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  • truck-mounted equipments, on vehichle equipments, trailer applications, ambulance, search and rescue vehicles, funeral vehicles, inspection vehicles, underground cable test vehicles, military vehicles, broadcasting vehicles, mobile gsm units, emergency ambulances, mobile gendarme station, mobile power systems, patrol response vehicles, portable oxygen system, scoop stretcher, uplink vehicles, broadcasting vehicle, catering vehicles
    Established to implement creative and innovative ideas; Dorser Otomotiv was founded in Istanbul in 2003 to offer design and engineering services. In the ever-improving automotive
    Telephone: +90 262 658 10 22 Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Turgut Özal Cad. No: 119 Şekerpınar - Kocaeli, Turkey
  • fire fighting trucks, funeral vehicles, enviromental vehicles, transport vehicles, special production vehicles, hydraulic ladder fire trucks, portable ladder fire trucks, garbage vehicles, double armed cranes, fire fighting vehicles, vacuum trucks, fuel trucks, dumper, trailer, narrow field sprinkler truck, sprinkler truck, hydraulic dumpers, standart type dumpers, trailers, funeral transport vehicles, emergency action vehicles, mobile platforms, on vehicle equipments, truck-mounted equipments
    EKICI ARAC USTU EKIPMAN SAN. TIC. A.S. was established in 1994. The company has been manufacturing about 20 different on vehicle equipments with quality certificate by the slogan
    Telephone: +90 332 249 18 29 - +90 332 248 51 28 Address: Konsan Organize Sanayi 10728 Sokak No: 12 - Konya, Turkey
  • Aerial Truck, Fire Engine, Fire Engine, Fire Engines, Fire Pumper, Fire Pumpers, Fire Tank, Fire Tanker, Fire Tankers, Fire Truck, Fire Truck, Fire Vehicle, Fire Vehicles, Firefighter Truck, Firefighters Truck, Rescue Truck, Rescue Truck, Truck Fire, Aerial Fire Truck, Aerial Ladder Truck, Airport Fire Engine, Best Fire Truck, Big Fire Engine, Big Fire Truck, Cars Fire Truck, Custom Fire Truck, Custom Rescue Truck, Demo Fire Truck, Different Fire Truck, Electric Fire Engine, Electric Fire Truck, Emergency Fire Truck, E-One Fire Truck, Fire Apparatus Tankers, Fire Chief Vehicle, Fire Chief Vehicles, Fire Command Vehicles, Fire Department Truck, Fire Department Vehicles
    Telephone: 90216 463 26 12 Address: Kozyatağı Bayar Cd. Gülbahar Sk. Perdem Sac Plaza No:17 Kat:3 D.35 - 38 34742 Kadıköy / İstanbul/turkey
  • pilotage, towage, marine vehicles, tariff, evolution fee calculation, coordinates, grit sales, port services, emergency intervention of the sea services, environmental consultancy service
    Telephone: (90)(216) 446 00 81 Address: TERSANELER CAD. NO 23 TUZLA
  • Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Military Equipments, Army Forces Equipments, Emergency Vehicles, Water Tanks, Logistic Equipments, Airport Equipments, Snow Blades, Agricultural Equipments, Trailers, Plough, Chisel, Seed Drill, Sprayers, Sow Blades, Containers, Mobile Houses, Mobile Clinics
    Telephone: 90318 284 14 14 Address: SAMSUN YOLU 8.KM. KIRIKKALE-turkey
  • dump truck, emergency vehicles, fuel oil trucks, fire fighting vehicles, garbage vehicles, garbage collection vehicles
    Telephone: (0342)337 85 15 Address: 3. OSB 83301 NOLU CADDE NO:11, Gaziantep
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