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  • agenda, pavement signboard, printing press, advertisement, promotion, brochure, invitation, folder, corporate identity, book, magazine, ataturk corner, outdoor advertising, poster banner, vehicle wraps, fair stand, 3 d design, plate, sign, bowl, flag, diary, rosette, electronic, bag, key chain, pen, watch, glass, thermos, office materials, textile, calendar, cardboard bag, paper bag, invitation card, invitation cards, pavement signboard, advertisements, promotions, brochures, folders, books, mag
    As Grafist Advertising Agency, which started its activities in advertising and design sector in 2009, we provide all kinds of Offset Works, Signage and Outdoor Designs, 3D (3ds
    Telephone: +90 212 442 13 16 Address: Bahçelievler Mh. Kamile Hasan Efendi Sk. No: 6/B, Bahçelievler, İstanbul, Turkey
  • box, boxes, packaging products, packaging, package, flat box, flat boxes, launch box, launch boxes, promotional box, promotion boxes, gift box, gift boxes, calendar box, calendar boxes, calendar boxes, shoebox, shoe boxes, tie box, shirt box, chocolate boxes, cd box, drawer box, drawer boxes, sectional box, split boxes, textile box, textile boxes, thread box, pencil case, pencil boxes, kit box, kit boxes, kraft box, kraft boxes, magnetic box, magnetic boxes, linen box, bedding boxes, special box
    Kutiş Kutuculuk entered the packaging sector in 1977 with Davutpaşa handmade box manufacturing. Our company, which grows with new investments every day and raises its target,
    Telephone: +90 212 689 49 89 Address: Atatürk Mahallesi, Gazi Caddesi, No:14, Kıraç, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agenda, diary, calendar, notebook, flash disk, powerbank, pencil, usb powerbank, wall calendar, pyramid calendar, desk calendar, diaries, wall calendars, pyramid calendars, desk calendars, notebooks, usb flash disks, flash disks, powerbanks, pencils, pen, pens, metal pen, metal pens, roller pen, roller pens, pen set, pen sets
    Our company was established in 1993. 3200 per square meter with a staff of about 150 people, our company is proud to be your reliable business partner for manufacturing your
    Telephone: +90 212 544 34 34 Address: Maltepe Mahallesi, Litnos Yolu Sokak,2. Matbaacılar Sitesi,-No: 7323, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • label, labels, carton label, woven label, printing label, leather label, artificial leather label, rubber label, metal, metal accessories, fake buttons, button, buttons, metal buttons, sewing buttons, metal sewing buttons, fake accessories, belt buckles, metal belt buckles, printing press, brochure, catalog, cardboard bag, cardboard box, pad, file, food packaging, food packaging products, wet wipe paper, wet wipes packaging, promotional products, calendar, pen, notebook
    TEMPO LABEL LTD. STI. has been operating since 2004, by knowledge and experience in textile labels sector has become a leader among companies within a short time. Quality,
    Telephone: +90 212 613 88 80 Address: Maltepe Cd. Orta Mahalle, Şeffaf Sk. Canayakın Sitesi, B Blok, No:13, Topkapı, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • book binding cloth, wallpaper, wallpapers, pvc wallpapers, pvc-coated papers, pvc-coated paper boards, untearable pvc coated passport covers, leather-like binding, address book leatherette, diary familiar leatherette, folders leatherette, box leatherette, plascilt leatherette, pvc coated leatherette, book binding cloths, acetate coated book binding cloths, book binding, plastic coated paper, photo albums leatherette, diary leatherette, calendar leatherette, leather imitation diary, binding, binding materials, bookbinding materials, box packaging materials, wallpaper materials, arch file materials, lever arch file materials, synthetic coated papers, wallpapers, wall papers, wallpaper substrates, wall paper substrates, digital printing, offset printing, book binding cloths, pvc wallpaper, pvc-coated paper, pvc-coated paper board, untearable pvc coated passport cover, leather-like bindings, address book leatherettes, diary familiar leatherettes, folders leatherettes, box leatherettes, plascilt leatherettes, pvc coated leatherettes, book binding cloth, acetate coated book binding cloth, book bindings, plastic coated papers, photo albums leatherettes, diary leatherettes, calendar leatherettes, leather imitation diaries, bindings, binding material, bookbinding material, box packaging material, wallpaper material, arch file material, lever arch file material, synthetic coated paper, wallpaper substrate, wall paper substrate, digital printings, offset printings
    Years have passed since the establishment of our company by our founder Mr. Fikret Güney in 1957. Mr. Fikret Guney took his first movement in his career in printing industry.
    Telephone: +90 212 452 97 02 Address: Güneşli Matbaacılar Sit. Güneşli Kavşağı Çınar Cad. No:4 Site No:22 Güneşli - İstanbul, Turkey
  • print, printing, printing services, offset, offset printing, offset printing services, catalogue, brochure, flyer, photoshooting, graphic, plate, box, label, tag, paper, hangtag, promotion, sticker, magazine, business card, calendar, craft products, gift, paper bag, paper packaging, paper products, prints, printings, printing service, offsets, offset printings, offset printing service, catalogues, brochures, flyers, photoshootings, graphics, plates, boxes, labels, tags, papers, hangtags, promotions, stickers, magazines, business cards, calendars, craft product, gifts, paper bags, paper packagings, paper product
    Our printing house, since 1990, with its experience and know-how, has continued to serve in Istanbul with the latest technology developed machinery. Our company consists of
    Telephone: +90 212 637 28 70 Address: Maltepe Mahallesi Topkapı Tic. Merk. 2 Site No: 126, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • printing, printing services, poster, banner, signboard, placard, diary, letterhead, letterhead envelope, billhead, notepad, scratchpad, memorandum pad, brochure, pocket folder, notebook, magazine, flipcard, flier, leaflet, fly sheet, throwaway, flyer, insert, square code printing, qr code, catalog, custom print, folder, magnet, promotion products, calendar, uv printing, check, bill, official document printing, warehouse entry slip, goods receipt document, association income receipt, invoice, note of expenses, daily customer list, consignment invoice, recipe, self-employment receipt, packing slip, delivery note, receipt of payment, transport waybill, package list of transport, passenger list
    Graphic design is a complex combination of words and images, numbers and shapes, photographs and illustrations, which can determine or edit these elements in such a way that they
    Telephone: +90 216 397 96 95 Address: Çamçeşme Mahallesi, Katip Çelebi Caddesi, Şura Sokak, No:3, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • printing services, printing service, packaging, packagings, catalog, brochure, promotion, promotional, leaflet, POP, package, business card, carton, cardboard, cardboard stand, cardboard box, promotion, promotional products, promotional gifts, packing, calendar, packing, table mat, letterhead, cardboard displays, writing pad, brochure, cd/dvd label, invitation card, file, z-card, notebook, magazine, pop, leaflet, label, printed form, bag, business card, catalogue, book, folder, corporate identity, graphic design, web design, box, stand, poster, shelf talker, label, menu, business card magnet, sticker, calendar, promotional gifts, advertising flags, wobbler, envelope, roll up banner, digital printing
    Patrol Matbaa is a long-established offset company that has been constantly growing and following all developments and technological innovations in the printing industry since the
    Telephone: +90 216 307 55 00 Address: Güllübağlar Mah. Yaşar Doğu Cad. No: 3, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • banner, diary, corporate identity, brochure, activity report, catalog, book, periodical publication, calendar
    Telephone: 0312 324 25 54 Address: Kazım Karabekir CD. Sütşüoğlu İşhanı NO:37 / 4 İskitler 06060 ALTINDAĞ/ANKARA
  • catalogue, brochure, box, magazine, poster, book, stand, turncard, bag, day planner, calendar, label, operating report, corporate identity, invitation, promotion materials, spiral hardcover notebooks
    Telephone: (212) 4323001 Address: 100. YIL MAH. MATBAACILAR SİT. NO:200 3. CAD. , BAĞCILAR, İSTANBUL
  • printing press, offset, book, notebook, brochure, banner, business card, graphic design, advertising banners, magazine, newspaper, promotional products, calendar, diary, label, key chain, lighter, pen
    Telephone: (342) 231-11-91 Address: ALAYBEY MAH. REYHAN SK.23/A ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
  • calendar, brochure, label, invitation, diary, business card, catalog, magazine, book, banner, printing press, poster
    Telephone: 3123945494 Address: Güleryüz Sanayi Sitesi 1333. Cad. (Eski 30 Cad.) 1344. Sok. (Eski 538 Sok.) NO:60 İvedik OSB YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • promotion products, education counselling service, calendar, business card, keyholder, pencil, photo shooting, headshot, calendar design
    Telephone: 0212 486 31 86 Address: İ.O.S.B. Çevre Sanayi Sitesi, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • envelope, business card, packing, cardboard bag, catalog, brochure, diary, book, promotional products, calendar, invitation
  • catalog, magazine, brochure - flyer, business card, pocket folder, notebook, letterhead and envelope, cup coaster, mouse pad, sticker, auto odor, cardboard bag, magnet, business card, organizer printing, desk calendar, wall calendar
    Telephone: (212) 544 13 51 Address: İstanbul
  • magnet, fly sheet, press, printing, printing press, printing services, cd labels, desk calendar
    Telephone: 2126524046 Address: SEMT LİTROS YOLU SOK. MATBAACILAR SİTESİ 2-4 NE23, İSTANBUL
  • banner, book, booklet, brochure, business card, calendar, carpet and product catalog, catalog, collection, delivery note, envelope, expense receipt, file, greeting, insert, invitation, invoice, label, letterhead, magazine, pad, payment, product box
    Telephone: 0090 3422150400 Address: İNCİLİPINAR MH. 6 NOLU CD. 57 NL SK. EKİP İŞ MRK. BLOK NO:21 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • printing, press, printing press, press services, box games, cardboard bags, cardboard boxes, packaging products, magazines, 3D children's books, children's books, books, catalogs, calendar, files
    Telephone: (212) 4290647 Address: MAS-SİT. NO:191-1 , BAĞCILAR, İSTANBUL
  • catalog, brochure, sticker, book, calendar, letter, envelope, corporate identity, banner, folder, magazine, book, blocknot, box, cardboard bag, packaging labels, american service
    Telephone: 4336133 Address: 5619 SOK. NO:6 ÇAMDİBİ BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • calendar, wall calendar, pyramid calendar, block calendar, cardboard bag, table pad, sailor calendar, notebooks, cube, dust cloth, catalog, brochure, banner, corrugated cardboard, flier, business card, magazine, file, block note, offset box
    Telephone: 3747400 Address: GÖKDERE CAD. NO:27 GÖKDERE KÖYÜ BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • digital printing, fair materials, calendar
    Telephone: 90 212 5276181 Address: MOLLA FENARİ MAH. TÜRKOCAĞI CAD. NO.3/A, FATİH, İSTANBUL
  • usb memory, powerbank, organizer agendas, dated organizations, historical calendar, pen sets, metal pens, semi-metal pens, plastic pens, versatile and banner pens, cardboard and paper bags, crystal plates, wooden plates, metal wall clocks, bombe glass wall clocks, plastic wall clocks, table sets, leather table sets, crystal table nameplates, wood table signs, lighters, keychains, hat, t-shirt, trophies, medals, wicker calendars, card holders, thermoses, lighthouses, pebbles, cups, recycling products, secretariat notepads, plastic products, badge, wood promotion, balloon
    Telephone: 0090 3422310585 Address: MÜCAHİTLER MAH. ALİ FUAT CEBESOY BLV. NO: 12 D/ ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • woven labels, cardboard labels, washing instructions, transparent sticker, sticker, barcode, organizer, calendar, cube block, notepads, pens, printed packing materials, unprinted packing materials, packaging bags, tight woven ribbon, labels, leather labels, rubber labels
    Telephone: (212) 4821366 Address: DAVUTPAŞA CAD. KALE IŞ MERKEZIC BLOK NO:154, , İSTANBUL
  • logo design, corporate design, brochure, catalog, business card, pocket folder, cardboard paper bag, folder, envelope, pad, flier, magazine, label, sticker, digital printing, calendar, inserts, banner, letterhead, cardboard box, optical forms, book, packing box, flipcard, diary, certificate, cup substrate, time sheet, cd box, invitation, magnet
    Telephone: (282) 7252923 Address: G.O.P MH. UĞUR MUMCU CD. NO:13, ÇERKEZKÖY, TEKIRDAĞ
  • brochure, catalog, magazine, book, newspaper, cardboard bag, box, diary, calendar, label
  • printing press, diary product, calendar product, pad product, bag products
    Telephone: 4250639 Address: 5615 SOKAK NO:5 ÇAMDİBİ BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • corporate identity, advertising, packaging, box, label, barcode, cd box, cardboard bag, calendar, table calendar
    Telephone: (212) 5013840 Address: MALTEPE MAH. GÜMÜŞSUYU CAD.NO:28/169 , ZEYTİNBURNU, İSTANBUL
  • daybook, calendar, personal card, office equipments
    Telephone: 3122199401 Address: Rafet Canıtez CD. Zekai Apaydın SK. NO:10 ÇANKAYA/ANKARA
  • barcode labels, boxes, catalog, brochure, calendar, packaging papers, offset printing
    Telephone: (342) 324-17-64 Address: İNCİLİPINAR MAH. 36010 NOLU SK. NO: 17 A/_ ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • barcode printer, calendar, labels
    Telephone: 90 212 6981100 Address: 15 TEMMUZ MAH.1434.SOK. NO:22/A, BAĞCILAR, İSTANBUL
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