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    As Kuban Machine, we design innovation and aesthetic principles in a passionate world of coffee, with high-quality coffee processing machines and love. With the knowledge of
    Telephone: +90 232 469 76 01 / +90 232 469 76 63 Address: 1145 Sokak No:27/ A Yenişehir, İZMİR, TURKEY
  • complete roasting lines, coffee roasting machinery, coffee grinders, coffee bean silos, afterburners for roasters, loaders for roasters, destoners, shop and industrial type coffee silos, sugar grinders, pneumatic loaders, mechanical loaders, coffee bean silos, spice grinders, oil seed press
    Products: Complete roasting lines, Coffee roasting machinery, coffee grinders, afterburners for roasters, loaders for roasters,destoners, shop and industrial type coffee silos,
    Telephone: +90 232 343 81 57 Address: 213 Sk. No: 17 Bornova İzmir , Turkey
  • almonds, cashew, chickpea, coffee roaster machines, covering, drying cooling roasting machine, drying ovens, food processing machines, fruit machines, fryer, hazelnut, hazelnut automatic salting, hazelnut manual salting machine, hazelnut production line, hazelnut roasting, hazelnut roasting machine, peanut, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpea, roaster machines, roasting nuts machine, roasting ovens, rotating roasting ovens, salting machine, sunflower seed roasting oven, sunflower seeds
    CRZ Makine was founded in Denizli by Mr. Ahmet Yilmaz with a new vision and perspective and serves the nuts machine sector since 1982. CRZ Makina through its expert staff and
    Telephone: 0090 258 371 71 92 Address: Ahmet Nazif Zorlu Sanayi Sitesi Bozburun Mahallesi 7156 Sokak No:6 Denizli/Turkey
  • coffee roaster, coffee bean roasting machine, shop roaster, industrial roaster, coffee roasting machine
    We are the member of great tree. While we understand nature of coffee production, we earn incredible customers and employers. Morever, coffee not only valuable a tradition for us
    Telephone: +905531662199 Address: AKDENİZ MAH. ŞEHİT FETHİBEY CAD. 55 091 IZMIR/TURKEY
  • coffee, roaster, roasting, coffee roasting, coffee roaster, coffeebean, coffee roasters, roast, grinder, coffee grinder, destoner, afterburner, silo, shop roaster, commercial roaster, coffee grinding, turkish coffee, expresso, coffee roasting machinery
    We are Oriks Coffee, factory in Turkey which produces coffee roasting machines and its equipment like afterburners, destoners, feeders etc.
    Telephone: 00905054355871 Address: GÜRPINAR MAH. 7232/2 SK. NO:26/A 2.AYKOP SİTESİ
  • roasting ovens, continuous roasting ovens, drying ovens, rotating roasting ovens, coffee roaster machines, roaster machines, hazelnut production line, hazelnut automatic salting, hazelnut roasting oven, cashew roasting production line, almonds production line, peanut production line, salted chickpea production line, pumpkin seed production line, sunflower seed production line, pistachio production line, roasting nuts, roasting nuts machine, roasting nuts machines
    Since 1940 we are in the dry fruit & nuts sector in Denizli. The first yellow roasted chickpea machinary has been designed and produced by Mr. Hasan BOYACI in 1957. In this
    Telephone: +90 258 371 51 55 / +90 258 371 52 55  Address: Bozburun Mahallesi 7045 Sokak No:11 Merkezefendi Denizli Türkiye
  • food processors, food processing machines, nut roasters, powdered sugar machinery, spice mills, legume mills, mills for spices and legumes, mixers, extractors, filters, coffee roaster, coffee grinders, roasters, shop roasters, cafemino, grinding mills, industrial silos, afterburners, stone separator, coffee loading systems, coffee feeding systems, screw elevators, powdered sugar machine, hammer mill, stone mill, dough mixer, salting mixers, cold oil press, oil filter, coffee processing plant
    Toper’s light lit up in 1954 by the bright spark and technical knowledge of Nurettin Toper in a tiny atelier of 33 sqms. Mr. Nurettin worked very hard to manufacture new
    Telephone: +90 232 254 01 21 Address: 5911 Sok. No: 1 Karabağlar - İzmir, Turkey
  • almonds production line, cashew roasting production line, chickpeas, coffee roaster machines, continuous roasting ovens, corn chips production line, drage coating machines, drying ovens, hazelnut automatic salting, hazelnut production line, hazelnut roasting oven, peanut production line, pistachio production line, pumpkin seed production line, roaster machines, roasting, roasting nuts, roasting nuts machine, roasting ovens, rotary roasters, rotating roasting ovens, salted chickpea production line, sauce machine, sunflower seed production line, tracked fryer
    Telephone: 090 258 371 71 92  Address: Ahmet Nazif Zorlu Sanayi Sitesi Bozburun Mahallesi 7154 Sokak No:9 Denizli/Turkey
  • bean silo systems, coffee grinding equipment, coffee roasters, destoners, dry fruit roasters, loader systems, malt roasters, spice grinders, sugar grinders
    Products: Coffee roasters, coffee grinding equipment, sugar and spice grinders, loader systems, destoners, dry fruit roasters,malt roasters, bean silo
    Telephone: +90 2328771054 Address: K.O.S.B Atatürk Mah. 78. Sok. No: 3 Ulucak Kemalpaşa İzmir, Turkey
  • coffee, coffee roaster, coffee maker, coffee-making machine
    Telephone: 4784440 Address: DOĞANLAR MAHALLESİ 1414 SOKAK NO:9 -13/B BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • coffee roasters, grinders, coffee bean silos, ancillary equipments for roasting system, nut chick - peas roasting machine, sesame roasting machine, mixers
    Telephone: 90(232)478 55 34 Address: ADRES: KEMALPAŞA MAH.7403 SOK.NO:12 BORNOVA İZMIRturkey
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