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  • medical, medical stuff, medical products, medical product, medical equipment, medical equipments, medical instrumentation, medical instrumentations, health products, health product, health instrumentation, health instrumentations, dentistry products, dentistry product, dentistry instrumentation, dentistry instrumentations, health equipment, health equipments, dentistry equipment, dentistry equipments, pesticides, glasses, eyewear, eyewears, medical consumable, medical consumables
    We are manufacturer and supplier of construction and textile
    Telephone: +90 542 560 61 52 Address: Güzelyalı Mah. 3014. Sokak, Hekimoğlu Apt. No:3, Atakum, Samsun, Turkey
  • disposable, disposables, veterinary products, veterinary supplies, veterinary products, veterinary consumables, glove, animal examination gloves, animal examination gloves, artificial insemination gloves, gloves, plastic glove, plastic gloves, plastik eldivenler, medical supplies, medical products, gauze bandage, medical dressing, cotton wool, absorbent gauze, medical consumables, medical disposables, veterinary gloves, disposable veterinary gloves, rectal examination gloves, artificial insemina
    Our company Ulu İlaç Kimya produces artificial insemination gloves for veterinarians. It is founded in 2001, located in Istanbul. Throughout the years we have improved our
    Telephone: +90 216 307 40 91 Address: Çınardere Mahallesi, Olimpiyat Caddesi, No:6/A, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • laboratory chemicals, technical chemicals, water analysis kits, chemical materials, automatic pipettes, dispensers, digital burettes, ph meter, conductivity meter, ph conductivity meter, orp meter, digital thermometer, termohigrometer, milk analysis devices, laboratory balances, moisture meter, laboratory gffurnaces, hot plate, magnetic stirrer, oven, rapid incinerator, pure water devices, stomacher devices, glass devices, plastic devices, platinium crucible, medical gloves, sterile gloves, chemicals, cleanroom materials, laboratory consumables, lab consumables, filters, syringe filters, excipients, allantoin, almond, aluminium stearate, beeswax, borage, butyl oleate, calcium stearate, camphor, capric acid, castor oil, caprylic acid, cocoa butter, cetyl palmitate, lab containers, laboratory containers, spare lens, steel castors, castors, lab trolleys, laboratory trolleys, chemical, cleanroom material, laboratory consumable, lab consumable, filter, syringe filter, lab container, laboratory container, spare len, steel castor, castor, lab trolley, laboratory trolley
    Analitik Kimya was established in 2008 and located in Istanbul, Turkey. Analitik Kimya serves many industrial establishments from different industries, including Pharmaceutical,
    Telephone: +90 212 659 98 70  Address: İSTOÇ 21. Ada No:39-41-43-45, Mahmutbey, Bağcılar İstanbul, Turkey
  • syringe, syringes, disposable, disposables, medical products, medical items, medical equipments, medical materials, balloons, stents, diagnostic catheters, catheter sheath introducers, guidewires, high speed drills, neuro modulation, vagus nerve stimulation, cranial closure products, neuro endoscopy, microscopes for neurosurgery, needles, disposable wear, gloves, infusion, transfusion consumables, ecg consumables, prosthesis, implants, insoles, braces, splints, syringes, disinfectants, surgical
    Cardimed Asia Medikal based with its head office in Istanbul, Turkey, is considered as an international player in the medical trading world – focussing on the domestic market. Our
    Telephone: +90 216 576 30 85 Address: Tatlısu Mh. Şenol Güneş Bulvarı, Nara Tower, No:2A, D:63, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cleaning product, cleaning products, cosmetic, cosmetics, detergent, detergents, diabetic meter, diabetic meters, diabetic test strip, diabetic test strips, drink, drinks, FMCG product, FMCG products, food product, food products, foodstuff, foodstuffs, medical consumable, medical consumables, medical device, medical devices, medical equipment, medical equipments, medical item, medical items, medical material, medical materials, medicine, medicines, otc product, otc products, over the counter pro
    Ekinoks Medikal Foreign Co. Ltd. is an exporter and trader company which is focused to trade of branded pharmaceutical ,medical and FMCG products .Our aim is quality service ,good
    Telephone: +90 212 522 93 87 Address: Hobyar Mahallesi Aşirefendi Cad. Emir Han. No:14, K:2,Eminonu Fatih, ISTANBUL, TURKEY
  • medicines, pharmaceutics, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, pharmaceutic products, medical, cleaning product, cleaning products, cosmetic, cosmetics, detergent, detergents, diabetic meter, diabetic meters, diabetic test strip, diabetic test strips, medical consumable, medical consumables, medical device, medical devices, medical equipment, medical equipments, medical item, medical items, medical material, medical materials, medicine, medicines, otc product, otc, import, export, worldwide
    Dear, Thank you for your valuable interest in KROM Ecza Deposu, With over 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, the KROM Team is specialized in wholesale,
    Telephone: +90 232 347 25 55 Address: Mansuroğlu Mh. 225. Sk. No:7/C, Bayraklı, İzmir, Türkiye
  • medical materials, medical products, medical consumables, medical devices, medical equipments, pressure monitoring system, pressure line, extension line, vessel cannula, flow regulator set, tourniquet kit, needle-free injection port, introducer catheter set, cvp, blood test devices, blood gas test devices, transpak, transducer, mindray ibp, central venous catheter, vaskuler tape, return turnique, snare set, hemo clips, small  clips, medium clips, large clips, injection site, infision set
    Neria Medikal has been established in December 2012 and has had a good innings since then. The company got famous with the projects, customer orientation and quality service.
    Telephone: +90 212 873 08 77 Address: Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Mah., 1993 Sk. No: 35, Papatya 2 Residence B Blok Daire 290, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • medical drugs, pills, drugs, medicines, medical materials, medical equipments, otc products, medical products, diagnostic products, diet products, cosmetics, cosmetic products, cosmetic materials, cosmetic medicines, vitamins, minerals, mineral mixtures, vitamin mixtures, herbal supplements, herbal products, supplements, food supplements, dermo cosmetics, medical devices, dietary products, dietary supplements, medical consumables, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy products, pharmacy items, over the counter products, medical
    Thanks to its specialized supply unit, PHARMABIZZ meets the needs of its customers quickly with the most competitive prices. PHARMABIZZ provides the service of high customer
    Telephone: +90 212 438 49 28 Address: Giyimkent 15. Sk. 53/A, A. Oruçreis, Esenler, İstanbul, Turkey
  • disposable, disposables, medical, medical product, medical products, medical disposable, medical disposables, medical consumable, medical consumables, ostomy product, ostomy products, anesthesia product, medical products, orthosis products, medical consumables, ostomy products, oxygen production, anesthesia products, infusion products, catheters, colostomy products, ileostomy products, urostomy products, compressed air conditioning, compressed gas conditioning, stoma caps, sealed bags, flange ad
    Uydu Medical Intensive theoretical / practical know-how, experience in national and international exhibition, a unique product selection method, selected in accordance with
    Telephone: +90 322 226 97 98 Address: SÜMER MAH. 69124 SK.NO:49 KARAASLAN APT. K.1 D. 1 SEYHAN, ADANA, TURKEY
  • drugs, medicines, pills, pharmaceuticals, dermal fillers, fillers, test strips, medical devices, medical equipments, medical materials, medical products, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, orphan drugs, medical consumables, otcs, generic pharmaceuticals, oncology medications, aesthetic injectables, osteoarthritis injectables, chronical disease medications, hard to find medications, diagnostics, otc drugs, otc medicines, anti-cancer, aesthetic, aesthetic treatment, orphan medicine, orphan drug, anticancer, oncology, diabetics, anti-agin
    SANERA Pharmaceuticals & Research is an independent pharmaceutical wholesaler located at Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. We both deal with import & export of pharmaceuticals
    Telephone: +90 216 527 66 16 Address: Şerifali Mah., Yunus Sk. No: 38/A, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • pharmaceutical, medical consumables, laboratory material equipment
    Elma Ecza Deposu is a well established company since 2014 in the field of pharmaceutical supplies and medical consumables based in Kayseri/Turkey, Elma Ecza Deposu is a reputable
    Telephone: 00905356652564 Address: Osman Kavuncu Mah. Kevser Cad. NO:95/B Melikgazi/Kayseri
  • seat squab, armrest, finger splint, biocidal consumables, body corset, compression socks, epaulet, knee brace, medical devices, neck protector, orthopedics, silicone insole, underbust
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3258889 Address: İNCİLİPINAR MH. KIBRIS CAD. NO:7/B, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • medical consumables, medical disposable, laboratory material, laboratory equipments, urine container, gaita, polypropylene, test tubes, surgical, surgical material, textiles, hotel textiles, restaurant textiles, towels, table clothes, pique, bed sheets, pillow cases, textile products
    **strong text**Kudret Kimya was established 1989 in İstanbul. We are active in Health Industry Sector with ours distributor companies. Our company has adopted the principle
    Telephone: +90 539 694 54 64 Address: FIKIRTEPE-KADIKOY ISTANBUL
  • Medical consumables, Medical Laryngeal Mask Airway, Endotracheal Tube, Endotracheal Tube Kit, Oxygen Mask, Reinforced Endotracheal Tube, Disposable Breathing Circuit, Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube
    Xiamen Rrenmed Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and leading exporter in medical consumables , established in 2014. We are located in Xiamen City, Fujian
    Telephone: (86)5927687118 Address: Unit 302, No.6, Xianghong Road,
  • medical consumables, gauze roll, medical disposables, latex gloves, disposable gloves
    Telephone: (0342)337 31 31 Address: 1. OSB 83105 NOLU CADDE NO:23, Gaziantep
  • pharmaceuticals, medicinal products, medical products, medical consumables
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3378888 Address: DEĞİRMİÇEM MAH. 16004 NOLU SK. NO:2 BERRAK APT.D:1, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • medical equipments, medical consumables, medical disposables, medical products, medical materials
    Telephone: 3231111 Address: 1671 SK. NO:175/5 BOSTANLI KARŞIYAKA / İZMİR
  • medical consumables, food trade, steel products, construction materials, mould, steel construction, urban transformation
    Telephone: 90 (422) 2383911 Address: ÖZSAN SAN.SİT.26.BLOK NO:32, MALATYA, TURKEY
  • medical products, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, pill, syrup, needle, band-aid, specific drugs, painkiller, antibiotic, medical consumables, personal care products, cosmetic, medicines
    Telephone: (342) 231-00-82 Address: GÜ VENEVLER MAH. 29093 NOLU SK. KAVCI APT Apt. NO: 4 A/0 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • brain surgical materials, radiological materials, physical treatment materials, orthopedic materials, plastic surgical materials, lab materials, urology materials, medical consumables
  • medical consumables, medical ozone generator, ozone sensor, olive oil ozone generator, ozone sauna, medkits, medical stuff, medical service
    Telephone: 4333833 Address: YENİŞEHİR MAHALLESİ 1145/1 SOKAK NO:74 KONAK/İZMİR
  • medical, medical device, medical stuff, medical equipment, medical supplies, medical consumables, medical and surgical materials
  • medical products, medical consumables, medical equipments, medical devices, medical disposables
    Telephone: 90(462)334 09 39 Address: 2 NOLU ERDOĞDU MAH. İFADE SOK. NO:6/11 MERKEZ, TRABZON
  • medical supplies, medical products, medical materials, medical consumables, medical disposables
    Telephone: (242) 2594021 Address: GÜRSU MAHALLESI AKDENIZ BUL.318.SOKAK LAL SIT.FBLOK NO:5
  • medical equipments, medical devices, medical materials, medical products, medical systems, medical consumables
    Telephone: 4454196 Address: 846 SOKAK NO:51/210 KATİPZADE İŞ HANI 1. BEYLER KONAK / İZMİR
  • medical equipments, medical consumables, medical supplies, medical materials, medical disposables
    Telephone: (0342)337 85 75 Address: 3. OSB 83326 NOLU CADDE NO:16, Gaziantep
  • medical equipments, medical products, medical supplies, medical consumables, medical disposables
    Telephone: (0342)337 45 50 Address: 2. OSB 83229 NOLU CADDE NO:2, Gaziantep
  • textile products, cosmetics, cosmetic products, medical equipments, medical supplies, medical consumables
    Telephone: (212) 5434308 Address: KARTALTEPE MAH. PEMBE AY SOK NO:25/5
  • medical products, medical equipments, medical systems, medical devices, medical consumables, laboratrory supplies, laboratory materials
    Telephone: (216) 6711880 Address: KASTELLİ SAN.SİT.C.BLOK NO:45, KARTAL, İSTANBUL
  • biomedical, biomedical consumables, medical instrument, medical consumables
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