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Plastic Shopping Bags

Importers | Suppliers
  • Plastic shopping bag making machine offer request from Yemen | Importers
  • Plastic shopping bags | Importers
  • Plastic shopping bags | Importers
  • Plastic Shopping Bags | Importers
  • Plastic shopping bags purchase inquiry from Lebanon | Importers

Plastic Toys

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Plus Size Clothing

Importers | Suppliers
  • Dresses plus size request from Spain | Importers
  • Hungarian client want to buy plus size women's wear | Importers
  • Lady big sizes clothing inquiry from South Africa | Importers
  • Libyan client requested to buy plus size wear from Turkey | Importers
  • Women's plus size clothing request from Lithuania | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Moroccan company want to buy pneumatic screwdriver with angle | Importers
  • Pneumatic conveyor for cement transfer needed in Libya | Importers
  • Pneumatic cylinder buying inquiry from Tunisia | Importers
  • Pneumatic cylinder to buy from Bosnia and Herzegovina | Importers
  • Pneumatic precision planter to export to Zimbabwe | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Bitter apricot seeds buying request from Poland | Importers
  • China / porcelain - tea set in one importing to Poland | Importers
  • Clothing products import inquiry from Poland | Importers
  • Fashion accessories jewelry kinds to export to Poland | Importers
  • Shoes all kinds to supply from Turkey to Poland | Importers

Polyester Films

Importers | Suppliers
  • Metalized polyester film import request from Turkey | Importers
  • The flame retardant Polyester Films | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Colored Biaxial Oriented Polystyrene OPS Film to Make Cake, Muffin, Chicken Rouster and Mushroom Con | Offer to Sell
  • Paint Emulsion polymers required in Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Petrolene, Lubricant Additives - Polymers supply from United Arab Emirates | Offer to Sell
  • Polymers for paints needed in Egypt | Importers
  • Polymers to import to Egypt | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Clothes all kinds offer request from Portugal | Importers
  • Inquiry for spring wire to supply from Turkey to Portugal | Importers
  • Knit fabrics asked to export from Turkey to Portugal | Importers
  • Nail gel required in Portugal | Importers
  • Wires for spring manufacturing offer requested in Portugal | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Hand made pottery items import to South Africa | Importers
  • Pottery casserol (toprak güveç) wholesale inquiry from Israel | Importers
  • Pottery mugs and salad bowls request from South Africa | Importers
  • Pottery products buying inquiry for Iraq | Importers
  • Quotation of raw ceramic pottery to fire from Qatar | Importers

Power Supplies

Importers | Suppliers

Power Tools

Importers | Suppliers
  • Hand tools power tools hardware supply from Turkey to Sri Lanka | Importers
  • Hardware and tools inquiry from Sri Lanka | Importers
  • Lebanese client want to buy tools from Turkey | Importers
  • Lebanese company want to import hand tools power tools | Importers
  • Surgical power tools and Surgical saw blade |

PP Sack

Importers | Suppliers

Prefabricated Buildings

Importers | Suppliers
  • All kind of prefabricated buildings | Offer to Sell
  • Need of prefabricated buildings in Pakistan | Importers
  • Prefabricated Buildings and Containers from TURKEY |
  • Prefabricated units 30 pcs buying inquiry from Lebanon | Importers
  • Prefabricated villas / homes request in Turkey | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Pressure filter to purify oils buy inquiry from Iraq | Importers
  • Purchase of high pressure air compressor for Georgia | Importers
  • Purchase request for medical equipments from Turkey to Albania | Importers
  • Quotation of hpl sheets from Iran | Importers
  • Water pressure regulator needed in Saudi Arabia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • 3D printers offer request from Iraq | Importers
  • Egg Tray & Egg Box Machine | Offer to Sell
  • Lebanese client required transfer belt for HP printers | Importers
  • Price quotation of photocopier machines and printers from Tanzania | Importers
  • Supply toners for printers from Turkey to Brazil | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Alcohol solvents for printing sourcing from Turkey for Lebanon | Importers
  • Ceramic anilox demanded to supply to Tunisia from Turkey | Importers
  • Import a4 80g printing paper to Montenegro | Importers
  • Offset printing materials to import to Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Printing machines required to supply from Turkey to Algeria | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Almond processing machines demanded to supply from Turkey to Algeria | Importers
  • Juice proccess line inquiry from Mali | Importers
  • Nut Roasting and Processing Machines | Offer to Sell
  • Supply of food processing equipments from Turkey to Tanzania | Importers
  • Wood processing machines buying demand from Algeria | Importers

Puerto Rico

Importers | Suppliers
  • Candle glass jars price inquiry from Puerto Rico | Importers
  • Jewelry and acccesories export to Puerto Rico | Importers
  • Paraffin and stearin required for candle production in Puerto Rico | Importers
  • Water pump repair kits catalog request from Puerto Rico | Importers
  • Waxed paper purchasing from Puerto Rico | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Fin Evaporator | Offer to Sell
  • Parker pump required in Bulgaria | Importers
  • Requirement of pump in Turkey | Importers
  • Slovakian company seeking heat pump manufacturers from Turkey | Importers
  • Used concrete pump schwing or putzmeister request from Georgia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • I am looking for Genuine Leather Bag Wallet, Keyholder importers, wholesalers companies. | Offer to Sell
  • Leather bags and purses requested in Greece | Importers
  • Leather ladies purses/wallets request from United Kingdom | Importers
  • Leather wallets, purses wholesale inquiry from Kyrgyzstan | Importers
  • Shoulder bags and purses inquiry from United Kingdom | Importers

PVC Doors

Importers | Suppliers
  • Demand on pvc doors and windows to supply from Turkey to Ireland | Importers
  • PVC doors windows requested to import in Trinidad and Tobago | Importers
  • PVC windows doors profiles supply from Turkey to Ghana | Importers
  • PVC windows doors request from Iraq | Importers
  • Requirement of doors in Suriname | Importers

PVC Windows

Importers | Suppliers
  • Egyptian client requested PVC windows profile from Turkey | Importers
  • Egyptian company want to buy pvc windows from Turkey | Importers
  • PVC doors windows requested to import in Trinidad and Tobago | Importers
  • PVC windows doors request from Iraq | Importers
  • PVC windows inquiry from Czech Republic | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Ladies pajama export to United Arab Emirates from Turkey | Importers
  • Pajamas wholesale inquiry from Morocco | Importers
  • Pyjama And Underwear price inquiry from Turkey | Importers
  • Pyjamas catalog and price request from Morocco | Importers
  • Velabella and Sarafina | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Diisopropanolamine chemical 80 tons ordering from Qatar | Importers
  • FMCG products to distribute in Qatar | Importers
  • Supply of sauces ketchup mayonnaise from Turkey to Qatar | Importers
  • Welded mesh ordering import from from Turkey to Qatar | Importers
  • White wood boards required to supply from Turkey to Qatar | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Auto radiators demanded to supply to Algeria from Turkey | Importers
  • Egyptian company want to import heating radiators from Turkey | Importers
  • Heating radiators 697 pcs ordering from Latvia | Importers
  • Heating radiators requested from South Africa | Importers
  • Steel panel radiators production line to set up in Uzbekistan | Importers

Railway Supplies

Importers | Suppliers
  • Railway Supplies From Turkey | Importers
  • Railways sleepers fishbolts fishplates requested in Italy | Importers

Raw Materials

Importers | Suppliers
  • Chemical raw materials inquiry from Algeria | Importers
  • Egyptian company want to buy vitamins amino acid raw materials | Importers
  • Masterbatches required in Bulgaria | Importers
  • Polyethylene resin hdpe and hdpp needed in Brazil | Importers
  • Sheet for sandwich panels buying demand from Algeria | Importers

Ready To Wear

Importers | Suppliers
  • Mayotte based client want to import ready to wear clothing | Importers
  • Ready to wear collection to distribute in Italy | Importers
  • Ready to wear products to import in Kuwait | Importers
  • Saudi Arabian client want to buy ready to wear private label | Importers
  • Women's ready to wear products request from Algeria | Importers
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