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  • dairy machines, dairy equipments, milk processing machines, milk machines, milk reception units, pasteurization units, pasteurization machines, white cheese units, white cheese machines, yoghurt units, yoghurt machines, kesmik units, kesmik machines, dovga units, dovga machines, smethana units, smethana machines, ayran machines, ayran units, butter units, butter machines, kashkaval cheese machines, kashkaval chese units, milk tanks, honey production lines, cream processing units, ice cream production units, yoghurt packing machinery, ayran packing machine, drinking yoghurt processing machine
    Alfa-Tek has been established in Ostim in 1981 under the leadership of Dr. Şefik Türk and continuing her actions in the new factory in Kazan / Ankara since 1996 with 4,500 square
    Telephone: +90 312 814 52 30 Address: Fatih Mah., Serdaroğlu Sk. No: 2, Kahramankazan, Ankara, Turkey
  • dairy product, milk, cheese, yoghurt, toast cheese, daily milk, ayran, string cheese, white cheese, baked products, breads, dairy products, gourmet kashar, kashar, kashkaval, whole fat classical cheese, classical white cheese
    Established in 1979 under the leadership of the municipality and officially produced in 1982, BESAŞ Halk Bread Plant produces 70 million pieces of bread annually and meets 20% of
    Telephone: +90 224 243 12 50 Address: Balat Mah., Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Ali Osman Sönmez Bulvarı, No: 20, Bursa, Türkiye
  • milk products, cheese, white cheese, kashkaval cheese, tulum cheese, curd cheese, strained yoghurt, yoghurt, mild cream cheese, cream cheese, bowl yoghurt, ayran, butter, clotted cream, mozzarella, cecil cheese, cheese stick, goat's cheese, quark cheese, braided cheese, cream, turkish cream, string cheese, dil cheese, cheddar, milk product, cheeses, white cheeses, kashkaval cheeses, tulum cheeses
    Telephone: +90 332 355 74 70 Address: Fetih Mah., Adana Çevre Yolu Cad. No: 96/A, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • milk, milk products, dairy products, dairy foods, cheese, yoghurt, yogurt, yoghourt, butter, ayran, buttermilk, buttermilk drink, strained yoghurt, strained yogurt, condensed yoghurt, greek yoghurt, whole milk yoghurt, whole milk yogurt, whole milk yoghourt, aged kasseri, cheddar, kassar cheese, cheese patties, kashar cheese, kashar, kasar, fresh kasar cheese, fresh kasseri, fresh cheese, plated cheese
    As Ikizler Milk we manufactured and supply milk, milk products, dairy products, dairy foods, cheese, yoghurt, yogurt, yoghourt, butter, ayran, buttermilk, buttermilk drink,
    Telephone: +90 374 274 14 02 Address: Paşaköy Mah., Ortayol Sk., No: 12, Bolu, Turkey
  • Industrial Kitchen Equipments, Commercial Kitchen Equipments, Industrial Kitchen, Commercial Kitchen, Hotel Kitchen, Restaurant Kitchen, Cooking Equipments, Kitchen Equipments, Kitchenware, Catering Equipments, Kitchen items, HoReCa Equipments, Kitchen Accessories, Cookware, Gas Cooker, Deep Fryer, Stock Pot Stove, Buttermilk Machine, Ayran Machine, Tilting Pan, Boiling Pan, Plate Grill, Gas Grill, Electric Grill, Electric Cooker, Pasta Cooker, Macaroni Boiler, Wok Cooker, Vapor Grill, Lavastone Grill, Bain Marie, Potato chafer, Chips Scuttle, Gas Range, Electric Range, Pizza Oven, Refrigerator, Cake Oven, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Hood, Kitchen Project, Cafeteria Equipments, Industrial Kithen Products, Kitchen Products, Work Bench, Cooling Equipments, Service Line, Display Unit, Dishwasher, HoReCa, Kitchen Equipment, Professional Kitchen Equipments, Kitchen Product
    Founded in 1994 under the name of "MAYA" brand, Mayapaz Industrial Kitchen Equipments is based on a strong and solid infrastructure with the knowledge, experience and experience
    Telephone: +90 212 238 63 63 Address: Kavaklı Mah. Kavaklı Cd. No:17, Yakuplu, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • foods, food products, milk products, dairy products, cheeses, cheddar cheeses, curd cheeses, toast cheeses, cream cheeses, yoghurt, yogurt, yogurt drink, ayran, fabrics, textiles, textile products, yarns, threads, food, food product, milk product, dairy product, cheese, cheddar cheese, curd cheese, toast cheese, cream cheese, yogurt drinks, fabric, textile, textile product, yarn, thread, ,
    Öndem foreign trade is representative of producers in foreign countries operating in textile and food fields and marketing their products to various firms. Aims to have a wider
    Telephone: +90 224 483 68 58 Address: Görükle Mah., Akçay Sk. No: 1 D: 8, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • dairy, milk, cheese, stainless steel, juice industry, yoghurt, ayran, kephir, smethana, tworag, food machinery, pasteurization, cip, storage tank, process tank, erection, turnkey project, fittings, milk production machinery, juice preparation and production unit, milk and cheese production equipment, phe, alfa laval, apv, gea, plate heat exchanger, cooling unit
    Telephone: +90 312 285 84 84 Address: Ostim OSB Mah. 253. Sokak, Atisan San. Sitesi, No: 11, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • plastic injection moulding, plastic blowing up injection, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic cosmetic bottles, plastic agricultural pesticide bottles, plastic gel boxes, plastik cologne drums, plastik cologne bottles, wet tissue packs, cap, Plastic Bottle, Medical Packaging, Plastic Bottle Manufacturer, Hdpe Plastic Bottle, Fertilizer Packaging, Plastic Packaging Manufacturer, Cosmetic Packaging, Pp Packaging, Medicine Packaging, Medicine Containers, Packaging Cap, Medical Containers, Plastic Packaging Supplier, Pharmacy Packaging, Plastic Packing Supplier, Food Plastic Packaging, Agricultural Containers, Pharmacy Containers, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottles, Polypropylene Food Packaging, Plastic Food Packaging, Plastic Packaging Company, Plastic Food Packaging Suppliers, Polyethylene Packaging, Plastic Packing Manufacturer, Pet Bottle, Packaging Manufacturer, Agricultural Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers, Fertilizer Bottle, Coex Bottle, Hdpe Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging Companies, Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer, Plastic Packing, Polyethylene Bottle, Pet Bottle Manufacturers, Packaging Company, Pharmaceutical Containers, Ayran Packaging, Medicine Bottles, Plastic Packaging, Clear Plastic Bottles, Coex Packaging, Food Packaging Company, Pill Containers, Bottle Cap, Plastic Bottle Suppliers, Hdpe Bottles, Food Packaging Manufacturers, Polypropylene Bottles, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Fertilizer Container, Coex Plastic, Evoh Packaging, Packing Manufacturers
    SINCE 1988 Our company started its production with 2 small machines of Ali Öztürk in 1988. Since the day of the foundation, it has reached to the utmost levels on the plastic
    Telephone: +90 332 239 06 42 Address: Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, İhsandede Cad., No: 16/B, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • milk processing machines, milk tanks, milk processing tool, milk processing equipment, yoghurt machine, ayran machine, fruit juice pasturization, milk tanking and measuring systems, electronic counter, admission  tank and filter, weighthing machine group, milk tanking and measuring flow chart, milk cooling and  transporting systems, horizontal milk cooling tanks, vertical milk cooling tank, milk storage tanks, milk transporting tank, milk cooling and transporting flow chart, pasteurizer machine
    Our company that was founded in 1986 by Ali TÜRKÖZ began production by manufacturing the first domestic pasteurizer. Our company that manufactured within a 250 m² workshop in
    Telephone: +90 332 334 05 35 Address: Tatlıcak Mah., Konya-Ereğli Cad. No:113/1 Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • industrial kitchen equipments, tea dispensers, coffee dispensers, milk dispensers, salep dispensers, chocolate dispensers, luxury tea brewers, tea brewers, lemonade dispensers, ayran dispensers, juice extractors, orange extractors, soup kettles, panini grills, fryers, griddles, industrial kitchen equipment, tea dispenser, coffee dispenser, milk dispenser, salep dispenser, chocolate dispenser, luxury tea brewer, tea brewer, lemonade dispenser, ayran dispenser, juice extractor, orange extractor, K
    As Remta Makina we manufacture and supply industrial kitchen equipments, tea dispensers, coffee dispensers, milk dispensers, salep dispensers, chocolate dispensers, luxury tea
    Telephone: + 90 212 886 27 11 Address: Akçaburgaz Mah., 4. Cad. 153. Sk. No: 23, İstanbul, Turkey
  • plastic sheet, thermoform products, multiwall polycarbonate sheets, solid polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets, pet-g sheets, solid gpps sheets, polistren sheets, shower glass sheets, drinking cups, plates, yogurt and ayran cups, deli pots, lids, trays
    Since 1997 Işık Plastik has built up an incomparable know-how and experience in production of extruded plastic sheets and a well deserved reputation in sign, display,
    Telephone: +90 533 142 58 46 Address: GOSB - Mustafapaşa Mh. İhsan Dede Cad. No.101, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • dairy products, cheese, whole fat cheese, low fat cheese, feta cheese, white cheese, whole fat feta cheese, kashkaval, kashar cheese, whey cheese, goat's cheese, whole fat kashar cheese, full fat feta cheese, full fat white cheese, yoghurt, ayran, buttermilk, whole fat yoghurt, butter
    Bakkalbaşıoğlu began production of dairy products in 1958 as producing white and tulum cheese which are made of sheep milk. In 1983, as founding their first facility in Sazlıca
    Telephone: +90 388 225 01 60 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 4. Cad. No:12 Niğde, Turkey
  • cheese, butter, yoghurt, ayran
    Telephone: +905326350250 Address: Polatlı Organize sanayi Bölgesi 208.cad.no:3 Polatlı
  • dairy products, milk products, dairy foods, naturel dairy products, cow milk products, butter, cheese, white cheese, low-fat cheese, dry cottage cheese, whey cheese, stager, kashar, strip cheese, string cheese, unstring cheese, yoghurt, ayran, buttermilk, butter in pot, farm butter, pasteurized butter, roll butter, ground butter, butter for breakfast, wooden drum butter, butter in bucket, cheese with delight, naturel white cheese, cheese in can, low-fat white cheese, fat white cheese, kebir
    “Kebir” the only brand produced with real Vakfikebir products which are made by only milk of Vakfikebir District.“The only brand Kebir the producer of real Vakfikebir products
    Telephone: +90 462 841 50 90 Address: Tonya Yolu 3. Km. Caferli Köyü Vakfıkebir - Trabzon, Turkey
  • Bench Cake, Buttermilk, Cabinet Ayran, Cabinet, Cabinet Buttermilk, Cabinet Cake, Cabinet Freezing, Cabinet Hospital, Cabinet Industrial, Cabinet Maker Market, Cabinet Morgue, Cabinet Pastry, Cabinet Pizza, Cabinet Warehouse Type, Cooler Stainless, Counter Fish, Department Meat, Display, Equipment Panel, Fountain Chocolate, Fridge Bar, Kitchens, Locker Meat, Machine Baked, Machine Fish, Morgue, Prep, Steel, Type, Unit Kebab, Unit Pid, Vegetable
    Telephone: 0212 255 15 57 Address: Bahriye Cd.Mevlevihane Sk.No/1 Beyoğlu/Kasımpaşa, Turkey
  • ayran machine, ayran machines, ayran machinery, ayran machineries
    We are manufacturing the industrial kitchen products and we have a special product that is ayran machineThis machine mixing,cooling and frothing the yogurt. We have a factory
    Telephone: +905334286894 Address: Konya, Turkey
  • ayran, butter, buttermilk, cheese, condensed yoghurt, cream cheese, dairy products, feta cheese, kashar cheese, kashkaval cheese, low fat cheese, low fat yoghurt, milk, plaited cheese, sliced kashkaval cheese, village type cheese, white cheese, whole fat cheese, whole fat yoghurt, yoghurt
    Real Anatolian Tastes from Turkey, Dairy Products, Yoghurt, Cheese, White Cheese, Feta Cheese, Milk, Butter, Whole Fat Yoghurt, Low Fat Yoghurt, Turkish Manufacturer Company,
    Telephone: 0358 233 81 00 Address: Boğazköy / Amasya / Turkey
  • ayran filling machine, bottle filling machine, cup filling machine, filling and sealing machine, filling machine, oil filling machine, olive filling machine, sealing machine
    Our company was established in 2005 under the name of SEZMAK FILLING AND SEALING MACHINE family company is. Our company SEZMAK MAKINA serves in the food industry.Our principal
    Telephone: +902124800225 Address: Demirkapı Cad Sayaçhan İşmerkezi B Blok No : 5 / 12 Topçular / İstanbul, Turkey
  • food processing machines, food machines, milk collection units, milk storage units, milk treatment machines, yoghurt machines, ayran machines, kashkaval cheese units, international cheese units, whey cheese units, white cheese units, butter units, cream units, ice cream units, filling machines, packing machines, packaging machines, milk transport tanks, milk cooling tanks, milk storage tanks, milk reception vats, milk jugs, milk cooking vats, pasteurization units, homogenizers, food processing machine, food machine, milk
    As a leading pioneer of equipment manufacturing, provision and turn-key solution delivery in food industry, especially for milk and diary products processing organizations, STK
    Telephone: +90 264 281 50 40 Address: İstiklal Mah., Çark San. Sit., No: 95/A, Serdivan, Sakarya, Türkiye
  • plastic, plastic box, plastic boxes, plastic pallets, fiberglass, storage tanks, fiberglass storage tanks, plastic cans, cans, plastic large volume cases, medical, waste, medical waste, plastic waste container, container, plastic buckets, glasses for Ayran, trio waste kit, kit, ashtray, bulky crates, solid pallets, white pallets, grey pallets, industry cans, food cans, plastic drums, oil drums, buttermilk, plastic boxes suppliers
    Tekma Plastic Turkey is an experienced company in the plastic industry in Turkey and is knowledgeable in terms of technical knowledge, experience and possesses necessary
    Telephone: +90 (232) 799 00 10 Address: ITOB Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Tekeli Beldesi Menderes - Izmir TURKEY
  • milk products, cheese, ayran, yoghurt, butter
    Telephone: 90212 640 39 49 Address: Mega Center A Blok No: 57Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL- turkey
  • ayran, butter, buttermilk, cheese, condensed yoghurt, cream cheese, dairy products, feta cheese, kashar cheese, kashkaval cheese, low fat cheese, low fat yoghurt, milk, plaited cheese, sliced kashkaval cheese, village type cheese, white cheese, whole fat cheese, whole fat yoghurt, yoghurt
    Our factory gives support to regional diary producer and production via the diary procured from its diary production units in provinces Amasya, Samsun, Çorum, Tokat and Sivas,
    Telephone: +90 312 387 44 00 Address: Öz Ankara Toptancılar Sitesi 1. Blok No: 5 Macunköy / Ankara / Turkey
  • milk products, cheese, ayran, yoghurt, butter
    Telephone: 90212 437 28 61 Address: Kocatepe Mah. Mega Center A Blok No:690 Bayrampaşa İstanbul / Turkey
  • milk products, cheese, ayran, yoghurt, butter
    Telephone: 9(0372) 638 62 82 Address: 4.Cad.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Çaycuma / Zonguldak- turkey
  • milk products, cheese, ayran, yoghurt, butter
    Telephone: 9.0332 355 18 16 Address: Fetih Mah. Halilağa Sk. No:4Karatay/KONYA - turkey
  • ayran, yoghurt, cheese
    Telephone: 90 424 277 23 00 Address: EOSB 46.Sok. No:18 Yurtbaşı-Elazığturkey
  • milk products, cheese, ayran, yoghurt, butter
    Telephone: 90264 681 46 95  Address: 3. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Söğütlü / Sakarya- turkey
  • dairy products, food products, cheese, cream cheese, milk, ayran, buttermilk, mineral water, delicatessen, delicatessen products, butter, fruit juices, sea foods, yoghurt, desserts, water, frozen foods, white cheese, light cheese
    Having been the quality choice of consumers and a leader in the food sector since its establishment in 1973, PINAR is a brand with a wide variety of products meeting different
    Telephone: +90 232 472 21 72 Address: Kemalpaşa Asfaltı No: 1 35060 Pınarbaşı, İzmir, Turkey
  • Ayran Containers, Detergent Containers, Spreadable Food Containers, Juice Containers, Water Containers, Dessert Containers, Yogurt Containers, Plastic Containers, Food Containers, Products, Manufacturing, Turkey
    Telephone: 90 212 778 18 00- 08 Address: Muratbey Merkez Mah. Kuzey Girişi Cad. No:6 34540 Büyükçekmece İSTANBUL / TURKEY
  • dairy products, yoghurt, cheese, white cheese, feta cheese, milk, butter, whole fat yoghurt, low fat yoghurt, condensed yoghurt, plaited cheese, whole fat cheese, low fat cheese, cream cheese, village type cheese, kashkaval cheese, kashar cheese, sliced kashkaval cheese, ayran, buttermilk, milk, uht milk, whole fat milk, low fat milk
    ULUDAGLAR SUT was established as a family company in 2000. Starting its business life with milk production from goats and sheep, company started to produce milk from cattle in
    Telephone: +90 322 346 11 55 / +90 544 345 11 55 Address: Yenidoğan Mahallesi Büyük Toptancılar Sitesi 5. Blok No:64 Yüreğir/Adana/Turkey
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