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Drinking Water Companies

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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • plastic pipe, plastic pipes, plastic pvc pipe, plastic pvc pipes, plastic clean water pipes, pvc window profiles, pvc door profiles, pvc door profile systems, pvc window profile systems, drinking water networks pipes, agricultural irrigation networks pipes, waste water network pipes, sewer network pipes, industrial facility pipes, fire network pipes, swimming pool pipes, drain line pipes, cable protection and insulation pipes, water supply network pipes, drinking water pipes
    AKANSU GROUP started in 1915 with glass production in Kayseri. In time the company stepped in double glazing sector and started to manufacture Plastic window and door profile
    Telephone: +90 352 321 36 77 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 10. Cad. No:6, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
  • bottle water, bottled drinking water, bottled water, cup water, dispenser bottled water, dispenser size bottled water, dispenser size water, drinking water, glass bottled water, glass water, mineral water, natural bottled water, natural water, pet bottle water, pet water, plastic bottled water, sparkling mineral water, water, 1.5lt pet bottle water, 10lt pet bottle water, 19lt dispenser bottled water, 19lt pet bottle water, 200cc cup water, 300cc cup water, 330ml pet bottle water, 500ml pet bott
    Asya Water, has been established in 1999 in the region of Topçular Village Çilimli, Düzce with thoughts and applications of modern production concept. And currently Asya Water
    Telephone: +90 380 681 75 45 Address: Söğütlü Köyü, Bahar Sok., No: 1, Çilimli, Düzce, Turkey
  • valves, pumps, hydrants, water pumps, water valves, gate valves, checkvalves, strainers, butterfly valves, air valves, automatic control valves, control valves, ball valves, valve accessories, fire hydrants, fire control valves, fire valves, drinking water valves, irrigation valves, irrigation hydrants, hydraulic irrigation hydrants, resilient seated gate valves, seated gate valves, resilient gate valves, resilient valves
    DKY Valves & Water Controls is founded in 1997 as second company of Dikkaya Group Companies. It is actually the continuation of an industrial company acting in valves sector which
    Telephone: +90 232 887 17 00 Address: Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah., 1. Öteyaka Mevkii No: 40, Kemalpaşa, İzmir, Turkey
  • food, food products, water, bottled water, soft drink, soda, juice, energy drink, teabags, tea bags, tea, napkin, plastic cup, paper cup, cup, jam, foil, aluminium foil, stretch, black mask, face mask, hair gel, hair wax, tortilla, lavash, bread, pet water, bottled water, drinking water, aromatic soda, aromatic carbonated beverage, carbonated beverage, bottle soda, tetrapak fruit juice, bottle energy drink, tin energy drink, tetrapak ice tea, fizzy drink, fizz, tin ice tea, cosmetics, stick tea, box napkin, bag napkin, whole wheat tortilla, corn tortilla, food product, foods, teas, drinks
    Duman International Trade Consultancy currently operates in Istanbul. We provide consultancy services to our clients individually to in all five continents. We are proud of
    Telephone: +90 212 803 05 04 Address: Ağaoğlu 212 My Office, Mahmutbey Mah., Taşocağı Yolu Cad. No: 3 D: 237, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • pp-r products, pvc products, ball valves, valves, taps, clamps, tubes, pipes, pvc pipes, elbows, couplings, sewage pipes, gas valves, drinking water valves, natural gas valves, fittings, stop valves, gate valves, check valves, unions, nipples, faucets, bidet faucets, sink faucets, bathtub faucets, pp-r product, pvc product, ball valve, valve, tap, clamp, tube, pipe, pvc pipe, elbow, coupling, sewage pipe, gas valve, drinking water valve, natural gas valve, fitting, stop valve, gate valve, check
    EMOTİV PLASTICS was founded in 2008 in the field of building materials to make production imports and exports. EMOTİV PLASTIC taking road with the principles "always quality
    Telephone: +90 5055720195 Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Gürpınar Yolu Cad. 2134, Büyükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
  • water, bottled water, natural water, natural bottled water, drinking water, bottled drinking water, pet bottle water, plastic bottle water, cup water, 19lt dispenser bottled water, dispenser bottled water, 500ml pet bottle water, 5lt pet bottle water, 1.5lt pet bottle water, 330ml pet bottle water, 10lt pet bottle water, 19lt pet bottle water, 200cc cup water, 300cc cup water
    As Sabuncular Tarim we manufacture and supply water, bottled water, natural water, natural bottled water, drinking water, bottled drinking water, pet bottle water, plastic bottle
    Telephone: +90 256 724 26 00 Address: Aydın - Muğla Karayolu 35. Km Çine, Aydın, Turkey
  • foods, foodstuffs, biscuits, salmon fishes, canned salmon fishes, canned products, canned foods, corn oils, vegetable oils, cooking oils, olive oils, sunflower oils, drinking water, bottled water, eggs, chicken eggs, flavoured drinks, beverages, frozen chickens, frozen fishes, fruit juices, palm oils, soybean oils, food, foodstuff, biscuit, salmon fish, canned salmon fish, canned product, canned food, corn oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, drinking water, bottled water, egg, chicken egg, flavoured drink, beverage, frozen chicken, frozen fishe, fruit juice, pasta, macaroni, palm oil, soybean oil, sugar, tomato paste
    As Snm we manufacture and supply foods, foodstuffs, biscuits, salmon fishes, canned salmon fishes, canned products, canned foods, corn oils, vegetable oils, cooking oils, olive
    Telephone: +90 533 342 04 60 Address: 627613 Sok., No: 10/7, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey
  • pipe, pipes, drinking water pipes, water pipes, rainwater pipes, wastewater pipes, sewage pipes, cooling pipes, heating pipes, gas pipes, installation pipes, building pipes, underfloor systems, underfloor heating systems, underfloor heating pipes, composite pipes, foiled pipes, ppr pipes, pex pipes, fittings, pipe fittings, glass fiber pipes, glass fiber ppr pipes, pex pipe fittings, aluminium foiled pipes, drinking water pipe, water pipe, rainwater pipe, wastewater pipe, sewage pipe, cooling pipe, heating pipe, gas pipe, insta
    Wavin is part of Mexichem, the global leader in plastic pipe systems and the chemical and petrochemical industries in Latin America. Wavin directly making activities in 25
    Telephone: +90 322 999 10 00 Address: Güzelevler Mah., Girne Bulvarı, No: 294/A Yüreğir, Turkey
  • centrifugal pump, worm pump, waste water pump, water pump, sewage pump, drain water pump, hot water pump, hot water circulating pump, clean water pump, multistage water pump, diesel water pump, centrifugal water pump, electrical water pump, sump pump, polluted water pump, mud pump, multistage water pumps, sump pumps, irrigation pumps, waste water pumps, booster pumps, diesel water pumps, septic pumps, booster water pumps, bilge pumps, garden irrigation pumps, drinking water pumps
    As Teknopump we manufacture and supply centrifugal pump, worm pump, waste water pump, water pump, sewage pump, drain water pump, hot water pump, hot water circulating pump, clean
    Telephone: +90 216 378 35 55 Address: Ramazanoğlu Mah., Öğrenci Sk. No: 30 Kurtköy, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cotton, raw leather, wood, food, polyethilen, pomegranate juice, hazelnut, metals, polypropilen, Agriculture, Machinery, Industrial Parts, Tools, Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber, Plastics, Electronics, Gifts & Crafts, shoes, Construction, Translation, Energy, Real Estate, Furniture, Garden Tools, Office & School Supplies, Accessories, Books, Agricultural, Beans, Coffee, Fruit, Seafood, Tea, meat, Confectionery, Honey, Egg & Egg Products, Water, Drinking, Mushrooms, Nuts, Kernels, Ornamental Plants, Baby Food, Fruit Products, Grain Prod
    AZEXPORT national marketplace was created according to the order "On creation of a unified database of goods produced in Azerbaijan Republic", signed on 21 September 2016 by the
    Telephone: +994502958687 Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Neftchilar av, 24 (Dalga Plaza)
  • poultry husbandry equipments, chicken feeding systems, chicken drinking systems, chicken silo systems, chicken transport systems, chicken ventilation systems, chicken watering systems, chicken heating systems, chicken lighting systems, control systems, sub-weighing silos, cooling fans with hood, food machineries, slaughterhouse equipment, chicken slaughterhouse equipment, chicken feed silos, exhaust fans, cooling pad, conveyor belt, rendering, greenhouse ventilation systems, cattle ventilation
    As Azim-Tav we manufacture and supply poultry husbandry equipments, chicken feeding systems, chicken drinking systems, chicken silo systems, chicken transport systems, chicken
    Telephone: +90 236 312 94 79 Address: Atatürk Mah., Eski Manisa Yolu No: 160-4, Turgutlu, Manisa, Turkey
  • water, drinking water, bottled water, spring water, fresh water, mineral water, natural spring water, natural fresh water, energy drink
    Telephone: +905497302010 Address: Hastane Bulvarı Akdem Sk.No8 Hadımköy İstanbul
  • beverage, drinking spring water, extra virgin olive oil, food, macaroni, mineral water, pasta
    We are Global dış tic. in istanbul, Turkey.We are Manufacturer/supplier company for Drinking spring water, Pasta&Macaroni, Mineral water, Fruit juice and Extra virgin olive
    Telephone: +905334886135 Address: Pendik , Turkey
  • water treatment, waste water treatment, Advanced Water Treatment, Filters, Screens, Grit Separators, Filter Press, MBR, Municipal wastewater, Industrial wastewater, Scrapers, Aerators, Mixers, Cranes, Conveyors, Sand Filters, Sludge Dewatering, Gates, Tanks, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Drinking water, Mechanical Circular Screen, Bar Screen, rotary Screen, Screen Press, Static screen, Grit chamber scraper, Rotating Scrapers, Brush Aerators, Float Surface Aerators, Jet Aerators, Sludge dewatering, Belt press
    GUVEN ARITMA Co., Ltd. has succeeded in becoming a reliable and successful company in a short period of time with its experienced and specialized staff. The target of our company
    Telephone: 00905537545657 Address: Kemalpaşa Mah. Gümrükçüler Cad. No:13/19 İzmit/KOCAELİ/ TURKIYE
  • milking machines, electric mills, feed grinders, automatic drinking bowl system, milking machine, feed grinder, water drinking bowl for animals, single milking group, single bucket portable milking machine, single milking group, single bucket portable milking machine, double milking group, single bucket portable milking machine, pipeline milking system, double milking group, double bucket portable milking machine, double milking group, double bucket portable milking machine
    Our Firm is founded in 1963 , by Mr. Haci Mehmet Kavusan , as a Food and Agriculture&Farm Store , and then became a Corporation in 1987 with The General Management of Mr.
    Telephone: 0090 224 613 25 23 Address: Demirciler Cad. No:118 Mustafakemalpasa, Turkey
  • chlorine powder, drinking water chlorine, filters, gas masks, iron chloride, pH kits, tablets, pool chemicals, liquid chlorine test kits, chlorine gas appliance
    Telephone: +90 232 478 51 23-24 Address: Örnek Sanayi Sitesi 1411/1 Sok. No:18 Bornova/İzmir, Turkey
  • printing and packaging products, printing products, packing products, packaging, packing and labels, product labels, food and oil labels, drink labels, drinking and wine labels, cosmetic labels, cleaning product labels, chemical product labels, food and cosmetic boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes, frozen food boxes, drinks and water labels, water labels, olive oil labels, jam labels, tea boxes, formal notebooks and forms, formal notebooks, judicial report book, polyclinic notebook
    We are Kultur Printing & Packaging Company from Izmir, Turkey. We are producing offset and self-adhesive labels, and cardboard packagings mainly for the food, chemical and medical
    Telephone: +90 232 483 40 70 Address: 846 Sok. No: 9 Konak - İzmir, Turkey
  • chlorine tablet, disinfecttant, drinking water disinfectant, flexible spacer equipment, glass washing machine, insulating glass machine, low-e glass washing machine, sdic, super spacer, swimming pool chemicals, tcca, truseal spacer, water treatment chemicals
    We, Saint Best Group, is a professional manufacturer and exporter for kinds of Insulating glass processing machinery,album making machine,UV coating machine,PVC window&door
    Telephone: +86-18864404904 Address: Rm803,Saint Best Mansion
  • air blow gun, fitting for pneumatic component, eva coil tubes for garden watering, eva tubes for low pressure air tools, nylon coil tubes for truck tailer, nylon tube for car air brake system, pe tubes for drinking water, polyurethane tubing for pneumatic automation syste, pu braid hoses for high pressure air compressor, pu coil tubes for air tools, pvc layflat hose for agricultuer irrigation
    SAMLONGDA Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.  is the high tech enterprise of plastic tubing, extruded tubing, Polyurethane tubing (PU tube), EVA tubing, Nylon Tubing and PVC
    Telephone: 86 757 63369178 Address: No.0266,Caochang Industry Zone, Lishui Town, Foshan City
  • 200 cc drinking water, 250 cc drinking water, 300 cc drinking water, 0.5 liter drinking water, 1 liter drinking water, 5 liters drinking water, 10 liters drinking water, 19 liters drinking water, herbal teas
    Telephone: +90 212 355 61 97 Address: Turkey
  • agricultural irrigation products, agricultural irrigation supplies, agricultural irrigation pipes, agricultural irrigation fittings, agricultural irrigation pipe fittings, agricultural irrigation products, agricultural irrigation material, agricultural irrigation pipe, agricultural irrigation fitting, agricultural irrigation pipe fitting, polyethylene pipe, polyethylene pipes, polyethylene pipe fittings, drinking water pipes, drinking water pipe, drinking water pipe fittings, irrigation, pipe, pipes, spring, pe100
    Our company was established in 1992 as Yagmurlar Ith. Ihr. Dah. Tic. Ins. Taah. Ltd. Sti. first of all for agricultural pesticides and fertilizers and then be active in Fuel-Oil
    Telephone: +90 542 336 7005 Address: Mardin Yolu Üzeri 1. Km. Elif Petrol Viranşehir - Şanlıurfa, Turkey
  • water filtration, water softening systems, water softener, activated carbon systems, reverse osmosis systems, deionized systems, drinking water systems, waste water treatment, swimming pools, water treatment chemicals, water sterilization systems, water storage systems, water storage equipments, water treatment systems, water treatment equipments
    Milenyum Endustri ve Havacılık Gerecleri was established in Eskisehir in 2000. Our company maintains its actiivities in two different industries, water treatment systems and
    Telephone: +90 222 221 32 44 Address: Ziyapaşa Caddesi, Üzmen Sokak No. 3/1 26090 Eskişehir Turkey
  • Tanker, Fuel Tanker, Pumper, Drinking Water Tankers, Cesspool, Skittle, Maintenance Tools
    Telephone: 90 312 354 03 44 Address: Ostim Sanayi Sitesi 1182. Sokak No: 8 Ostim / ANKARA TURKEY
  • plastic materials, infrastructure system pipes, superstructure system pipes, plastic pipe fittings, plastic fittings, plastic plumbing fittings, plastic pipes, heating system pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes, drinking water pipes, rain gutters, plastic rain gutters, plastic heating system pipes, plastic drinking water pipes, plumbing pipes and fittings, natural gas pipes, plastic natural gas pipes, hoses, plastic pipes, pvc hoses, agricultural system pipes, sprinkler pipes, manhole, manhole
    since 1987 we have been supplying plastic products of building sector and agriculture sector. We have high market share in Turkey. Our central office and some of the warehouses
    Telephone: +90 212 649 04 44 Address: Kadir Akdoğan Cad. No: 63 Küçükköy–Gaziosmanpaşa 34255 – İstanbul, Turkey
  • beverages, bottle of water, bottle water, bottled drinking water, bottled natural spring water, bottled water, bottled water production, drinking water, drinks, natural spring water, natural spring water, natural water, spring water, spring water bottling, water, water bottled
    Started to operation 2009 ,Uzungöl Natural Spring Water in 2013 has been included to Altas Group . Uzungöl Natural Spring Water, its own natural mineral structure, high taste of
    Telephone: +90 462 646 31 31  Address: Taşkıran Beldesi Uzungöl Yolu Üzeri Çaykara / Trabzon, Turkey
  • Bottles, Flasks, Jars, Covers, Spray Bottle, Caps, Bottle, Jars, Plastic Containers, Pet, Plastic Jars, Water Containers, Plastic, Containers, Plastic Water, Hdpe Bottles, Pet Bottle, Container, Plastic Jugs, Pet Plastic, Jar, Bottle Packaging, Small Plastic, Packaging, Clear Bottles, Bottles, Bottle Recycling, Bottle Supply, Empty Plastic, Glass, Lids, Packaging Containers, Plastic Drinking, Bottle Container, Glass Cosmetic, Beverage, Jar Packaging, Bottle Making Machine, Bottle Machine, Water Bpa, Custom Bottle, Empty, Cosmetic Bottle, Polyethylene Bottles, Bottles Safe, Water Bottles, Glass Bottle, Bottle Preform, Pet Water, Bottle Making, Bottle Safety, Plastic Bottles
    Telephone: 90 332 342 50 43 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Makparsan Organize Sanayi10615 Sokak No:5 42050 Karatay - KONYA / TURKEY
  • beverages, bottle of water, bottle water, bottled drinking water, bottled natural spring water, bottled water, drinking water, drinks, natural spring water, natural spring water, natural water, spring water, spring water bottling, water, water bottled
    BAGICI INCI SU SAFRAN TIC. TAAH. A. S. was established in Ankara for meeting requirements in water industry in 1963. Company operates in 20.000 m2 area with %100 hygienic
    Telephone: +90 312 473 85 00 Address: Zübeyda Hanım Mahallesi Tesviyeci Caddesi No: 68/A İskitler / Ankara, Turkey
  • Glassware, Glass, Restaurant Glassware, Glassware, Drinking Glasses, Crystal Glass, Jars, Glass Tumbler, Drinkware, Vases Wholesale, Glass Set, Crystal, Glassware Set, Glass Jar, Restaurant Glasses, Vases, Glass Water, Crockery, Custom Glass, Wine Tumblers, Bulk Glass, Tumbler, Glassware Manufacturers, Flask, Beaker, Glass Goblets, Goblet, Bottle, Bottle Wholesale, Mugs, Glass Cup, Water Goblet
    Telephone: 5315847043
  • Spring Bottled, Spring Mineral Water, Spring Water, Water, Water Mineral, Water Natural, Water Pure, Water Spring, Waters, Beverage, Bottled Water, Drinking Water, Drinks, Food, Mineral Spring Water, Mineral Water, Mountain Spring, Natural Mineral, Natural Spring, Natural Water, Plastic Bottle Water, Pure Water
    Telephone: 90444 43 41 Address: Gazimahbup MH. Ahçılar SK. No11/A Merzifon / AMASYA TURKEY
  • Gate Valves, Twin Gate Valves Elastomer, Butterfly Valves, Dismantling Parts, Swing Check Valves, Suction Cups Variety, Fire Hydrants, Irrigation Hydrants, Plastic Holders, Receiver Valves, Drinking Water Fittings, Plastic Fittings Group, Parts Warehouse, Casting Clips, Grid And Cover Types
    Telephone: 90 322 394 42 12 Address: Hacı Sabancı Org.San.Böl.İstiklal Cad. No:14 Yüreğir / ADANA /Turkey
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