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  • breakfast foods, foodstuff, jams, halva, turkish delight, cocoa hazelnut cream, sesame seed paste, sour cherry jam, strawberry jam, apricot jam, rose jam, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, fig jam, quince jam, rosehip marmalade, marmalade, plain halva, cocoa halva, peanut halva, walnut halva, walnut season halva, molasses, grape molasses, mulberry molasses, locust molasses, carob molasses, date palm, breakfast food, foodstuffs
    Our production process started for the first time in 1993, was continuously developed until nowadays. Our activity, during the first years was based on only molasses
    Telephone: +90 224 372 04 71 Address: Kestel Organize San. Böl., Bursa Cd., Acar Sok. No: 3, Kestel, Bursa, Turkey
  • stainless steel, washing machine, fruit preparation system, fruit cooking systems, fruit processing system, vegetable ptrocessing system, processing machine, evaporation, fruit jam preparation machine, marmalade preparation machine, sterilization machine, pasteurization autoclaves, shell burning machines, transport tank, storage tanks, thermal drying systems, milk processing machine, screening machine, sea food processing systems, universal washing machine, sea food processing machines
    KURTSAN is the leader company in own area of Turkey.The company has great experience, infrastructure and designing to be produced food processing lines and special machines as a
    Telephone: +90 224 261 06 30  Address: Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Mustafa Karaer Cad. No:31, Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  • marmalade, jam, honey, fig, walnut, dried nuts, dried apricots, pistachio
    Akka Global is your solution partner in TURKEY with the best price offers in food products. Apricots; figs; marmalades, jams, pistachios, nuts,
    Telephone: 00905348632506 Address: İskenderun / Hatay, Turkey
  • bottles, bottle, jar, thermos, caps, bottle caps, jar lids, pet bottles, plastic jars, pet jar, ribbed jar, jar with holder, preform, preforms, pet preform, pet preforms, bottle preform, bottle preforms, food containers, food jars, food grade preforms, liquid jars, pickle jars, jam jars, honey jars, tahini jars, marmalade jars, chemical jars, oil jars, vinegar jars, juice bottles, cosmetics jars
    Aspet has been placed among the leading pet jar manufacturing factories in Turkey although it was established in 2005. Over 1000 plasticware companies including edible oil
    Telephone: +90 322 445 28 28 Address: Mersin Yolu Üzeri Sarıhamzalı Mh. 47007 Sk. No:48/A Seyhan - Adana, Turkey
  • jam, jams, fruit jam, halawa, tahini, hazelnut cream, Turkish delights, marmalade
    As being the leader brand in the sector in terms of taste and quality and being preferred by consumer, AZIM CONFECTIONERY broke ground in Turkey in Halva, Jam, Tahini, Grape
    Telephone: 00905392027244 Address: Erzincan Karayolu 7.Km , Turkey
  • jam, apricot jam, cherry jam, strawberry jam, quince jam, rose jam, blackberry jam, marmalade, fig jam, raspberry jam, hazelnut cream, pomegranate, honey -flavored syrup, grape syrup, halva, tahini halva, peanut sesame halva, chocolate halvah, simple halvah
  • apricot, blackberry, cheery, cherry, fig, food, jam, marmalade, orange, strawberry
    Jam, Marmalade, Cheery, Orange, Apricot, Fig, Blackberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Food, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey,
    Telephone: 00905512173560 Address: Umraniye,İstanbul, Turkey
  • agricultural, apricot, apricot delight, apricot fruit pulp, apricot kernel oil, apricot oil, apricot products, apricot rotary, apricots, apricots marmalade, dried apricots, food, fruit, marketing, pouring apricot, sun dried apricots, textile, trim, vegetable
    Telephone: 00905442243344 Address: Pirincli Mahalesi Cumhuriyet Cadesi No: 3 Durucasu, Turkey
  • apricot, apricot suppliers, food, agriculture, agriculture suppliers, kernel, garden, field, tree, marketing, apricot marketing, grow, growing, jam, marmalade, juice, apricot juice, fruit, apricot fruit, apricot trees, apricots potassium, dehydrated food, dehydrated fruits, dehydration, dried apricots, dried food, dried fruit, dried peaches, dried vegetables, fruit and nut, fruit dryer, healthy dry, natural dry, nuts dried, organic apricot, organic dried, sun dried, dry apricot, apricot dried, drying apricots, unsulfured dried apricots, apricot dry, dried apricot pie, dried apricot kernels, dried apricots health, sun dried fruits, sun drying fruit, apricot dry fruit, dry fruit apricot, apricots fruit, fruit apricot, dried apricot fruit, pulse, animals, building, nuts, vegetables, nuts suppliers, pulse suppliers
    Our company is supplier and exporter of apricot, apricot suppliers, food, agriculture, agriculture suppliers, kernel, garden, field, tree, marketing, apricot marketing, grow,
    Telephone: +905442243344 Address: Pirincli mahalesi cumhuriyet caddesi No: 3 Durucasu Malatya TURKEY
  • cosmetic products, cosmetics, rose oil, rose water, rose cream, rose hand lotion, rose shampoo, rose yeast, natural rose water, isparta rose water, turkish rose water, organic rose water, organic rose oil, rose jam, rose tea, rose turkish delight, fragrant prayer rug, rose fragrant prayer rug, scented prayer beads, prayer beads, rose scented prayer beads, rose prayer beads, rose ice cream, drinkable rose water, budding rose, rose liqueur, rose marmalade, rose syrup, rose sherbet, rose cosmetic
    Established by Ekrem Pakcan in 1972 our company started its business with Linda Colognes and have always been an innovative and breaking grounds company. Having the principle of
    Telephone: +90 246 218 74 28  Address: Mimar Sinan Cad. Ata Sok. 57C - Isparta, Turkey
  • bakery supplies bucket, brine bucket, butter bucket, canned bucket, cheese bucket, chocolate bucket, cream bucket, dairy product bucket, fondants, halva bucket, ice cream bucket, jam bucket, marmalade bucket, mayonnaise bucket, meat products bucket, molasses bucket, pastries bucket, pet food bucket, pickles bucket, sauce bucket, seafood bucket, spices bucket, vegetable oil bucket, yogurt bucket
    ŞİRİN Plastik is one of the leading manufacturers of injection moulded buckets, pails and containers in Turkey made of PP (Polipropilen) for food grade and chemical products. We
    Telephone: +902125012147 Address: Terazidere Mah. Yaşardoğu Sok. No:4 / B Bayrampaşa
  • halva, honey packaging, jam, marmalade, molasses, tahini
    Telephone: 03763736226 Address: Yüklü Beldesi Karacaözü Yol Ayrımı Yapraklı, Turkey
  • fruit jam, jam, jams, marmalade, marmalades
    BAHCEDEN GIDA COMPANY PROFILE Erdogan Ticaret who has started its business life in 1962 has been continuing as Bahceden Gıda San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. since 2007. The trademark
    Telephone: +90.224.411 15 15  Address: Nosab Söğüt Cd. 304. Sk. No:5 Nilüfer / Bursa Turkey
  • jam, marmalade, halava, cream with cocoa hazelnut, halvah, hellvella, jam, sesame oil, grape molasses, turkish delight
    Telephone: +905459737349
  • food products, olive oils, jam, marmalade, vinegars, vinegar, molasses, spices, tea, confectionery, sweets, honey, dried fruits, dried fruit, soaps, soap, breads, bread
    Since 2007 as Nar Gourmet our aim is produce products through the traditional ways and present products to Turkey and to whole world. Company's product range consists of olive
    Telephone: +90 216 314 36 80 Address: Bostancı Yolu Cad. Keyap Sitesi B2 Blok No: 27 Y.Dudullu 34770 Ümraniye/İstanbul-Turkey
  • food products, foodstuffs, foods, jams, jam, marmalade, honey, halva, hazelnut paste, sesame paste, molasses, molasses with tahini, spices, pulses, turkish delight, turkish delights, catering jam, catering honey, catering butter, catering cheese, aseptic products, light jams, diabetic jams, sugar free jams
    Seğmen was established in 1938 with the association of three brothers and still continue as a deep-rooted, traditional family company. Seğmen has been producing for years in
    Telephone: +90 312 267 55 10 Address: 1.OSB OSMANLI CADDESİ NO:3 SİNCAN ANKARA, TURKEY
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