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Velvet Fabric

Importers | Suppliers
  • Cotton Velvet Fabric quotation required for Russia | Importers
  • Fabric inquiry from Sudan | Importers
  • prayer mat | Offer to Sell
  • Towel velvet fabric in rolls to supply from Turkey to Slovakia | Importers
  • Velvet fabric for curtains inquiry from Algeria | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Almond needed in Venezuela | Importers
  • Foodstuffs request from Venezuela | Importers
  • Polyethylene raw material plastic tube production need in Venezuela | Importers
  • Power tools request from Venezuela | Importers
  • Pumps quotation from Venezuela | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Cotton pants, jackets and vests buying inquiry from Romania | Importers
  • Hunting vests price inquiry from Greece | Importers
  • Lightweight vests 500 pcs required in Georgia | Importers
  • Vests for kids production request | Importers
  • Workwear-Uniform-for Multiple Industries and Business Segments | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Manufacturer, exporter of disinfectants for dairy (teat dips, CIP cleaners, hoof care etc.) | Offer to Sell
  • Veterinary products purchasing request from Syria | Importers
  • Veterinary products requested to import to Oman | Importers
  • Veterinary products to import to Syria | Importers
  • Veterinary x-ray machine needed to import to Qatar | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Cold room condensers evaporators needed in Vietnam | Importers
  • Gelatin from AFC required to import to Vietnam | Importers
  • Import veterinary products In Vietnam | Importers
  • Irrigation products offer request from Vietnam | Importers
  • Wood pellets 10.000 tons ordering from Vietnam | Importers

Voltage Regulator

Importers | Suppliers
  • 1Phase 3kva Static Voltage Regulator | Offer to Sell
  • 3 PHASE 75 kVA VOLTAGE STABILIZER - | Offer to Sell
  • Iraq needed voltage regulator to purchase from Turkey | Importers
  • Request on 250 kva voltage regulator to import from Turkey to Afghanistan | Importers
  • Voltage regulators required in Iraq | Importers

Wall Coating

Importers | Suppliers
  • France The Best and The Newest decorative material | Offer to Sell
  • Germany The Best and The Newest Decorative Material | Offer to Sell
  • Gypsum wall coating manufacturers from Turkey | Importers
  • Lithuania The Best and The Newest Decorative Material | Offer to Sell
  • Wall coating covering materials offer request from Kosovo | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Bag, belt, wallet required to import to Iran | Importers
  • Handbags and wallets purchasing request from Palestine | Importers
  • Leather wallet and belt enquiry to import to Belgium | Importers
  • Leather wallets bags purses to import in South Africa | Importers
  • Request a quotation of Leather Belts, Handbags and Wallets from BulgariaRequest a quotation of Leath | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Request for proposal of flocking machine from Iran | Importers
  • Wall papers request to distribute in Kazakhstan | Importers
  • Wallpaper and wall coverings to buy from Lebanon | Importers
  • Wallpapers catalog and export prices requested in Iran | Importers
  • Wallpapers offer requested in Egypt | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • 36*3W LED Par Light (white) | Offer to Sell
  • Bolts and washer line to set up to Kuwait | Importers
  • Interest to import built-in washer dryers from Qatar | Importers
  • Plastic flat washer offer request from Albania | Importers
  • Sterilizing and Disinfecting Medical Devices | Offer to Sell

Washing Machines

Importers | Suppliers
  • Carpet washing machines required to import to Libya | Importers
  • Electical appliances to supply in Croatia | Importers
  • High pressure car washing machines to export to Kenya | Importers
  • Refrigerators and washing machines to import to Uruguay | Importers
  • White goods home appliances buy inquiry from Portugal | Importers

Water Heater

Importers | Suppliers
  • Instant water heater to import to Iraq | Importers
  • Moroccan client looking for electric water heater manufacturers | Importers
  • Solar water heater import to Iran | Importers
  • Solar water heater thermosyphon system need in Morocco | Importers
  • Solar water heaters and accessories requested from Lebanon | Importers

Water Pipe

Importers | Suppliers
  • HDPE water pipe 10 km purchasing RFQ from Sudan | Importers
  • Plastic water pipes fittings request from Somalia | Importers
  • PPR water pipe fittings to supply in Egypt | Importers
  • Water pipes for cars buy inquiry from Israel | Importers

Water Pump

Importers | Suppliers
  • Agricultural water pump needed in Libya | Importers
  • Electrical components for water pumps needed in Iran | Importers
  • Stainless steel water pumps request from Egypt | Importers
  • Water pumps for wells needed to import to Morocco | Importers
  • Water pumps manufacturing cooperation request in Ethiopia | Importers

Water Treatment

Importers | Suppliers
  • Chemical water treatment chemical THPS 75% need in Russia | Importers
  • Domestic water treatment requested from Iran | Importers
  • Flood barrier used in waste water treatment plant needed in KSA | Importers
  • Pvc boards for water treatment needed in Sri Lanka | Importers
  • Station for used water treatment to set up to Tunisia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Aquashoes asked from Egypt | Importers
  • Request to import injection resin for concrete waterproofing from Turkey to Iran | Importers
  • water isolation materials | Offer to Sell
  • Waterproof products demanded from Costa Rica | Importers
  • Waterproofing membrane production plant to set up in Turkmenistan | Importers

Wedding Accessories

Importers | Suppliers
  • Occasion materials and accessories demanded to import to Morocco | Importers
  • Wedding accessories all kinds to export to Tanzania | Importers
  • Wedding accessories and flowers needed to import to Morocco | Importers
  • Wedding dresses and accessories purchasing from India | Importers
  • Wedding items to import in Morocco | Importers

Wedding Clothing

Importers | Suppliers
  • Bridal wear, wedding dresses inquiry from Germany | Importers
  • Wedding dresses to import to Oman | Importers

Wedding Decorations

Importers | Suppliers
  • Luxury wedding table linens and cutlery sets request from USA | Importers
  • Wedding decor materials required in Lebanon | Importers
  • Wedding decorations | Importers
  • Wedding decorative items request from USA | Importers

Wedding Dress

Importers | Suppliers
  • Amazing wedding gowns request from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Buying inquiry on bridal dresses from Sri Lanka | Importers
  • Wedding dresses to export to Tanzania | Importers
  • Wedding dresses wholesale inquiry from Kosovo | Importers
  • Weddings dresses purchasing request from Lebanon | Importers

Wedding Gowns

Importers | Suppliers
  • Amazing wedding gowns request from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Quality finishing wedding gowns to export from Turkey to Ghana | Importers
  • Wedding dresses costumes to export to Oman | Importers
  • Wedding gowns, evening gowns to export to Tanzania | Importers
  • Wedding gowns/dresses to supply in South Africa | Importers

Weighing Scales

Importers | Suppliers
  • Bascules, weighing scales import inquiry from Algeria | Importers
  • Jordan request for quote for weighing scales | Importers
  • Tanzania need offer for weighbridge system from Turkey | Importers
  • Truck Weighing Scale offer request from Sudan | Importers
  • Truck weighing scales price needed in Libya | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Robotic welding machines needed in Iran | Importers
  • Tig welder equipments to export to Algeria | Importers
  • Welding machines 20 units ordering from Ghana | Importers
  • Welding rods required to import to Morocco | Importers
  • Welding wires and equipments inquiry from Morocco | Importers

Wet Towel

Importers | Suppliers
  • Baby diaper, adult diaper, wet wipes and underpad | Offer to Sell
  • Request on wet towel manufacturing machines to buy from Turkey to United Kingdom | Importers
  • Wet cotton towel inquiry from Czech Republic | Importers
  • Wet towel rolling machines request from Nepal | Importers
  • WET WIPES | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • 4 wheel drive hand vehicles request from Algeria | Importers
  • Brake discs, brake drum, air springs for trucks | Offer to Sell
  • Kawasaki 95ZV Mainboard inquiry from Turkey | Importers
  • Order request of rims from Iran | Importers
  • Price request of rubber wheels from Algeria | Importers
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