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  • furniture, furnitures, cabinet, cabinets, file cabinets, cartex cabinets, staff lockers, site equipment, hospital equipment, school furniture, office chairs, shoe cabinets, pharmacy cabinets, medicine material cupboards, bunk beds, bunk bed, mobile phone cabinets, cnc machine tool carts, cnc morse holder team stands, office metal furniture, glazed file cabinet, covered file cabinet, site beds, linen sets, school desks, chairs, metal shoe cupboard, office chairs, tool cabinets, lockers, steel cab
    AHMET GÜZEL ÇELİK EŞYA HASTANE DONATIM SAN. TİC. Co. Ltd.. started operating in its field in 1994 and has always been one of the distinguished firms in the steel products sector
    Telephone: +90 332 544 73 64 Address: Horozluhan Mh., Güney Kışla Sk., No:19, Selçuklu, KONYA, TURKEY
  • cables, electric cables, power cables, power cords, installation cables, fiber optic connectivity, data communication cables, communication cables, fiber adapters, fiber optic cables, enstrümantasyon kabloları, coaxial cables, rf mobile wireless antenna cables, special cables for oil, bare optical fibers, phone cables, data cable, fire alarm cable, voltage cable, operating cable, xlpe cables, coaxial cable, halogen free cables, network cabinets, fiber optical joint enclosure, copper patch cables
    Founded in 2005, located in Istanbul/ Turkey, by well educated engineers having long years of deep international experience and excellent background in telecommunication market
    Telephone: +90 216 456 91 38 Address: Ata 3/3 Plaza, 38. Ada, K:6, D:60, Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • personal computer, computer, notebooks, desktop computer, software, security systems, peripherals, networking, data collection system, printing, printing solutions, imaging systems, accessory, computer accessories, imaging system, consumables, consumable material, tablet, tablets and phones, telephone, mobile phones, mobile phone, printing products, personal computer, personal computers, software service, software services, phones, keyboard, mouse, dvd player, ram, display card, processor, hardd
    Participating in the information sector in 2001, Planet Bilgisayar has come up with the slogan of "Quality Service" with a professional working team with a focus on customer
    Telephone: +90 212 216 18 46  Address: Otello Kamil Sok. Yasar Apt. No:3/9 Mecidiyeköy, ISTANBUL, TURKEY
  • iphones, smartphones, samsung galaxy, Laptops, Camcorders
    We are wholesaler of all kinds of smartphones and other telecommunication items. We sell brand new items, and also Grade A, Grade B items. we accept purchase from any part of
    Telephone: 00447448559443 Address: Elmcroft Gardens, 1
  • mobile phone accessories, computer, hardware, computer systems, data processing, informatics, it
  • smart phone, cell phone, mobile phones, consumer electronics
    Telephone: 90(212)652 50 83 Address: SANAYİ CD.AYDOĞAN İŞ MERK.NO:118 K:1
  • television, home cinema, white goods, mobile phone, tablet, television accessories, television stands, wall bracket attachments
  • bracelet, phone, mobile phone, smartphone, smart phone, earring, ring, necklace
    Telephone: 0 (344) 225 35 80 Address: ŞAZİBEY MAH. PİAZZA AVM KAT 1 NO: 124 ONİKİŞUBAT/KAHRAMANMARAŞ
  • technical service, electronic materials, mobile phone, cellphone, telecommunications service, technology product
    Telephone: 4834040 Address: MİMAR KEMALETTİN CD.1315 SK. NO:3/2 UMUR BEY İŞ MERK. KAT:1 DAİRE:101 ÇANKAYA / İZMİR
  • laser printer, photocopier, xerox machine, personal computer, mobile phone, software, program
    Telephone: 489 7780 Address: BOZKURT CADDESİ NO:34 KAHRAMANLAR / İZMİR
  • bag, mobile phone case, gash suitcase wholesale, congress bags, promotional bag, promotion leather products, weapon cases, luggage
    Telephone: 90(312)310 56 76 Address: HİSARPARK CD.ÇANTACILAR SK.NO:4/A
  • mobile phone, iPhone, ipad, laptop, tablet pc, tablet computer, technical service
    Telephone: 4460063 Address: 1385 SK. NO:3 Z.02 YENİASIR İŞMERKEZİ ALSANCAK / İZMİR
  • solar energy system, power meter, fiber power meter, testing devices, mobile phone, communication technology
    Telephone: (90)(312) 468 71 71 Address: BARBAROS MH.BÜKLÜM SK.NO:68/1 GAZİOSMANPAŞA(GOP) ÇANKAYA
  • mobile phone, phone accessories, tablet computer, computer
    Telephone: 4464070 Address: GAZİ OSMAN PAŞA BULVARI NO:47/A ÇANKAYA / İZMİR
  • aspirator, dish washer, mobile phone, washing machine, range hood
    Telephone: 2280313 Address: 490/1 SOKAK NO:1/1/A BAHÇELİEVLER KARABAĞLAR / İZMİR
  • mobile phone, satellite, communication, communication services
    Telephone: 90 212 8671800 Address: YAKUPLU MAH. ŞEHİTLER CAD. NO.6/1, BEYLİKDÜZÜ, İSTANBUL
  • small house appliances, furniture acccessories, carpets, rugs, home textile, computer, mobile phone
    Telephone: 2124225999 Address: MEŞRUTİYET CD.NO:13/2, İSTANBUL
  • phone, mobile phone, tv products, home equipments, vacuum cleaner, small house appliances
    Telephone: (342) 339-37-03 Address: ALLEBEN MAH. ATATÜRK BLV. KAZAZ APARTMANI NO:78 / 5 ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
  • mobile phone, mobile phone accessories
    Telephone: 0332 353 53 74  Address: ŞEMS-İ TEBRİZİ MAH.AKİFPAŞA SOK.NO:6/D
  • phone, mobile phone, communication, communication service, personal communications service
    Telephone: 3684762 Address: 1717 SK. NO:128 MERTOĞLU İŞ MERKEZİ N:601 KAT:6 KARŞIYAKA / İZMİR
  • audio systems, display systems, car, motorcycle, computer, tablet, outdoor products, white goods, cosmetic, personal care products, mobile phone, music, record, instrument
    Telephone: 4454590-4454530 Address: İSMET KAPTAN MAHALLESİ 1362 SOKAK NO:2 (BİNA KODU 18628285 ADRES KODU 27190077763) KONAK / İZMİR
  • consumer electronics, mobile phone subscriptions, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone peripherals
    Telephone: 4337626 Address: 401/1 SOK. NO:8 PINARBAŞI / İZMİR
  • computer, informatics, data processing, laptop, laptop computer, data card, flash memory card, flash disk, mobile, mobile phone, information service
    Telephone: 4465080 Address: 1362 SOKAK NO:55 KAT:5 DAİRE:21 ÇANKAYA / İZMİR
  • mobile phone, computer, personal computer, mic headphone, tape recorder, loudspeaker
    Telephone: 4835749 Address: ŞAİR EŞREF BULVARI NO:2 ÇANKAYA / İZMİR
  • substructure, mobile phone systems, computer systems, environmental luminance
    Telephone: 90 212 8580770 Address: AKÇABURGAZ MAH 3.SOK NO:1 ONUR İŞ HANI, ESENYURT, İSTANBUL
  • adapter, batteries, antenna types, computer materials, electronic materials, plug cable, translators, image systems, sound systems, cables, battery charger, battery chargers, switchboard, central system, tv suspension apparatus, satellite equipment, satellite side products, remote control, mobile phone apparatus
    Telephone: 4891192 Address: 1203 SOK. NO:9/A GIDA ÇARŞISI YENİŞEHİR KONAK / İZMİR
  • office communication server, enterprise communication server, mobile phones, structured cabling, wireless, sound recording systems
    Telephone: 4834523-4822580 Address: 1259 SOKAK NO:17 DEREN İŞ MERKEZİ DAİRE:501 KAHRAMANLAR / İZMİR
  • billboard, mail box, flowmeter, mobile phone wardrobe, wish and complaint box, poll box, work safety cabinets, id bookcase, ballot box, voting booths, weapon safe box, safe box, combi boiler, bathroom closet, water clock cabinet, tip box, donation boxes, mosque hardware
  • information system, mobile application, smart phone application, augmented reality applications, corporate mobile application, special training mobile application, preschool education mobile application
    Telephone: 4311488 Address: 5747/10 SK. NO:27 ÇAMDİBİ / İZMİR
  • mobile phones, telephony, communication, communication services, advertising communication services
    Telephone: (212) 4484311 Address: VODAFONE PLAZA BÜYÜKDERE CAD NO 251 MASLAK34398, ŞİŞLİ, İSTANBUL
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