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  • tannery, leather, garment, handbag, footwear, transparent leather, leathers, garments, handbags, footwears, transparent leathers, leather garment, leather handbag, leather footwear, leather garments, leather handbags, leather footwears, leather, lambskin, cowskin, bovine, nappa, laser-cut, embossed
    ANIL TANNERY has been carrying on a tradition of family-run business since 1950s. In 1955, our Grandfather laid business foundation of Kanay family, which makes its name in raw
    Telephone: +90 2125100995 Address: Gökalp Mah. Şehit Komiser Günaydın Cad. No: 48, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • lady shoe, lady shoes, shoe, shoes, handbag, handbags, lady handbags, lady handbag, sandal, sandals, lady sandals, lady sandal, slipper, slippers, platform shoes, platform shoe, boots, boot, evening shoes, evening shoe, short boots, short boot, flat shoe, flat shoes, leather shoes, leather shoe, sneaker, snearkers, loafer, loafers, court shoe, court shoes, flip-flops, heeled sandal, heeled sandals, wedge, low-heeled shoe, low-heeled shoes, high heel, high heels, high-heel shoe, high-heel sh
    Gold footwear has been making steady steps towards becoming a world brand with 15 years of experience in the footwear industry and exports to more than 30 countries
    Telephone: +90 5372652821 Address: Mimar Hayrettin Mahallesi, Balipaşa Yokuşu No: 10/B, Beyazıt, Fatih, İstanbul, Turkey
  • fmcg, fast moving consumer goods, meat, white meat, chicken, chicken meat, chicken parts, boneless chicken parts, chicken breasts, whole chickens, chicken half breasts, chicken thigh shish, doner meat, chicken doner meat, chicken kebab, kebab, ready meals, kids stuffs, pop corns, chicken nuggets, chicken pop corns, caterings, catering products, chicken schnitzel, chicken cordon bleu, chicken ring, traditional foods, chicken stuffed kubbeh, kubbeh, shawarma, chicken shawarma, pastry with chicken, breaded products, honey, royal jelly, pollen, flower honey, blossom honey, cenrifugal honey, extracted honey, karakovan honey, butter, salty butter, turkish cream, honeydew honey, carob molasses, olives, black olives, green olives, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, yoghurt, yogurt, full fat strained yoghurt, full fat strained yogurt, strained yogurt, strained yoghurt, saltless butter, horeca products, paper cups, thermal mugs, cups, mugs, paper napkins, napkins, coffee stirrers, white sugar, brown sugar, cream powder, biscuit, instant coffee, turkish coffee, chocolate, chocolate bar, dried nuts, dried fruits, walnut, date, pickles, juices, fruit juices, legumes, pulse, pulses, containers, cheese containers, diamond, gold, gold powder, powder gold, precious stone, jewel, jewels, stones, bags, handbags, hand bags, wallets
    A professional marketing system that provides the highest standards of quality and efficiency where service, creativity, reliability, and integrity are the hallmarks of every
    Telephone: +90 535 517 88 43 Address: Boğazköy Mahallesi, Anadolu Caddesi, Gülensu Villa 22-2, Bahçeşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • shoes, footwears, woman shoes, man shoes, bags, handbags, purses, wallets, belts, key chains, card cases, man belts, keyholders, key holders, keychains, heeled shoes, court shoes, daily shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, slicks, loafers, women bags, man bags, backpacks, briefcases, accessories, man accessories, woman accessories, summer shoes, winter shoes, man summer shoes, woman summer shoes, man winter shoes, woman winter shoes, summer man shoes, summer woman shoes, winter man shoes, winter woman shoes, woman footwears, man footwears, summer footwears, winter footwears, man summer footwears, woman summer footwears, man winter footwears, woman winter footwears, summer man footwears, summer woman footwears, winter man footwears, winter woman footwears, heeled footwears, court footwears, daily footwears, casual footwears, bag, handbag, purse, wallet, belt, key chain, card case, man belt, keyholder, key holder, keychain
    Beta was founded in 1980 by Ercan İkiz and Taner İkiz who produced Espadrille in the 70's. In 1985, he opened his first store in Nişantaşı and stepped into retail. Beta, which
    Telephone: +90 212 671 40 22 Address: İkitelli Organize Bölgesi, Aymakoop Sanayi Sitesi, B6 Blok, No:58, K:3, Büyükşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • ready-made wear, garments, garments for men, garments for women, child ready-made wear, child garments, denim wear products, denim trousers, denim skirts, denim jackets, men denim trousers, women denim trousers, men denim jackets, women denim jackets, haute couture garments, shorts, sweatshirts, underwears, women underwear products, t-shirt, leather garment, leather garments, leather handbag, leather handbags, leather underwear, leather underwears, leather jacket, lingerie
    This is what we do... textile, collection, production, embroidery, print, accessories, design, washing, dying, fabric all about this unbeliavable sector is easy with BEST
    Telephone: +90 532 607 61 08 Address: EMZ Plaza, Çınar Mah. 5003/1 Sok., No: 9 No: 9 K. 1 Ofis 5, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
  • garment, garments, cotton garments, clothing, clothings, apparel, fashion, woven garment, woven garments, woven outerwear, overgarment, overgarments, overdress, outerwear, dresses, cotton dresses, beach dress, beach wear, beachwear, beach kaftans, beach tunic, beach tunics, summer clothing, beach kimono, cotton tunic, hand woven fabric, linen wear, linen wears, waistclothes, waistcloth, waist clothes, waist cloth, loincloth, loinclothes, loin cloth, loin clothes, pestemal, peshtemals, pestemal tunic, waistcoat, waistcoats, waist coat, waist coats, top, tops, jacket, jackets, brocade jacket, velvet jacket, coat, top clothing, textile, home textile, towels, cotton towels, turkish towel, turkish towels, beach towel, beach towels, bathrobe, bathrobes, bath towel, bath towels, beachtowel, beachtowels, pestemal towels, handloomed, handwoven, throw, throws, bed cover, bed covers, table cloth, table clothes, table runner, table runners, pillowcase, pillowcases, pillow case, pillow cases, cushion covers, kitchen towel, kitchen towels, home textiles, scarf, scarves, shawl, shawls, cotton shawl, cotton shawls, cotton scarf, cotton scarves, linen shawl, linen shawls, silk shawl, silk shawls, wool shawl, wool shawls, silk wool shawl, silk wool shawls, handfelted shawls, hand felted shawls, silk scarf, silk scarves, linen scarf, linen scarves, wool scarf, wool scarves, handwoven shawl, hand woven shawl, hand woven, handwoven shawls, muffler, mufflers, silver product, silver jewelry, silver jewellery, silver products, silver jewelries, silver jewelleries, design silver, design jewelry, design jewellery, designer jewelry, silver necklace, silver necklaces, silver bracelet, silver bracelets, silver earring, silver earrings, silver ear ring, silver ear rings, pendant, pendants, silver pendants, earring, earrings, necklace, necklaces, bracelet, bracelets, wrap bracelet, bead bracelet, natural stone bracelet, bag, bags, handbag, handbags, clutch, cluthes, leather bags, leather sandals, handmade soaps, soaps, evileye, evil eye, ceramic, home decor, kilim rugs, designer clothing, brooches, ceramic boats, ceramic house, abaya, kaftan, kaftans, caftan
    ODA SANAT is a company focusing on design clothing, accessories, jewelry, home textiles, and home decor. Our product range consists of; CLOTHING Women's tops Women's
    Telephone: +90 252 712 88 70 Address: İskele Mahallesi, Atatürk Caddesi 71/A 48900 Datça, Muğla, Turkey
  • disposable, disposables, garbage bag, garbage bags, bubble wrap, salt pouch, salt bag, flour sack, flour bag, pulses bags, flour packing, salt packaging, pulses packing, food packaging, market bags, grocery bags, market bags, market pouch, handbags, reinforced bag, reinforced bags, soft handle bags, soft handle bags, pendants with a handle, handbags, warning strips, Brenda, shrink, dress bag, clothes bags, gift dressbox, dressbox, plastic products, plastic disposable products, disposable plastic pro
    We manufacture and supply garbage bag, garbage bags, bubble wrap, salt pouch , salt bag, flour sack, flour bag, pulses bags, flour packing, salt packaging, pulses packing, food
    Telephone: +90 216 378 80 90 Address: Sanayi Mah. Akçiçek Sokak, No:4, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • handbags, handbag, leather handbags, clutch bags, leather wear
    Telephone: (90)(212) 482 08 75 Address: MERKEZ EFENDİ MH.İETT BLOK CAMİİ ALTI N:37 ZEYTİNBURNU
  • bag, backpack, the school bag, briefcase, makeup bag, promotional bags, custom design handbags, military attack vest, attack vest, belt military, shoulder bag, tablet case, pencil case, hotel slippers, wallet, belt, cooler bag, tool bag, kit, baby care bag, mom bag, car organizer, baggage handler, exhibition bag, cosmetic bag, salon bag, laptop bag, note bag, beach bag, travel bag, lady bag
    Telephone: 05074688525 Address: Yeşil ova mahallesi şehit Şenol Ergün sok no 64 C küçük ç
  • womens leather handbags, womens leather handbag, womens leather wallets, womens leather wallet, womens leather belts, womens leather belt, mens leather bags, mens leather belts, womens leather handbag, womens leather wallet, womens leather belt, mens leather bag, mens leather belt, leather, bag, bags, wallet, wallets, bag, bags
    Gundogdular leather was established in 1989 by Gundogdu family.With the mastership of producing 100% genuine leather bags, belts and wallets for man and women was Gundogdular
    Telephone: +90 232 265 20 85 Address: Aşık Veysel Mahallesi, 5853. Sokak, No:7, Karabağlar, İzmir, Türkiye
  • leather cases, leather phone cases, leather tablet cases, leather wallets, exotic cases, leather credit cart holder, leather handbags
    Telephone: +902126682547 Address: Cumhuriyet Mh. Yunus Emre Bulvarı 2375. Sk. No: 18/2
  • leather goods, handbags, leather furniture, chesterfield furniture, belts, leather belts, shoes, leather shoes
    Telephone: 5496691 Address: İkitelli OSB Aymakop Sanayi Sitesi C2 Blok N:163 İkitelli
  • bag, handbag, bags, handbags
    Telephone: (90)(212) 517 40 17 Address: TİYATRO CAD.ESİRCİ KEMAL CAMİ SK.Y.ÇANTACILAR PAJ.NO:32-33 FATİH
  • shoes, footwears, sport shoes, handbags
    Telephone: 90(232)436 55 65 Address: ADRES: 6118 SOK.NO:39 BORNOVA İZMIRturkey
  • leather shoes, leather wallets, leather clutch bags, handbags, hgandbag
    Telephone: 2124160054 Address: ZÜBEYDE HANIM CD. NO:78/A ZEYTİNBURNU
  • shoes, footwears, sport shoes, handbag, handbags, garment, wear, ready wear, clothing
    Telephone: 90(232)255 41 10 Address: ADRES: ÇANKAYA 10 NOLU OTOPARK ALTI NO.B/33 KONAK İZMIRturkey
  • slippers, boots, sandals, ladies shoes, kids shoes, backpack bags, handbags, wallets
    Telephone: 4386682 Address: Süleyman Demirel Bulv. Yimpaş İş Modern Kat :3 F . 39 İkitelli
  • bags, handbags, clutch bags, leather bags, leather handbags
    Telephone: 90(212)518 28 48 Address: MİMAR KEMALETTİN MAH. TATLIKUYU HAMAMI SOK. NO:11/B
  • bags, handbags, backpacks, beach bags
    Telephone: 90(232)264 19 03 Address: ADRES: AŞIK VEYSEL MAH.5822 SK.NO:83 1-2 KARABAĞLAR İZMIRturkey
  • shoes, footwears, sports shoes, handbags
    Telephone: 90(232)436 18 22 Address: ADRES: 6122 SOK.NO:42 BORNOVA İZMIRturkey
  • handbags, home decor, wallet, chain wallet, key holders, card holders, luggage, belt, scarves, shawls, fashion jewelry, sunglasses, bag charms, shoes
    Telephone: 6655020 Address: Bağdat Cad. No:438 Kat:2-3-4 Suadiye
  • smart phone cover, tablet pc cover, jute bags, handbags, pc accessories
    Telephone: 90(216)370 91 54 Address: TANSEL CD.ŞAMAN SAN.SİT. A BLOK NO:31/32
  • handbags, walleet, credit card holder, key holder, coin purse, passport, auto, business card holder, leather, women's leather products, men's leather products, leather products, leather
    Telephone: 6129081 Address: Ihlamurkuyu Mah. Yeni istanbul Çarşısı F Blk. Kat:2 Ümraniye
  • handbag, handbags
    Telephone: 90 (212) 485 1044 Address: Saraçlar San.Sit.2.Blok No:77 34306 Başakşehir / İstanbulturkey
  • bags, handbags, clutch bags, clothes, clothing, outerwear
    Telephone: 2122537748 Address: ALAÇATI MAHALLESİ 2038 SK. NO:11 ÇEŞME / İZMİR
  • handbag, handbags
    Telephone: 90 (212) 539 5611 Address: Özboran Sk. No:32 Zeminkat 2-3 34165 Güngören / İstanbulturkey
  • synthetic leathers, coated textiles, upholsteries, garments, handbags, shoes, home textile, auto upholsteries, artificial leathers, artificial leather for automotive, artificial leather for bag, artificial leather for garment, artificial leather for shoes, artificial leather for upholstery, synthetic leather, coated textile, upholstery, garment, handbag, shoe, home textiles, auto upholstery, artificial leather, artificial leathers for automotive, artificial leathers for bag, artificial leathers
    Orteks Tekstil Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş is a spinning factory established in Niğde in 1996 with an indoor are of 25,000 m2 and has become an integrated spinning factory that
    Telephone: +90 388 225 00 91 Address: OSB., Bor Yolu, 7. Km., Merkez, Niğde, Turkey
  • souvenirs, leather bags, handbags, clutch bags, promotional products
    Telephone: 2125128814 Address: MİMAR KEMALETTİN MAH TİYOTRO CD NO 10
  • bag, bags, suitcase, suitcases, handbag, handbags
    Telephone: 90 212 4585217 Address: MİMAR HAYRETTİN MAH. GEDİKPAŞA CAD. ÖMÜR PASAJI NO.3 D.115, FATİH, İSTANBUL
  • handbag, handbags, wallet, wallets
    Telephone: 90 (212) 715 3715 Address: Zeytin Sok. No.12 K.3 Gümüş İşmerkezi 34169 Güngören / İstanbul turkey
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