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  • mini lunapark machines, lunapark machines, lunapark game machines, sports gaming machines, display game machines, 3d cinema systems, gift machines, kiddy rides, inflatable games, theme parks, ballerina, balloon, crazy dance, discovery, apple worm, cup, helicopter, kangaroo, convoy car, tower, rodeo, airplane, bumper car, ferris wheel, gondola, trampoline, train, air hockey, basketbol machines, billiard table, snooker table, billiards table, pool table, boxing machines, hammer machines, go kart,
    We manufacture and supply mini lunapark machines, lunapark machines, lunapark game machines, sports gaming machines, display game machines, 3d cinema systems, gift machines, kiddy
    Telephone: +90 212 507 49 59 Address: Cihangir Mah. Sanayi Sokak, No:8, Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • plastic packaging, packing, plastic packaging, plastic roll, pe roll, Brenda, pe tarpaulin, shrink roll, pe shrink roll, pallet packing, pe bags, bag, plastic bag, printed bag, printed bags, safety curtain area, plastic fence, nylon curtain area, warning bands, practical ground cover, plastic floor cover, pe practical floor cover, strech film, pe bubble nylon, nylon, balloon nylon, nylon canvas, pallet cover, Printed bag, bag, bags, markat bag, carrying bag, sack inner nylon, pe bag nylon, grocery products, agricultural products, Industrial Products, Garbage Bags, Roll Garbage Bags, Hospital Garbage BAgs, Refuse Sacks, pallet covers, Textile Coils, Yarn Bags, Shrinks, Black Film
    Metroplast Ambalaj is one of the Largest and Professional plastic manufacturer in Turkey and has been in operations since 1996 . A plant expansion in 2016 and subsequent
    Telephone: +90 212 501 93 09 Address: Hadımköy Mh. Koçyiğit Sk. No:18, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • yype, shrink film, aype, ldpe, hdpe, stretch film, pe recycling, plastic bags, plastic foils, bubble wrap, polyethylene, polyethylene films, pallet wrapping machines, balloon nylon, flexo printing, industrial packaging, and food packaging
    We at Poliner are providing packaging solutions and products for a wide range of sectors. The company carries out its activities in factories, offices and logistics centres in
    Telephone: 0090 224 4111900 Address: Nilüfer Org. San. Bölgesi Erguvan Cad. No:10/A-B Nilüfer, Türkiye
  • laboratory equipment, laboratory equipments, oven equipment, bacteriological equipment, incubator equipment, refrigerated oven equipment, air conditioning incubator, purity device, water bath apparatus, row water bath, cellulose determination device, dough tester, flour tester, plated balloon heater, sand box, shaker, protein identification device, extraction shaker, heating table device, ash furnaces, lamp cabinet, crusher mill, sieve shaker, plant grinding mill, soil mill, sand shaker
    Our company provides services to our customers in the fields of "General Purpose Laboratory Equipment Manufacture", importing and exporting units as well as imported equipments,
    Telephone: +90 312 395 24 84-85 Address: Ankara Merkez San. Sit. 1345. Cadde, No:22-24, İvedik Organize, ANKARA, TURKEY
  • medical, medical product, medical products, medical disposable, medical disposables, medical consumable, medical consumables, ostomy product, ostomy products, anesthesia product, medical products, orthosis products, medical consumables, ostomy products, oxygen production, anesthesia products, infusion products, catheters, colostomy products, ileostomy products, urostomy products, compressed air conditioning, compressed gas conditioning, stoma caps, sealed bags, flange adapters, unloaded bags, ileostomy bags, floating flange adapters, ostomy paste, ostomy belt, cleaning solutions, gel-forming granule powder, adhesive safety bands, filters, endotracheal tube balloon, endotracheal tube without balance, spiral endotracheal tube balloon, south shaped endotracheal tube balloon, north shaped endotracheal tube balloon, tracheostomy tube balloon, tracheostomy tubeless balance, nasal oxygen canister, oxygen mask, nebulizer set, aspiration catheter, nutrition catheter, nelaton catheter, thorax catheter, abdominal catheter, silicone foley catheter, nasogastric catheter, medical product, orthosis product, medical consumable, ostomy product, anesthesia product, infusion product, catheter, colostomy product, ileostomy product, urostomy product, knee joints, lever knee joints, spring knee joints, automatic knee joints
    Uydu Medical Intensive theoretical / practical know-how, experience in national and international exhibition, a unique product selection method, selected in accordance with
    Telephone: +90 322 226 97 98 Address: SÜMER MAH. 69124 SK.NO:49 KARAASLAN APT. K.1 D. 1 SEYHAN, ADANA, TURKEY
  • medicals, medical products, medical items, medical equipments, hearing aids, medical supplies, cardiovascular products, cardiology products, coronary stents, coronary ballons, coronary catheters, artery stents, artery balloons, artery catheters, medical gloves, injectors, serum sets, iv sets, surgical sets, uring bags, oxygen masks, ventilation circuits, spinal needles, catheter sets, leukocyte filters, medical, medical product, medical item, medical equipment, hearing aid, medical supply, cardiovascular product, cardiology product, coronary stent, coronary ballon, coronary catheter, artery stent, artery balloon, artery catheter, medical glove, injector, serum set, iv set, surgical set, uring bag, oxygen mask, ventilation circuit, spinal needle, catheter set, leukocyte filter
    Hedef Exporter established in 2011, in Istanbul With 20 years of experience as a medical company, we supply and sales medical equipment, medical devices and medical laboratory
    Telephone: +90 212 850 05 80 - +90 546 458 58 50 Address: Piri Reis Mah., 2059 Sk. Mega Tower Residnence D: 31, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • central venous catheter, disposable pressure transducer, silicone catheter, dialysis catheter, manifold, balloon inflation device, sheath and dilator, guide wire, dose control syringe
    Kinca Medevice Co. is a disposable medical company specialized in R&H production and sales of disposable surgical
    Telephone: +86-13265007015 Address: floor 4, building 2c, kunda industry park, no.9, bld first, longgang district
  • industrial shrink film, store bags, market bags, textile bags, carrying garbage bags, textile bags, industrial stretcher, food stretcher, balloon roll, warning bands, cargo bags, agricultural products
    Telephone: 90 212 7710400 Address: ÖMERLİ MAH. 75. YIL CAD. NO.10/1 HADIMKÖY, ARNAVUTKÖY, İSTANBUL
  • punch balloons, decoration balloons, water bomb balloon, print samples, decoration samples
    Telephone: 90 216 5950240 Address: ŞEYHLİ MAHALLESİ VADİ SOK.NO.4, PENDİK, İSTANBUL
  • sugar materials, baby sugar materials, party office materials, balloon varieties, candle divides, ceramic objects, glass objects, metal objects, box and package diversity, picture frames, decorative materials, stocker varieties, baby stocker, soap and fragile stone materials
    Telephone: 5111041 Address: Tahtakale Cd.No:91 EMİNÖNÜ
  • pre-stretch film, pe food stretch film, industrial-stretch-film, silage stretch film, shrink film, trash bag, balloon nylon
  • cardboard angle, stretch film, shiny nylon, tape cutting machines, styrofoam, corrugated cardboard, surface protection band, balloon nylon, special bands, packaging consumables, sachet gluing machines, pp plastic ring, packaging rings, collecting taping machines, hoop makings, polyolefin and pvc foil, polypropylene airbag, oily paper and kraft paper, masking band, double-sided tape, bandages, printed corrugated tapes, crack stretch, pvc band
    Telephone: 4697863 Address: 2821 SOK NO:86/B OTO PLAZA İŞ MERKEZİ HALKAPINAR / İZMİR
  • balloon, decor balloon, rubber, plastic
  • cath, catheter, PTCA balloon catheter, healthcare, healthcare products, healthcare services
    Telephone: 0090 342 Address: BAŞPINAR OSB MAH. O.S.B. 1. BÖLGE 83111 CAD.4 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • balloon nylon, mulch nylon, shrinkable flares, pressure shriink, without shriink, bags, printed bag, garbage bag, carbohydrate bag, compost bag, mushroom bag, pallet cover, earth bag
    Telephone: 90 2422903032 Address: ORG.SAN.BÖL. 1. KISIM MH. 8.CAD NO:5, DÖŞEMEALTI, ANTALYA
  • ht fabric dyeing machine, ht airjet fabric dyeing machine, ht beam dyei̇ng machi̇ne, ht yarn dyeing machine, ht fiber dyeing machine, ht beam sample dyeing machine, ht sample fabric dyeing machine, equalizing dryer machine, relax dryer machine, tumbler dryer, balloon hydroextractor, centrifuge squeezing machine, vertical fabric reversing machine, wet fabric openning machine, tube sitting machine, fabric preparation machine, stenter
    Telephone: (90)(282) 655 64 70 Address: MOTOR YERLERİ MEVKİİ ULAŞ ÇORLU
  • balloon, aviation, aeronautic, aeronautics
    Telephone: 4410093 Address: 404 SK. NO:35 VARYANT KONAK / İZMİR
  • 14’’ foil balloon, 14’’ fringed foil balloon, 18’’ foil balloon, air walker, balloon world, foil balloon, latex and printed balloon, pet walker, sand painting, sand painting set, stands, super shape
    Telephone: 3122554772 Address: Batı Sitesi Mah.Gersan Sanayi Sitesi 2310/1 Sok.No:74 Batıkent YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • sand painting, sand painting sets, kinetic sand, balloons, foil balloon, printed balloon, sand for kids
    Telephone: 2554772 Address: Batı Sitesi Mah. Gersan Sanayi Sitesi 2310/1 Sok. No:74 Batıkent
  • robot with headrest, laser light, par and coloring, strobe series, fog machines, tracking and scanners, dmx-dimmer control tables, fog, snow, balloon, foam machine, liquids
  • packing, printing press, promotional products, letterhead, notepad, pencil, wipes, balloon
    Telephone: 5776035 Address: Litros Yolu 2.Matbaacılar Sitesi Kat:1 (ZD17) Topkapı
  • types of notepads, cube pad, business card types, letterhead, envelope printed, posters, poster, types of contract, file, baklava boxes, drop label, pencil printed, auto smell, badges, cup, key chain, plate, plastic card, crystal plaque, balloon printed, button badge
  • balloon, balloons
  • fireworks show, battery and sky bombs, balloon decoration, laser displays, volcano effects, waterfall effects, fog effects, wedding organizations, indoor shows, alfresco wedding show, countryside wedding show
    Telephone: 4844898-4833885 Address: KONAK MAHALLESİ MUCİBUR RAHMAN SOKAK NO:6 DAİRE:309 KONAK/İZMİR
  • road blocker, rising bollard, swing door, revolving door, roller gate, trap, undercarriage system, bomb disposal robot, xray vehicle control system, camera observation balloon, ballistic glass shield
    Telephone: 3123546422 Address: Ostim Mahallesi Özankara Sanayi Sitesi 1472. SK. NO:54 YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • health technology, medical products, polypectomi snare, guide wire, kyphoplasty balloon catheter, disposable cytology brush
    Telephone: (90)(322) 227 41 13 Address: YENİ BARAJ MAH. 68068 SK. NO:1 SEYHAN SEYHAN
  • usb memory, powerbank, organizer agendas, dated organizations, historical calendar, pen sets, metal pens, semi-metal pens, plastic pens, versatile and banner pens, cardboard and paper bags, crystal plates, wooden plates, metal wall clocks, bombe glass wall clocks, plastic wall clocks, table sets, leather table sets, crystal table nameplates, wood table signs, lighters, keychains, hat, t-shirt, trophies, medals, wicker calendars, card holders, thermoses, lighthouses, pebbles, cups, recycling products, secretariat notepads, plastic products, badge, wood promotion, balloon
    Telephone: 0090 3422310585 Address: MÜCAHİTLER MAH. ALİ FUAT CEBESOY BLV. NO: 12 D/ ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • activity tent, air dancer, big water activities, blimps, brand-oriented solutions, condolence tent, cylinder zorb balls, decontamination tent, ground balloon, hanger tent, hospital and first aid tent, inflatable arch, inflatable castles, inflatable climbing park, inflatable cylinder, inflatable football games, inflatable led, inflatable pirate ships, inflatable screen, inflatable slides, inflatable snow globe, inflatable sports activities, inflatable trampoline parks, inflatable water slides, mobile hospital tent, multi-activity playgrounds, new season playgrounds, pools and water trampolines, search and rescue tents, solutions for special shapes, sphere balloon, storage tent, water activities with pressure relief valves, water parks with pressure relief valves, waterball
    Telephone: 90 216 5262091 Address: ESENKENT MAH. ŞAİR FUZULİ SOKAK NO:18, ÜMRANİYE, İSTANBUL
  • air taxi, aeronautics, parachute, fire balloon, hot-air ballon
    Telephone: (90)(312) 222 48 40 Address: B. SANAYİ ELİF SOK. NO:4 KAT:1 İSKİTLER ALTINDAĞ
  • oxygen gas, medical oxygen, nitrogen gas, argon gas, acetylene gas, carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen gas, helium gas, dry air gas, anesthetic gas, food gas, balloon gas, mixed gases, special gas mixture, laser carbon, dry ice
    Telephone: 90 2422210421 Address: ŞAFAK MH. AKDENİZ SANAYİ SİTESİ 5003 SK. NO:53, KEPEZ, ANTALYA
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