in advanced red meat slaughtering systems, logistic systems for the meat and food processing
    Telephone: +90 232 369 20 94 Address: 1732 Sk. No: 13 Daire: 11 Karşıyaka - İzmir, Turkey
  • gun, guns, hunting gun, hunting guns, blank firing gun, blank firing guns, pistol, pistols
    we are manufacturing over and under shotguns since 1998 particularly smaller gauges.our manufacturing is located at the main city of gun manufactuting center of Turkey in BEYSEHIR
    Telephone: 05449031003 Address: Turkey
  • gun, guns, pistol, pistols, air pistol, air pistols, blank firing gun, blank firing guns
    Air Pistol, Sound of Guns, Blank Firing
    Telephone: +90 216 527 6710-11 (Ext : 133) Address: Bostanci Cad.Yol Sk. No:14/A Y.Dudullu,Umraniye, Turkey
  • shotgun, shotguns, semi automatic shotgun, semi automatic shotguns, pump action shotgun, pump action shotguns, single barrel shotgun, single barrel shotguns, traumatic pistol, traumatic pistols
    Gun Industry Nevzat Bora in 2004, Demirel and Huseyin Mehmet tarip Yürük was established in partnership. Our company is now starting to import and export in 2007 as America,
    Telephone: +90 543 554 10 53 Address: Uzumlu / Beysehir / KONYA
  • irrigation products, spinning sprinklers, trigger sprayers, hose sprinklers, irrigation hoses, opaque spiral hoses, spiral hoses, circular fountain, adjustable springs, hose extensions, reductions, tap connection adapters, sink pumps, sink pump, hose hanger, drainer pistol, gasket, hand filter
    As a company we are honored that we can supply to main customer portfolio in irrigation sector, with our 22 years experience and long established brand “ MEDALYAN “ we can support
  • shotguns, blank pistol, air guns
    Telephone: +905076082585 Address: Tuzla İstanbul
  • blank firing pistol, air rifles, air pistol, shotguns, blank firing guns
    RETAY GUN CO. LTD is a blank firing guns manufacturer/exporter in Turkey.It produce Blank firing guns,air rifles,air pistols under the DESSERT brand name in his company and today
    Telephone: +90 332 342 6513 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah..No:16 Karatay / Konya / Turkey
  • hunting rifles, rifles, piston grips, guns, gun barrels, gunstocks, shotguns, shot guns, pistols, hunting rifles super poze, double collapsible rifles, gas system automatic hunting rifles, kinetics system hunting rifles, airguns, blank firing guns, hunting rifle accessories, silencers, rifle silencers, gun silencers, telescopic stocks, barrel extensions, blank firing gun, blank cartridge pistol, pcp air rifle, replica guns, replica pistols, magazine fed, ar15, saiga, kral arms, air rifle, pump action, semi automatic shotgun, over under, air pistol, pneumatic rifles
    KRAL ARMS is Turkey’s one of the leading companies in hunting, shooting and sporting products. KRAL ARMS produces shotguns, air rifles and blank pistols in 18.000 square
    Telephone: +90 5415245242 Address: Hamidiye Mah., Şehit Bilal İpek Cad. 3. Sk. 5/E, Beyşehir, Konya, Turkey
  • duct cleaning titles, fire, fire hoses, fire nozzles, fire pistol, hydrants, record, record covers, return fire valves, vacuum pumps
    Telephone: 02324790324 Address: 419 Sok.No:43 5.San.Sit. Bornova, Turkey
  • duct cleaning titles, fire, fire hoses, fire nozzles, fire pistol, fire valves, hydrants, record, record covers, records, reducers, vacuum pumps
    Telephone: 02324790324 Address: 419 Sok.No:43 5.San.Sit. Bornova, Turkey
  • agricultural machinery, auto spare parts, automotive parts, automotive spare parts, fertilizer, food products, foodstuff, hunting rifle, natural food, off grid systems, on grid systems, organic fertilizer, organic food, pistol, renewable energy systems, shot gun, shotgun, solar electric power systems, solar electric systems, solar energy system, sporting rifle
    UZKON COMPANY has announced its name via the success of ''production and marketing high-quality weapons'' ; from now on UZKON is ambitious about farming materials, car parts and
    Telephone: +90 850 560 00 70 Address: Musalla Bağları Mah., Kule Cad., Kule Plaza, Kat: 18, No: 28, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • air target rifles, blan pistols, shotguns, pistol, pistols, shotgun, over under shotgun, pump action shotgun, semi automatic shotgun, side by side shotgun, single barrel shotgun
    We are exporting all kind of shotguns, air rifles and blank pistols since 15 years. We have 4 type of semi auto, pump action, 2 type of overunder, 2 type of single barrel, 15 type
    Telephone: +905339624547 Address: Caglayan Mh 2038 Sk Yeni Kervansaray Sit C Blok D:3 Muratpasa, Turkey
  • 4140 steel, bora arms, br36, br99, bullpup, magazine fed shotgun, over under, pump action, pump-action, semi auto, semi-auto, traumatic pistol, traumatic pump action
    BORA ARMS is one of the leading "Shotguns" manufacturer under the registered brand names ; " BARAK, ESCOBAR, T-BORAWING, CEONIC, GÖZDE, BR 99, BORARMS “ in TURKEY established
    Telephone: +905355541026 Address: Uzumlu Mah. Halil Tanyalçın Caddesi No: 30 Beysehir 42720 Konya – TURKEY
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