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  • garments, clothings, readywears, pasta, poultry feed, macaroni, spaghetti, beverages, formic acid, chemicals, digital transfer printing
    As Albedir, we are a supplier company based in Istanbul and operate in fields of textile, garment and various food products. We emraced values are being a trusted and
    Telephone: +90 212 677 28 35, +90 533 384 33 28 (whatsapp) Address: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah., Akçay Sk. No: 6, Merter, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • food products, spices, legumes, grains, gums, chips, biscuits, wafers, cookies, chocolates, confectionery, nuts, dry food, turkish delights, cezerye, macaroni, jams, marmalades, honey, flour, sugar, salt, baked products, automotive products, automobile spare parts
    **OUR MISSION** Gorele International Trade Company is a success story built on the accumulation of knowledge, experience and creativity gained in Foreign Trade operations. Its
    Telephone: +90 212 295 31 44 Address: Merkez Mah., Varna Sok. No: 4/2, Kagithane, Istanbul, Turkey
  • contracting services, buildings, facilities, factories, residences, embassy buildings, macaroni factories, macaroni facilities, flour factories, flour facilities, hospitals, rest house constructions, consturctions, contracting service, building, facilitiy, factory, residence, embassy building, macaroni factory, macaroni facility, flour factory, flour facility, hospital, rest house construction, consturction
    Our company İlbay İnşaat Enerji San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. was founded in İstanbul, Turkey in 2007. Between 1993 and 2006, we successfully delivered residence, embassy building, macaroni
    Telephone: +90 212 864 41 71 Address: Mimarsinan Merkez Mah. 143. Sokak, No: 1/1, Büyükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
  • pulses, edible nuts, dried nuts, dried fruits, spices, biscuits, macaroni, edible oils, vegetable oils, tomatos pastes, turkish delights, candies, coffee pots, wheat flour, jams, corn flakes, pulse, edible nut, dried nut, dried fruit, spice, biscuit, edible oil, vegetable oil, tomatos paste, turkish delight, candy, coffee pot, jam, corn flake, lentil, chickpeas, white beans, boulgur, green peas, blanched wheat, frikeh, green mung beans, rice, broad beans, pistachio, almond, sunflower seed
    LENTEKS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS TRADE LTD CO. is the leading pulses producer and exporter located in Gaziantep - Turkey. In 1960, The cofounder Salih Kılıç 's taken the
    Telephone: +90 342 323 80 97 Address: Gazimuhtarpaşa Bulvarı, Doktorlar Sitesi A Blok Kat:4 Daire No: 402 - 403 - 404, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Industrial Kitchen Equipments, Commercial Kitchen Equipments, Industrial Kitchen, Commercial Kitchen, Hotel Kitchen, Restaurant Kitchen, Cooking Equipments, Kitchen Equipments, Kitchenware, Catering Equipments, Kitchen items, HoReCa Equipments, Kitchen Accessories, Cookware, Gas Cooker, Deep Fryer, Stock Pot Stove, Buttermilk Machine, Ayran Machine, Tilting Pan, Boiling Pan, Plate Grill, Gas Grill, Electric Grill, Electric Cooker, Pasta Cooker, Macaroni Boiler, Wok Cooker, Vapor Grill, Lavastone Grill, Bain Marie, Potato chafer, Chips Scuttle, Gas Range, Electric Range, Pizza Oven, Refrigerator, Cake Oven, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Hood, Kitchen Project, Cafeteria Equipments, Industrial Kithen Products, Kitchen Products, Work Bench, Cooling Equipments, Service Line, Display Unit, Dishwasher, HoReCa, Kitchen Equipment, Professional Kitchen Equipments, Kitchen Product
    Founded in 1994 under the name of "MAYA" brand, Mayapaz Industrial Kitchen Equipments is based on a strong and solid infrastructure with the knowledge, experience and experience
    Telephone: +90 212 238 63 63 Address: Kavaklı Mah. Kavaklı Cd. No:17, Yakuplu, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cleaning products, construction materials, cosmetics, detergents, flour, food, grain, hygenic materials, insulation materials, macaroni, polyurethane, pulse, soap, steel, sweets
    We export construction materials, including steel, PU, etc. to Georgia and Caucasian countries. We are also organized to export general merchandise and commodity products to
    Telephone: +90 216 450 44 24 Address: Dr. Faruk Ayanoğlu Cd, 28/8, Fenerbahçe, Kadıköy, 34726, İstanbul, Turkey
  • food products, nourishment products, baby diapers, halal foods, halal products, cooking oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, soft drinks, flour products, cold beverages, diapers, pasta, grain-shaped macaronies, noodles, noodles vermicelli, meat pasty macaroni, couscous, flours, samkale flour, sunflower oils, beverages, child drinks, drinks for childrens, lemon form drink, form drink with green tea, energy drinks
    Samkale is a group company that is located in the biggest industrial city of Gaziantep in Turkey. We have the young and dynamic structure which is the leader on the baby diapers
    Telephone: +90 342 221 21 18 Address: İncilipınar Mah., 7 No'lu Sokak Kaplama İş Merkezi Kat: 5 No: 19, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • food products, nourishment products, flours, semolina, macaronies, noodles, noodles vermicelli, pasta, grain-shaped macaroni, wheat flour, vacuumed semolina, catering, meat pasty with soybean, eggy noodle, village noodle, spinach meat pasty, wheat for ashoura, quick macaroni, semolina with fruit, semolina with orange, semolina with vanilla, semolina with banana, bulghur, coarse bulghur, fine bulghur, coarse bulghur vermicelli, bulghur for meatball, wheat starch, organic pasta, gluten free, high
    Company Brief : Selva Food Inc. was established in 1988 to produce wheat flour , as the first enterprise of Ittifak Holding. In 1998, Selva carried its experience into
    Telephone: +90 332 239 01 24  Address: Konya Organize Sanayi ,Bölgesi Büyük Kayacık Mah., Güzelkonak Sok., No:6, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • foods, foodstuffs, biscuits, salmon fishes, canned salmon fishes, canned products, canned foods, corn oils, vegetable oils, cooking oils, olive oils, sunflower oils, drinking water, bottled water, eggs, chicken eggs, flavoured drinks, beverages, frozen chickens, frozen fishes, fruit juices, palm oils, soybean oils, food, foodstuff, biscuit, salmon fish, canned salmon fish, canned product, canned food, corn oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, drinking water, bottled water, egg, chicken egg, flavoured drink, beverage, frozen chicken, frozen fishe, fruit juice, pasta, macaroni, palm oil, soybean oil, sugar, tomato paste
    As Snm we manufacture and supply foods, foodstuffs, biscuits, salmon fishes, canned salmon fishes, canned products, canned foods, corn oils, vegetable oils, cooking oils, olive
    Telephone: +90 533 342 04 60 Address: 627613 Sok., No: 10/7, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey
  • pasta, juice, oil, wheat flour, fruit drinks, confectionary, canned foods, biscuits, baby diaper, juices, oils, cooking oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, fruit drink, drink, beverage, beverages, drins, canned food, confectionaries, delight, turkish delight, biscuit, baby diapers, macaroni, spaghetti
    As ABA we manufacture and supply pasta, juice, oil, wheat flour, fruit drinks, confectionary, canned foods, biscuits, baby diaper, juices, oils, cooking oils, vegetable oils,
    Telephone: +90 533 351 15 13 Address: Yalı Mah., 6523 Sk., No: 27 C BLok D: 16, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey
  • butter, charcuteries, delicatessens, dried nuts, driednuts, edible oil, food products, foodstuffs, frozen foodstuffs, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, horeca bulk products, horeca final products, horeca foodstuffs, horeca hygienic materials, horeca hygienic products, horeca raw materials, horeca services, hygienic products, macaroni, pastry, spices
    Vizyon Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was established in 2001. Our company is a supplier of all types of food and cleaning products. Vizyon Food supply quality and suitable
    Telephone: +90 212 482 18 84 Address: Merkez Efendi Mah., Askeri Fırın Sok., Haydar Bey San. Sit., No: 35, Davutpaşa, İstanbul,Türkiye
  • food, macaroni, pasta, semolina, short cut pasta, spaghetti
    ALESTA Food Inc. and Foreign Trade Co., in Turkey is a leading manufacturer of macaroni and semolina of Turkey, operating in Gaziantep with the latest world technology and the
    Telephone: 03423371300 Address: 1. Org. San. Bol. 83116 Nolu Cad. No:4, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • macaroni, pasta, penne, noodle, spaghetti, fusilli, spiral, fetuccine, farfalle, pulse, food, vermicelli, orzo, grain-shaped macaroni, lentil, chickpea, haricot, green lentil, rice
    Our Company is the exporter/manufacturer of vermicelli and roasted vermicelli in Turkey. So and we would like to make our company and its products known to you. Since we have
    Telephone: +903423371450 Address: 2.organize sanayi bolgesi muammer guler bul. no:40 GAZIANTEP TURKEY
  • bulgur, flour, macaroni, wheat, semolina, pulses, lentil, chickpea, corn
    AVA EXIM is exporting agriculture commodities to customers across the world. AVA EXIM deals in various agriculture products such as Bulgur, Flour, Macaroni, Wheat, Semolina,
    Telephone: +905372205413 Address: Hastane Cd. Orjin 1 Apt. Kat 1, Kiziltepe, Mardin, Turkey ​ Altintepe Mh. Bakan Sk. Sabanci Sitesi I-2 Blog No:10, Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey
  • flour, macaroni, tomato paste
    Telephone: 0212 465 06 20 Address: Egs Busıness Park B-1 Blok K:3 No:171 Yeşilköy İstanbul, Turkey
  • food product, food products, pasta, macaroni, spaghetti
    We know you are looking for the best qualty product which has the best price and deliver on time. Doga Pasta is able to provide all of them for you because customer
    Telephone: 0090 553 261 61 83 Address: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83107 Nolu Cad. No:12 PK:27120 Gaziantep / TÜRKİYE
  • pasta, macaroni, food, food product, food products
    GCB Trade and Consulting Co is mainly focused on Africa and Middle East Territory to supply food and beverages for its customer needs. Since 2013, GCB's total business volume
    Telephone: 02161234567 Address: Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey
  • beverage, drinking spring water, extra virgin olive oil, food, macaroni, mineral water, pasta
    We are Global dış tic. in istanbul, Turkey.We are Manufacturer/supplier company for Drinking spring water, Pasta&Macaroni, Mineral water, Fruit juice and Extra virgin olive
    Telephone: +905334886135 Address: Pendik , Turkey
  • macaroni line, macaroni machine
    HEMAKS is a company that producing machinery last 40 years and with this profesion you can found the best quality and service by working with
    Telephone: +905323221780 Address: 3. Oganize Sanayi Bolgesi Celal Dogan Bulvari No: 70, Turkey
  • baby diapers, nappies, baby shampoos, baby oils, baby lotions, shampoos, lotions, sunflower oils, cooking oils, edible oils, vegetable oils, olive oils, macaroni, sauces, ketchups, food products, cleaning products, detergents, liquid soaps, air fresheners, baby diaper, nappy, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, shampoo, lotion, sunflower oil, cooking oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, sauce, ketchup, food product, cleaning product, detergent, liquid soap, air freshener, baby diaper mini
    As Konatlas we manufacture and supply baby diapers, nappies, baby shampoos, baby oils, baby lotions, shampoos, lotions, sunflower oils, cooking oils, edible oils, vegetable oils,
    Telephone: +90 332 235 05 75 Address: Feritpaşa Mah., Ulaşbaba Cad., Kız Kulesi Sk., Elmacı İş Merkezi, No: 2/4, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • foodstuffs, food stuffs, general foods, spices, spice mixtures, mixtures, pulses, cereals, beverages, drinks, fizzy drinks, dried nuts, driedfoods, dried foods, driednuts, tomato pastes, dry foods, pasta, macaroni, pastry products, cooking oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, eggs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lentils, red lentils, red split lentils, yeasts, sunflower oils, corn oils, olive oils, carbonated drinks, pop corns, white beans, beans, brown eggs, white eggs, anise, bay leaf
    Foreign Trade Mercagan has a young but dynamic and "Quality" has adopted the policy year directly to him. Our company has undertaken the sales and marketing of products in Turkey
    Telephone: +90 324 238 18 83 Address: Dumlupınar Mah., Adnan Menderes Bulvarı, Muhsin Ertuğrul Apt. 104/3, Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
  • bulgur, food, lentil, macaroni, oil, pasta, semolina
    The company produces and exports bulgur, lentil, semolina, pasta,
    Telephone: + 90 342 337 20 80 Address: 2. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Vali Muammer Güler Bulvarı No:32 Başpınar / Gaziantep / Turkey
  • pasta, macaroni, semolina, butterfly macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, spaghetti, couscous, barley, feeds, lamb feed, cattle feeds, broiler feeds, broiler starter feeds, wheat, corn, soybean, chicken flour, fish flour, wheat bran
    The factory, releases 15 different products from four lines ( bands) furnished with Buhler – Miag and Braibanti technologies. The products are distributed for sale in packages of
    Telephone: +90 312 267 18 00 Address: 1.Organize Sanayii Bölgesi Kazakistan Cd. No: 12 06935 Ankara, Turkey
  • macaroni, pasta, spaghetti
    Telephone: 90 376/343 21 89 Address: Büyük OSB Mah.D Caddesi Dış Kapı No : 1/2 18260 Korgun ÇANKIRI- turkey
  • pastry, water, heurek, cheese, meat, flour, triangle, noodle, macaroni, home, restaurant, hotel, eat, oven
    Our company is supplier and exporter of pastry, water, heurek, cheese, meat, flour, triangle, noodle, macaroni, home, restaurant, hotel, eat, oven, suppliers. We will be glad to
    Telephone: +905443095752 Address: Yesılkent Mah. Bırlık Cad. No : 16/3 Avcılar / Istanbul
  • pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, gluten free pasta, gluten free macaroni, whole grain pasta, whole grain macaroni, whole grain spaghetti, fettuccine, farfalle, capellini, linguine, penne pasta, gluten free rotini, gluten free penne
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, gluten free pasta , gluten free macaroni , whole grain pasta, whole grain macaroni, whole grain spaghetti,
    Telephone: +90 216 469 85 85 Address: Kosifler Plaza Serin Sok.No:9 A Blok 34752 İçerenköy, Istanbul, Turkey
  • packaging materials, packing materials, hygiene packages packages, chocolate packages, wafer packages, biscuit packages, cake packages, macaroni packages, pasta packages, halva packages, legume packages, dried nut packages, candy packages, dry beverage packages
    Som Packaging Inc. Karaman rotogravure printing facilities in the Organized Industrial Zone was established in 2003, became operational. The company's use of resources, efficient,
    Telephone: +90 338 224 15 90 Address: Orgasnize San.Bolgesi Som Amba Laj Idari Binasi Merkez Merkez / Karaman Turkey
  • Pasta Making Machine, Pasta Making, Making Machines, Noodle Making, Machine Pasta, Pasta Machine, Commercial Pasta, Machine Noodle, Industrial Pasta, Pasta Machinery Set, Macaroni Pasta, Spaghetti Making, Machine Macaroni, Noodle Machine, Pasta Production Line, Pasta Maker Machine, Pasta Equipment Set, Automatic Pasta Machine, Macaroni Machine, Pasta Machine Factory, Pasta Machines, Pasta Macaroni, Pasta Noodle, Pasta Machine Manufacturers, Pasta Extruder Machine, Macaroni Spaghetti, Pasta Production, Machine Farfalle, Food Making Machine
    100% DOMESTIC PRODUCTION SHORT TUBE PASTA MACHINES -Macaroni production with capacities between 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 750 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, 1500 kg/h, 2000 kg/h. -We provide
    Telephone: +903422390861 Address: 25 Aralık Sanayi Sitesi, Gaziantep/Turkey
  • food products, pastas, dried fruits, edible oils, cooking, cooking oils, sunflower, sun, flower, natty, nature, natural, virgin, virgin olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil, olive, extra, macaroni, butterfly, butterfly macaroni, semolina, noodle, apricot, dried, dried apricot, fig, dried fig, grapes, dried grapes
    Our company is supplier and exporter of food products, pastas, dried fruits, edible oils, cooking, cooking oils, sunflower, sun, flower, natty, nature, natural, virgin, virgin
    Telephone: +905326082687 Address: Inonu Mahallesi., GMK Bulvarı., Buyuk Apt., 415 No 2/5, Yenisehir, Mersin, TURKEY
  • agricultural machine spare part, agricultural machine spare parts, agricultural machines, agricultural product, agricultural products, beans, bulghur, chick-pea, chocolate, confectionery, cooling systems, corn, corns, flour, frozen fruits, fruits, heating systems, hydraulic equipments, lentil, macaroni, pasta, wheat
    Our company was established from wiel prodoctor company,which are very fomous in their sectors in 2006. Our aim to transport our partner`s and Turkish prodoctors productions to
    Telephone: +90 332 235 0552  Address: Nişantaş Mh. Dr. M. Hulusi Baybal Cd. Hazım Uluşahin İş M. Ablok Kat:4 N0: 405 Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
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