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  • agricultural equipment, agricultural equipments, agricultural machine, agricultural machineries, agricultural machinery, agricultural machines, agriculture machine, agriculture machineries, agriculture machinery, agriculture machines, bedlinen, bedlinens, blanket, blankets, carpet, carpets, ceramic, ceramic tile, ceramic tiles, ceramics, farm machine, farm machineries, farm machinery, farm machines, fertilizer machines, gauze, gauze bandage, gauze bandages, gauze patch, gauze patches, gauzes, glazed ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tiles, harvesting machines, home textile, home textiles, house textile, house textiles, irrigation systems, land development machines, planting machines, quilt cover set, quilt cover sets, textile machine, textile machineries, textile machinery, textile machines, tile, tiles, tractors, felt, milk, powder, milk powder, cat, dog, food, foods, cat food, dog food, cat and dog, dog and cat, cats, hair, canvas, tent, tents, hair tents, canvas tents, pest, control, pest control
    We are a foreign trade and construction company. We can give you a lot of prices and models for blanket, carpet, bedlinen, gauze bandage, agriculture machinery, textile machinery,
    Telephone: 05358835946 Address: Ünalan mah. Mimar Sinan Cad. No. 119/A UŞAK
  • agricultural, agricultural implements, agricultural machinery, agricultural machines, agricultural sprayer, agricultural tools, agricultural tractor, agriculture, agriculture farming, agriculture equipment, agriculture parts, farm equipment, farm ımplements, farm machinery, farm machines, farm supplies, farm tools, farm tractor, farmer tractor, farmers equipments, agricultural implements, modern agriculture, tractor equipment, tractor loader, tractor parts, utility tractors
    AGROTURK Machinery Co. was established in 1980 and located in Konya/TURKEY. Since then it has grown steadily and built up a solid reputation as a manufacturer of farm machinery.
    Telephone: +90 332 502 12 14-15 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Aslım Cd. Atiket 1. San. Sit. No:34/E, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • agricultural machinery, farm machinery, agricultural equipments, agricultural equipment, agricultural machine, agricultural machines, tillage machinery, tillage machine, front loader bucket, laser land leveling machines, land leveling machines, land leveling machine, manual land leveling machines, manual land leveling machine, feed mixing machines, feed mixers, feed mixing equipments, feed mixing machine, biomass boiler, grain dryer, grain drying boiler, paddy drying boiler, soil cultivation
    KARATAŞ AGRICULTURE It started its activities in Ceyhan in 1952 with 8 branches, 90 employees, 180 delegates and authorized service centers in Ceyhan, Gebze, İzmit, Adapazarı,
    Telephone: +90 262 721 40 01 Address: Akse Mah. Rahmi Dibek Cad. No:317, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • Agricultural Equipment, Agricultural Equipments, Agricultural Instrument, Agricultural Instruments, Agricultural Machine, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Machines, Agricultural Planters, Agricultural Tool, Agricultural Tools, Agriculture Equipment, Agriculture Equipments, Agriculture Farm, Agriculture Machine, Agriculture Machinery, Agriculture Machines, Agriculture Motor, Agriculture Motors, Agriculture Planters, Agriculture Tools, Agricultural Sprayer
    Company exporting about agricultural machinery. Also the forest products are wholesale trade and
    Telephone: 02664082582 Address: KASAPLAR MAH SOMA CAD. NO:105 K.1 MERKEZ BALIKESİR
  • tractor, tractors, agrifarm serie tractors, compact tractors, vineyard tractor, garden tractor, agriculture, agricultural tractor, agricultural machinery, agri tractor, euro tractors, euro 3, perkins engine, lombardini engine, 540 rpm, 1000 rpm, 12 + 12 gear, syncro, quality tractor, 34 hp, 40 hp, 50 hp, experience, vineyard, fruit garden, multipurpose, competitive, high quality, modern, agricultural, machinery, double clutch, hydraulic, esthetic, made in turkey, farmer, farm
    About Us; It is our cultural tradition to serve the needs of industry and farmers with a half century of experience. Yağmur Traktör San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.'s roots date back to 1968,
    Telephone: +90 212 549 63 49 (50- 51) Address: IOSB Sefaköy Sanayi Sitesi, 13. Blok, No: 9, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agriculture, agricultural, farming, cultivation, farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipments, planting machinery, sowing machinery, tillage machine, fertilizing machine, rotary irrigation machine, machine, macgines, sowing machinerys, planting machinerys, tillage machines, machinerys, machinery, farm machinerys, cultivations, farmings, agricultures
    Gungor Agricultural Machinery established as a private company by Ismail Malkara district of Tekirdağ Güngör in business in 1947 as a small lathe workshop, began his career with
    Telephone: +90 282 427 50 10 Address: Sanayi Sit. Karşısı No: 102, Malkara, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • Drum Mower, Hay Rake 4 Wheel, Rotary Rake, wheel, wheels, Rotary Rake Single Rotor, Hay Rake Wheel, Multidisc Disc Harrow, Tractors Implements, Farm Trailer, Agricultural, Agriculture, Tractor, Agri, Machinerys, Machinery, Farming, Machine, Machines, Agriculture Machine, Agricultural Machines, Agriculture Machines, Agricultural Machine, Machine Agriculture, Agricultural Equipment, Agriculture Equipment, Agricultural Equipments, Agriculture Equipments, Equipment Agriculture, Farm Equipment, Farmi
    Telephone: 90(530)486 23 44 Address: YAZIR MAHALLESI SULTAN CADDESI REYHAN IS MERKEZI NO 34 /405/selçuklu/konya/turkey
  • agricultural instruments, agriculturaltools, farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 0232 512 21 24 Address: İzmir, Turkey
  • seeding machine, seed planting machine, irrigation system, budding, farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 05304142217 Address: ÇALKAYA MAH. SEMT MEVLANA CAD.NO:10/ C, AKSU, ANTALYA
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: (342) 225-32-01 Address: HACAR MAH. HAVALİMANI BULVARI BLV.N:525 OĞUZELİ GAZİANTEP
  • agricultural, farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 3382145141 Address: İBRAHİM ÖKTEM CD. YENİ SANAYİ YOLU ÜZERİ NO:28 70100 MERKEZ/KARAMAN
  • tractor, farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 90 (414) 4114140 Address: ŞANLIURFA YOLU ÜZERİ 1.KM AKÇAKALE, ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural tools, agricultural equipments and machinery
    Telephone: (90)(256) 521 02 24 Address: BODRUM YOLU ÜZERİ YENİDOĞAN SÖKE
  • tractor, earth mover, farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 90(258)251 07 70 Address: KALE MAH. 338 SK. ANKARA ASF. 10.KM. CSA BULV. NO:40, PAMUKKALE, DENIZLI
  • agricultural machinery, farm machinery, agricultural, farm products, agricultural produce, agricultural products
    Telephone: 90(232)873 46 64 Address: CUMHURİYET MAHALLESİ KAZİM KARABEKİR cad.NO:53 KEMALPAŞA İZMIR
  • power units, gasoline engine, petrol engine, horticultural machinery, farm machinery, agricultural machinery, generator, motor-pump
    Telephone: 4690505-06 Address: 1202/1 SK. NO:23 YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural, farm products, agricultural produce, agricultural products
    Telephone: 90(322)457 33 44 Address: ÇINARLI MAH. ZİYAPAŞA BULV. TAYFUN APT. NO:58 K:2 D:5 PK:01060 SEYHAN SEYHAN ADANA
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural products, farm products
    Telephone: 0232 Address: GÜRPINAR MAHALLESİ 7232/5 SOKAK NO:16/A 6D Apt. BORNOVA /İZMİR
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural implement, agricultural machine
    Telephone: (90)(232) 483 06 00 Address: CUMHURIYET BULVARI 45/13 PAMUK PLAZA BUL. KONAK
  • fruits, fresh fruits, cherry, quince, plum, greengage, pear, agricultural machinery, farm machinery, agricultural equipment, agricultural equipment
    Telephone: 457 86 31 Address: Resatbey Mah. 62029 Sokak. No: 9 Gani Sepici Apt. K: 1 / D:2
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural, farm products, agricultural produce, agricultural products
    Telephone: 3281015 Address: 10013 SOK. NO:4 A.O.S.B. ÇİĞLİ / İZMİR
  • automotive, automotive products, agricultural implement, farm machine, agricultural machine, horticultural machinery
  • Agriculture Equipment, Agricultural Machines, Agricultural Machinery, Farm Equipment, Farm Tractor, Farm Machinery, Agriculture, Farm Implements, Manufactured Agricultural Equipment, Machinery For Farm, Agricultural Tractor, Farm Machines, Agricultural Tools, Agri, Grass Machine, Tractor Equipment, Ag Equipment, Agricultural, Tractor, Implements, Farm Tools, Harvesting Machine, Cutter Machine, Farmers Equipment, Agricultural Farm, Harvesting
    Telephone: 90.332.342 20 60 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Dökümcüler San. Sitesi 10602. Sk. No: 17-19 Karatay / KONYA TURKEY
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: (90)(362) 544 11 10 Address: FEYZİÇAKMAK MAH.ATABEY SOK.NO:10 BAFRA BAFRA
  • agriculture, farm machinery
    Telephone: 3582324255 Address: KÜÇÜK SANAYİ SİTESİ 14. BLOK NO:4 MERKEZ/AMASYA
  • pruning machines, pruning shears, farm machinery, agricultural machinery, logging machines, woodchopping, lumbering
    Telephone: (90)(266) 312 39 58 Address: İZMİR YOLU ÜZERİ TELLİ KAVAK MEVKİİ NO:7 AYVALIK
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural implement, farm machine, agricultural machine
    Telephone: 90 (414) 2473400 Address: ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY
  • forage harvester, silage harvester, forage, green corn harvester, silage, dairy farm machinery
    Telephone: 18031174337
  • farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: (90)(282) 427 50 15 Address: CAMİATİK MH.ATATÜRK BULV.NO:29
  • farm machinery, building machinery, construction machine, agricultural products, farm products
    Telephone: 4591581 Address: 1202/1 SOKAK NO:101/G YENER İŞMERKEZİ YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
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